Changchun Disabled Persons’ Federation held a recruitment meeting of the disabled recruitment day on April 18

On April 18th (Thursday) morning, Changchun City Disabled Human Resources Market broadens the recruitment channels, organized 8 employers who covered high-tech companies and emerging enterprises to come to recruit, and the types of jobs were more rich, involving office clerks, More than 10 jobs such as office work, the library, the cashier, etc. Compared with past, the employer is more urgent to stronger professional technical personnel. The recruitment will help job hunting for employment for employment in the event of a series of services (occupational guidance, training consultation, employment negotiation, entrepreneurial consulting, policy propaganda, labor rights, etc.) to help job-seeking disabled friends.

The 8 household unit information is announced as follows:

1, Changchun Sanwei Special Welding Materials Co., Ltd. (3 people)

Company Profile: Company Main Products: 10 welding strips, welding wire, existing disabled workers, we have experience in welfare companies and management of disabled workers, there are jobs for disabled workers, welcome to join our team!

Disability category: limbs, listening, intelligence

Age: Male under 50 years old, female 40 years old

salary Treatment: 2150 yuan has five insurance, lunch, accommodation, shuttle

Address: Congjia Village, Lanjia Town, Wide City

2, Changchun Linjia Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (3 people) [ 123]

Company Profile: Changchun Linjia Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a plastic component of the vehicle and various types of primary block, mold design, development, production; tooling, fixture, design and manufacturing; A diversified limited liability company integrating product, non-standard equipment processing and manufacturing.

Recruitment position: injection moldingman, plastic worker, auxiliary worker

Disability category: limbs, intelligence, vision, hearing

Gender: Male

Age : 30-45 years

Salary: 1780-3000 yuan, five insurance, lunch, shuttle

Address: Green Park, Da Ying Rongxiang Road Industrial Park

3, Changchun City Kaiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (10 people)

Enterprise: Changchun Kaiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specific address is 668 Xiaodong Street, Guanyuan District, Changchun City. It is now FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Fuxi Lier and other companies to provide interior products and after-sales service, main car seat skeleton, seat flipper, and clamp, existing automotive seat flip mechanism , Remote unlocking robot welding, non-electrozoan-free aluminum magnesium-magnesium-magnesium-magnesium-magnesium-magnesium coating (environmentally friendly without pollution, zero emissions), extruded equipment, is now available It has become a high-end enterprise with first-class production capacity and technology.

Recruitment position:Operators, packing, welding workers

Disability category: limbs

age 20-45 years

salary: 2200-4000 yuan (trial period 1 month), There is a quota every day, after the quota is completed, do more. Having five insurance, one gold, lunch, shuttle, accommodation

Address: No. 5, Hui Tong Road, Xiaodong Street, Guanyuan District

4, Wal-Mart Department Store Co., Ltd. Linhe Street Branch (3 people) [123 ]

Enterprise: Wal-Mart Shopping Square has been committed to making efforts to achieve the long-term goals of \”Everyday Price\”, every day, we will try to verify more commodity prices for customers, and promote the \”provincial heart price\” goods in the country. , Save consumers to save troubles. At the same time, through the market research, the combination of choice of consumers, cooperate with continuously improved display methods, and continuously promote store transformation to enhance customer shopping experience, bringing the overall sales of products while meeting customer demand. Growth.

Cashier, Practitioner, Practitioner

Disabled category: limbs

Age: 45 years old

Salary: 1780 yuan +110 (heating) + monthly double salary + quarter bonus + holiday staff welfare (Trial 3 months inverttime, 10 points), there is five insurance and one gold

Address: Zhuhai Road and Linhe Street Guohang Department Store B 6th floor Human Resources Department

5, Changchun FAW Fuji Changtai Automobile Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (10 people)

Company Profile: Changchun FAW Fuzhen Changtai Automobile Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Built in December 1993, it is a core enterprise of Changchun FAW Fucheng Group Co., Ltd. Our company’s main business is the production of automobile plastic parts. At present, major customers have FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Jib Eman, FAW car company, FAW General Company, FAW Jiang and other host plants. Our company advocates people-oriented, honored and honored corporate culture, hopes to develop together, and make progress together. We sincerely invite the sages to join, and our company will seek a better future.

Disabled category: deaf

Age: 25-38 years

Salary: Trial 1 month: 1780 Yuan / month + subsidy, after the trial period: piece count + subsidy, there is five insurance and one gold, lunch

Address: Changchun High-tech Zone, Yue Street No. 2616

6, Jilin Province Xinrui Innovation Entrepreneur E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (2 people)

Company Profile: Jilin Xinrui E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has two dual-Chuang Base and a vocational training school, of which Xinrui Double creation and Jilin Province innovation and entrepreneurship The training base has been determined by the Provincial Working and Information Technology Department and the Provincial People’s Office, the provincial hatching base, the provincial training base, is the Changchun City level, and won the Chaoyang DistrictSpecialty Park Awards and other provinces and urban awards.

Recruitment position: Office clerk, office

Disability category: limbs, hearing (wearing aid)

Education: College

Age: Wages under 35 years old: Trial period: 2400 yuan / month, turn forward: 3000 yuan / month, there are five insurance, lunch

Address: Block A, Liwan Plaza, Chaoyang District Room 515

7, Jieyi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (10 people)

Company Profile: Mainly produced automotive harness and functional interior parts. At present, the leading enterprise of the national car support industry battery harness and functional interior parts.

Disabled category: deaf, limb

Age: 45 years old

Wage Treatment: 1 month : 2200 yuan / month, turn off: 2500-4000 yuan / month (piece count), there are six insurance and one gold, lunch, shuttle

Address: 957 Shunda Road, High-tech Zone

8, Guangze Dairy Co., Ltd. (10 people)

Company Profile: Founded in July 2001, the processing and sales of dairy products are the main business, and it is the largest dairy production enterprise in Jilin Province. With domestic leading research and development and testing instruments, various products such as liquid milk, milk powder, soy milk, and cheese can be produced.

Recruitment position: office clerk, library tube, office, production workers, auxiliary workers, cleaning, security

Disable categories: limbs, vision, deaf

Age: Male Under the age of 50, the female is under 45 years of age

Wage treatment: 1-3 months in the trial period: 1800-3200 yuan / month, turn off: 1800-4000 yuan / month, there is a five insurance and one gold, work meal , Accommodation, shuttle

长春市残联4月18日举办残疾人招聘日专场招聘会 Address: No. 2333, Changde Highway, High-tech North District (near North Lake, six shuttle in the city)

Providing convenience to listening disorders, urban disabled training employment services The center hired two professional sign language translations, and the audible disabilities and employer service for job hunting. If you need sign language translation, please find them to help translate.

People with disabled friends who are looking for job seekers will meet on time. Tel: 88637666

Source: Changchun City Disabled Human Resources Market 长春市残联4月18日举办残疾人招聘日专场招聘会 Current editor: Shi Lei

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