Can the illustration make money (business illustration make money)

How to make money?

How do you make money?

What industry can I do? Just don’t know what the industry can do in some industries after learning, then I have organized a related work on the field of painting today.

I don’t know how to learn how to work, I have to take a look.


Children’s Illustrator: Story, Guide, Adapted or Originality Fairy tales.

Tongren illustration: Movie, game, animation, books and other topics with the same human illustration, with appreciation and collection value.


Original Paint Book: Most of which have story, themes, and the personal style is obvious.



Frequently in the popular market placard advertising, posters, leaflets, etc.


Newspapers, magazines, books, etc. 插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业

The application of product packaging class is also getting wider and wider, the most famous rinseng Shanquan’s various topics series packaging, other food packages such as three squirrels, Baique Waiting for beauty makeup packaging design.

Second, Internet visual classes

LOGO \u0026 ICON: holiday skin, biased Illustration style icon, etc.

App: Open screen, festival open page, novice boot page, content default page, etc.

Web: Login page, official website design hand-painted elements, product introduction, etc. 插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业

Video designer (operation + brand)

H5: online publicity poster and H5 game, the former is very lively attractive, the latter There are stories, design and communication value and practical significance.

Activity page design: E-commerce store event page is also more and more hand-painted elements (more and more popular, there are C4Ds), which is characterized by the theme highlight, the atmosphere is strong, production The cycle is short, and the overall layout is very important.

Brand image: mascot, brand image, logo, expression package, offline extension, etc.


Business Illustrator (Free Designer)

Similar Operation Designer

For a commodity or brand service, the output is a line or underline material

The designer’s personal ID and brand ID are mutually influential, complementary.

插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业 Game designer

CG game original artist

includes game scene setting, character setting, icon and interface setting Many aspects.

插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业 琅 满目 比 是 (Popularity and Quality Resources)

1. Currently popular illustrations 插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业 doodle illustration

Line-shaped or sided doodle style illustration, characterized by Zhang Yang casual

Young bold, messy but there is a chapter, simple and rude

For H5 publicity poster or part logo design.

Stroke illustration

The form of expression of the combination of the line is used in the H5 插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业

and I think MBE Style’s small illustrations are also in this category.

Vector gradient illustration

Vector gradient illustration is represented by gradient scene, color or beautiful, or strong, strong, beautiful This illustration will be seen in the mobile phone app open page.


Simple style is its basic feature, which is more common in mobile app and web pages.



Physical illustration is essentially a scope of flat illustrations, manufacturing texture with particle sensing, generally uses particles to be applied to light surface and backlight surface Increase the details and aesthetics of the screen, let the screen more dativated, and this kind of technique in operation is more common.


Hand-painted illustration

Hand-painted illustrations itself also contains various styles, and the main body of the body, color matching, theme conveying interest, on the screen Commonly common with the event page.

Stereometric 插画都是如何赚钱的?今天就帮大家科普一下插画行业

From last year, more and more 2.5D illustrations, in web design, App startup page is relatively common, slight fluoroscopy Enhance the interestability of the picture, and can better carry out information.

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