Can you make money for painting?Game dialectors are really not what you think.

What is a painter? Just put the painting, as a person who eats and sleep, the third instinct.

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As a game player, you, There must be such an experience, and you will see some game from the official or the same person’s exquisite painting. Or see a video or an anchor, people hold the drawing board, talk about smile, painting, and vivid people turbupered. I am admired, I can’t help but have some ideas – \”Coach, I want to learn to paint.\”

Any occupation is to meet some needs and then obtain the payment of the paid. The same is the same, before you want to learn to draw, you can’t learn from the illustration industry to learn about this circle. However, the stone of the mountain can attack jade, so it will begin from the market more mature, credit and guarantee, in fact, the people have their own operation mode, such as, not according to Zhang, It is a timing.


We all know that the lowest salary of the United States is 7.25 weeks, the high-paying career of Western society is not doing non-doctor, lawyers, business executives The like, the surgeon takes a knife is 175-285, the salary is 175-285, so this is from the floor to the ceiling. What is the income of the painters? The specific time salary is 25 knee to 100 weeks, the \”average price\” of the whole illustration is about 100 -500 US knife, requires a higher cover, the price will be $ 2,000 or more.

Of course, this is just a \”industry profile\”, to be specific, complicated, and require higher propaganda illustrations, may rise to thousands of knives. In fact, it has been difficult to assess, the project requirements are different, the level of the painters is different, but the personal efficiency is different, the faster the more, the higher the benefits, such as people required 10 days, you don’t want to live a day 12 hours End, the environment pays more than the environment pays more than the money. (Flavored customers, drag a few days to pay)

In fact, the illustration of the cartridge is not dry every day, and the amount of salary is not so simple. Strictly speaking, efficiency, horizontal, style, education, etc. What is presented? What is the specific responsibility? This is the key to deciding the income. In short, Europe and the United States’s game painters \”average annual salary\” is about 50,000 kilograms, and it is involved in career development issues.

Qi Jia’s painted Nairi, later made a card of \”stones\”, this is the component of the qualifications

随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样 Free illustration The teacher does not have to say, anyway, it is waiting for life, and it will do it. I am looking for something, you sharpen ten days to pay, check the acceptanceGrid, calculate money to check out, and guest officers slowly. Working hours and attitude are free, such as the first half of the year, it can be lazy; for example, the boy friend mixed a big job, then divided into the rain, when you live, you will send two old manuscripts What? The various rotten operations inside the industry will not be deep in.

Most of the painters, are all kinds of free illigorators. But the days are not good, the lack of contract, and the family is really difficult. So still in the company, the game industry has always been one of the big people in illustration, but there is no newcomer? Their sorry, how delicate pain, can give the annual salary of 50,000 kind knives are a very device heavy, if you can climb the tip of this pyramid, how would it? That will be the annual salary of 500,000 models.

Does it earn more than 500,000 knives a year? Oh, it’s not so easy, the cartman has to transfer to become a year of $ 5-8 million – concept designer. This requires the abstract things that will communicate with the abstraction of the text, language, and even body motion. For example, what is the person, what is the gender? What look? what occupation? Have you experienced? What kind of feature of these experiences left in psychological and physiologically? Everything is more accurately conveyed?

Arnold Tsang’s \”Watching Pioneer\” part \”ass\” original painting, how to have its own fixed number

The requirements of this position are not limited to individuals The level of painting is also far from being as simple as described in disclosure, and the above content is only the foundation. On the basis of these, it will continue to expand, such as era and customs, etc., content will be more broken, complicated and mixed. In addition to, there is a rich knowledge and life experience, and the most important communication and understanding of life, so it can grasp the details on the global overview.

随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样 More importantly, it is necessary to understand market demand, but also to consider how to explain and shape everything from the angle of players. As mentioned earlier, the pyramid of this industry is a $ 500,000 annual salary. In fact, it is more than just this, for example, heard that the naughty dog \u200b\u200bhas taken an annual salary of $ 500,000, intentionally, \”Destroy Warrior\” Art Director Hugo · Martin is not successful, then why didn’t you succeed? Oh …

If things go to this point, it is already a partner level business, and $ 500,000 is really nothing in this case. The various content behind the annual salary is the key, such as divided into, casually is a million-American knife. Ok, from the initial level of the forum, website, an anchor painting, come to extend the free illustrator of the live children, to the business people of the industry peak $ 500,000, this is about this line is roughly the same in the European and American game circles. .

Early Japanese games often ask Europe and America painters to draw game illustrations, but they quickly cultivateQingliu’s illustration of the blue-out illustrations

Soil under the foot

The foreign monk will not read the scribble, anyway, this is this, then the monk of this temple, what is it? Unlike the European and American markets mentioned earlier, my country has been around 2000, and commercial illustrations will begin. As for that period, the mainland’s game industry is not an industry. There is a US-Japanese game crocodile invasion, there is a bulk disc rampant, and the situation does not mention. People who can be mixed from game illustrations and concepts, can be described as Linyi Pan.

