Can nine meter-six-refrigerated cars earn money (9 meters 6 refrigerated bus a month probably more income)

! In the process of transportation, in order to make food to ensure freshness, it is necessary to use a refrigerated car. The car can also be called a cold chain transport vehicle, etc., many friends who purchase this model, but most of them choose a single bridge. Due to the short axis of the single bridge, the box does not meet the needs of some users, then we recommend a model recommended by the Futian Olympic Bumblebee, the size of this car reaches 9.6 meters. Specifically, there are those advantages, please continue to read this article.

福田大黄蜂单桥冷藏车箱体长9.6米,油耗低动力强,买它不香吗 The cab machine is full

The whole cab will use silver. This color seems to have a noble and mystery, which makes people want to have it, before the cab The whole face looks full, the bumper is no longer a parallel, the bumper is set to U. It is designed with a pedal on the bumper. You can stand on top of the windshield. It is very leveling, and there is a decorative strip around the Chinese network. It looks better, although China Network Small space between reserved space, but engine heat dissipation is no problem, the left and right faces and the blocking cover are to reduce the wind resistance, reduce the wind resistance is not how much oil can save, but there are fewer starting points.

Semi-bar cabin 福田大黄蜂单桥冷藏车箱体长9.6米,油耗低动力强,买它不香吗 Why do I want to say that this catering is half luxurious, because the cab is only air conditioning, heating, multi-function steering wheel, Travel recorder, central lock, electric window, remote control key, cruise, multi-function steering wheel, airbag seat, only air conditioner, driving recorder, fixed speed cruise has certain help to drivers, but comfort The improvement is the airbag seat. The only disadvantage is that there is no sleeper, because the refrigerator is running long distance, it must be resting in the middle, but some sleeper box is less than 9.6 meters, so I said a Car is not possible to use all the advantages.

The box can be loaded 10 tons – cost-effective

can carry 10 tons of cargo or large size, this Futian Olympic Bumblebee’s box length is 9.58 Rice, the width is 2.45 meters, the height is 2.5 meters. Friends who often drive refrigerated cars should all understand that the single bridge has never been so long, only 9 meters in the front four-five-after-eight-after-eight-in-four-eight-in-four, since the single bridge is close to 9.6 meters, It must be a single bridge, the price of the vehicle is 3-6 million yuan, although the price is cheaper than the top four, but you can rest assured, this car transport 10 tons of goods is not overloaded, because the vehicle announcement The amount of laundering is so large. 福田大黄蜂单桥冷藏车箱体长9.6米,油耗低动力强,买它不香吗

Box production materials and configuration

The refrigerated car boxes produced by our Hubei are all use of FRP, polyurethane, stainless steel, aluminum alloy pattern, is the material used by the box. Internally, it is possible to choose to use FRP, stainless steel, aluminum alloy pattern, and use materials. It is not the same price. But I suggest that everyone chooses domestic, some domestic refrigeration units are still very good, even if there is a problem after sale, the hydraulic tail plate behind the box is suitable for the comparison of card friends in the goods. 福田大黄蜂单桥冷藏车箱体长9.6米,油耗低动力强,买它不香吗

The fuel consumption low power-high-gearbox matching

The fuel consumption is low. It is the national six, the engine is a 4-cylinder machine, less than 6-cylinder machine A combustion chamber, 100 kilometers to pay less than 1.5-2 lifter oil, don’t look at it is a 4-cylinder machine, but its maximum horsepower reached 220, the maximum torque 820 Nm, the maximum torque speed 1300-1500, The focus is that this engine is Cummin, and the friends who run long-distance transportation will know that Cummins’ engines run long-distance transportation is the most cost-effective, and the engine fuel consumption is high, this is the biggest advantage of Six-Kangming, and the light engine is certainly not. If you have a gearbox, you will ask a card friend on the road to choose from? It is definitely asking for Night, but also high-low-grade, just this engine matches the quilt eight files, this gearbox takes high and low-grade, from my personal car time to see the time This gearbox is very small, it can be said that I have never met bad, but still pay attention to maintenance, only maintenance is long. 福田大黄蜂单桥冷藏车箱体长9.6米,油耗低动力强,买它不香吗


Overall, this car is still more appropriate in my eyes, after all, where the cabinet size of the car is, and the cargo tonnage can carry 10 tons. It is not overweight, you want to buy a 9.6-meter-style friend to choose this, and the model of buying a single bridge must be cheaper than the eighth after the selection, and the engine’s fuel consumption is lower than the top four. The vehicle is 12 meters in the vehicle, and it can be on normal license throughout the country. The price of the car is 256,000 yuan.

Click on the right blue text to learn more models [Xiao Liu] 福田大黄蜂单桥冷藏车箱体长9.6米,油耗低动力强,买它不香吗


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