Can you make money? Do you have to make money? Do you have it?(two)

– I came to fill the pit, I said half of the last time, the last one can’t put a link, go to turn it yourself!

Some adult products have this situation with this one, and the sales situation is not optimistic, and even more bleak.

What are the specific reasons?


In addition to, it is necessary to consider people, privacy, rent, and pay attention to the site selection of the store. 开成人用品无人店真能赚到钱吗,这些事你都做了吗?(二)

Don’t go more, how can you make money?

A few dozens of stores on a street, the competition is so big, and the adult supplies are not easy to make money is inevitable.


Vanmerous vending machine manufacturers, different size, machine quality is also uniform, choose to pay special attention to the manufacturer.

Many vending machine manufacturers are very unstable, and after the failure, after-sales maintenance is not in time; the machine occasionally causing more, coforin, looking for missed, not shipping, thus It is a very bad purchase experience to buyers. For a long time, consumers will no longer enter the unmanned shop consumption.

Don’t refurbish the machine, don’t use two mobile phones, don’t be more machine

[123 ] Renovation

Most of the customers of the adult store are in the store at night, so the signboard must be conspicuous at night. You can make a soft film light box and emission words, look, and it is intimate. 开成人用品无人店真能赚到钱吗,这些事你都做了吗?(二)

There is also the decoration of the store to avoid too vulgar and cheap, on the one hand, the city management is not good, on the other hand, the viewing sense will not be very good.

I met a peer before, he did it, did the door, thief lit, but …. He also made a light box, but the rest of the machine threw it? ? I don’t know much about it, probably maybe I want to Tibetan treasures

This can not be less, the store is really not open. If you have no exposure, you will not have guests to go door, you will not consume, don’t be stupid, don’t do anything, what? !

The previous preparation work is very important, and the post-operation is also important.

Adult products unmanned shop said simple and simple, it is difficult to see how individuals do it.

In my opinion, adult stores can be used as a deputy, which means it is still not so difficult, more flowers, and these things are enough.

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