By 2005, many commercial illustrators have gradually matured. And there are thousands of roads, the direction is one, the Wooden Bridge of online games makes many pictures to find the goal. There are also some people, through the Internet and the European and American markets, can receive thousands of 10,000 dollars of live children, but most people don’t know the market environment of people, they are not a small number of old outside, including only a very small number of luck. Subject to truly involve the production process of European and American game manufacturers. 随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样

At the time of 2010, online games, page tour, social games steaming, smartphones also started explosive development, based on this platform, the unprecedented huge game market, the domestic game market was Ignite in an instant. Smartphone and its related use to promote the demand for illustrations of illustrations, the real blazing demand gap, self-employment, part-time, free illuminated teachers, as long as they are willing to sell, tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Gao Zhimin, his ink painting is delicate, and some people like it. In 2008, he was responsible for the scene of Tencent \”QQ Xian Xia Chuan\”. In 12 years, he added to Netease \”Tianyi\” responsible for the concept design. Everyone remembers the difference between \”original painting\” and \”concept design\” mentioned above? (Smile)

Finally, in 2015, only fifteen years of illustration is very simple from the sparse, and the later people are not so simple, because of the pressure, some engage in teaching, some live broadcast Some of them are self-media … anyway, life has to continue … This industry is always high and low, and some people enter the small project group to mix rice, some people get the meat in some large game companies, and some people Deliberately mix the movie to eat lobster.

However, the domestic illustrations market is very bad. After some people send a commission, they choose the painter a to determine the painting, so the painter A is painted, but the principal is also looking for a painter B, but also feel His composition is better, send the picture to the painter A to modify … The last principal uses the painting of the painter C, and this kind can be described as home. As for the master, there are many of them to meet market demand, and the pipeline training is quickly, and the \”Workers\” of the drawing board has been in the days.

But there is no denying, personal talent and interest, so that they will take this way to the painters. Don’t deny domestic game circles, have a very good, outstanding, and even called excellence.The world-class painters exists, and it is this batch of people’s cranes, which allows us to have the first-scale game industry in the world, with block shame. That is, but see the game content that must be uninstalled immediately in a beautiful illustration, but can’t help but frown.


Whether it is a comic or a game illustration, Bird Mountain is influential in the world, let all peers are shocked

Casual life

[123 Ok, let’s take a big pile in front, and I should take out the actual case to say it. In the nearest circle, there is a news about the son of storm is about to turn off. The storm is a blizzard’s picture, and the Chinese painter Wang Hao has joined the eighth member. Therefore, we will learn about how the painters’ careers are in the career of Wang Hao.

Wang Wei and you, I am also players, I am looking forward to a professional player who has become a game. When the teacher, he said, but there was no one to believe in the painting, but he was not a \”wild road\” but \”college sent\” – in the school to learn oil painting, in his painting Can see one or two. Although I have to figure out something for a long time, I maybe Madon, but the real painting master is not able to produce a big pot.

There is no genius in the world, imitating and learning, constantly exploring and examining the process, repeating repeat. Using everyone to understand, it is to brush experience and upgrade … until Wang Hao began to show works in professional painting websites, and gradually be famous. However, games and paintings began merger in his life, the Blizzard \”World of Warcraft\” agent found Wang Wei, asked him to play the \”World of Warcraft\” game paintings that will be carried out in 2005 as early promotion means.


Do you think this is a level of more than ten years ago?

Even at this time, Wang Hao painting is quite clear, wild composition, simple brush strokes, precise contours, and bold use, and strong contrast, etc., vision is almost There is no redundant to make you picky. As for the orc and the wolf, 01, 02, and 333, the three songs of the ring, the \”World of Warcraft\” has caused a huge impact. There is no need to say, such as the big magistrate of one of the human heroes. Didn’t you think of Gan Daof?

So, \”Refers to the Ring King\” also brings a huge impact on Wang Wei. In fact, it is not the orcs from the World of Warcraft, but from the \”ring king\” orc, ugly, rude, and brutal. Subsequently, this wolf cavalry has caused extensive praise and eventually arrived in Blizzard. More importantly, the Blizzard emphasizes the dark, strange and mysterious Gothic style, clipping some black humor, and self-deposit and irony, and Wang Wei’s art charm is just like this, and naturally will pay attention.

The two sides quickly had contact and communication. From then on, Wang Wei began to draw an illustration for Blizzard, but in 2005Waiting, Blizzard has completed the related content of \”World of Warcraft\” 1.0 and its data sheets, is making version 2.0 and its information, so Wang Wei’s painting in Blizzard, which has a lot of de Rerei, blood elf, blood The contents of the Knight, Kelhas, etc. are the product of this stage.

\”Burning expedition\” 2.1 version of the dark temple propaganda painting – Illidan Anger

At this time, Wang Wei has made life. Select, give up the attempt to do other things, and pursue the goals of the painting, so that it is like a player of the board, there is no retreat. The result of the choice, I can see some traces from the top of the Dark Temple in the Dark Temple, they are self-contained and arrogant, silent and powerful. Even if they have been shameful, even in the egg is shameful today, It can be seen as one of the most perfect shapes of the character characteristic image.

