Can the mortgage can buy?Why do you develop such a red fire?

The mortgage is getting hotter, and the circle of friends often has one or two of the mortgage. What is the mortgage? Can the mortgage can buy? Why do you develop such a red fire?


The mortgage can’t be transferred, and the purchase of the mortgage is equivalent to bought the right to use a car and the creditor, but with the development of the social economy, the consumer mentality is young , Many people don’t care if they can transfer, more is to pursue practicality or models, follow the trend, in the pursuit of freshness, the effect of friends from high-end cars is also different. After all, the good people say that the best people rely on clothes, there is a luxury car, others must also look at each other, and the mentality will naturally change.

Can I not transfer to an advantage? Because the mortgage can’t be transferred, let many people don’t dare to look, but it is a benefit for many small bosses who do business, because they are most afraid of business failure, property seal, but if I bought a mortgage, I don’t belong to myself. The property below, in case the situation, it can be used normally.

Vocational car collection \”golden gold\” player: If a simple buy new car investment is too big, sometimes you like to find a car that stopped or stop, and many people turned their eyes to the mortgage market because the mortgage market model is too More, the car is better, and it is unrecovered.

Saved purchase costs: family change, or company car purchase, will save a lot of costs, and later you will find a mortgage, whether it is a luxury car or an ordinary tanker is very cost-effective. The mortgage belongs to the transfer of credit and can be used safely.

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