随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样 Yeah, Wang Hao is successful, if there is a failure? You will finally know.

Soon, Wang Wei’s painting style, skills and enthusiasm have been fully recognized, and even other development groups of Blizzard, they also started inviting him, so his painting gradually expanded from \”World of Warcraft\” StarCraft 2 \”and\” Diablo 3 \”, the painting content is gradually gradually created from exquisite illustrations, so that it is also a work related to the production of blizzard games.

From the following conceptual design, see the results of this experience, although \”abstract concept formation\”, lack of Illidan’s anger as the charm of art illustrations, but these paintings It is still impeccable. Working hard will be rewarded, Wang Wei finally joined the storm in February 2009, became the eighth member of the elite team of Blizzard, and moved to the United States.

2007 \”Star 2\” and 2008 \”Diablo 3\” concept map

The next 10 and 12 years, the two sons were born, Let Wang Hao become a father from the furhead, how can people? That can only be more effort. On the other hand, the rumors of World of Warcraft have been lasts for many years, so I found Wang Wei in 2010, I want to draw a concept picture of Warcraft movies, he is old and old, but he doesn’t Real estate, its own life trajectory will change.

随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样 One wave of thirteen folded World of Warcraft, eventually handed over to the new director Duncan Jones, Duncan as a large number of topics with Wang Wei, the two became a partner, the former output conception, the latter will make conception Persece. 2013 film officially started, until 2016 film released, the efforts of Wang Wei in the movie, it is also obvious, like a template’s career, Wang Wei, this guy is not known to become a \”industry legend\”.

Solid oil painting, and like to play gamesLet Wang Wei get an agent to invite the \”World of Warcraft\” possessive and exposed to Blizzard. Then he chose his own path and started working for Blizzard. Making the opportunity of Warcraft movies, let him get a painting from the legendary shadow, Wang Hao exposes a new environment – Hollywood. The conceptual diagram of the following movies can see the reunite growth of Wang Hao, which can also be said to be a peak.

Painting This art is the key to this art, it is like a different, too similar to the kits, not seemingly distorted. What is the art? The previous art is that the specific energy resistance, behind, it is to be able to become augant, and the painting cannot be separated from this reality.

However, while movie production, the large environment has also changed, and the smart phones rise, and the player group swells to billions of people. But for the motion of the game, Gothic style? dark humor? Self-ridiculous ironing? What does this mean? The result of \”this player is not\” is deep, ironic and obstructive content, which has not been able to adapt to the era, shallow, cute and easy understanding, but it can easily earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

Reality. Let Blizzard’s compromise to the market, such as \”Watching Pioneer\” is the more bright and fast art style, personal hard to imagine, if the concept of \”Watching Pioneer\” is what is like … In short, reality and The environmental changes, in January 2017 after the end of the movie, Wang Wei, who took the rest, finally decided to leave the blizzard and challenge his limit. In September in half a year, Wang Hao chose to join the bonfire studio.

This person has been in the peak, who knows that the new painting after the bonfire is still going to break through himself, and facing this freely played painting, about skill, god, or similar Between, this type of commentary with quantitative colors has become meaningless. Then what do we see? It is a person’s spiritual pursuit, and it is no way to describe the higher realm in the field of self-cultivation.

随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样 So what do you see?

How does the bonfire studio? Nirvana is reborn and spreading the phoenix? Or is it a discouragement after decades? However, from the painting, what is seen, it is not important. Because, I see, not you see, and you see, he can’t see it.

This is the realm of one person.

The above is said to be Wang Hao, so powerful, so lucky, such a good job, then his career, what regrets? Of course. In Blizzard concept designers, have advanced occupation upgrades, what is it called? \”Senior Concept Designer, so how do you say? Although it is just a gar, but who is alsoNo way to perfect, isn’t it?

After the report

随便画画就能赚钱?游戏插画师真的不是你们想象的那样 If the Wang Hao above is the typical of the winner, then the author may be a typical (laugh).

Anything, a successful person, there is a loser, and the successful person is similar, and the loser has a different. The success of the painter can only be established on the basis of constant exercises, as for other skills only serve as auxiliary painting. And painting is life, you wake up the first thing every day, thinking about painting today, how to draw better, sleeping every day, thinking about what is painting today, what is short.

So, after you discover more than a while, you need to resume sex exercises. If the number of interrupts is too frequent, the skills you have mastered will be slowly lost. Moreover, when you realize that this recession has happened, it is actually difficult to get water, to this stage, you must choose and give up. After all, most people have no way to master multiple fields. Picture, what is a picture, is very simple, it is to put the painting, as an eating and sleep, the third instinct person.

Now, how much you know the industry profile, roughly clear the status quo of domestic and foreign illustrations, and also see the situation behind the people, still want to learn to ill? good. Then I teach you how to go online: go online to buy a Wacom drawing board, choose the lowest price, then follow the tutorial, first look at the results of a thousand hours. As a result, it is possible, 10,000 hours of tempering, you can also become an expert in a painting technique.

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