\”Changing China Economy\” chain home, a justified industry leader

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The future changed.

In 2019, enterprises faced the intricate internal and external environment, they have both unchanged, and there are thousands of change.

Transformation, change, Nirvana, return, and enterprises say goodbye to the era of extensive growth, began to explore the way to cultivate cultivation.

At the end of the year, China and Xin Jingte launched the \”Changing China Economy\” series reports, with famous enterprises, brought innovation and change. Explore the transformation of China’s economic transformation and upgrading, in order to show the future.

Pitching in the four seasons, sun and moon, every change is a key to the development of industries. Looking back in the \”change\” in the times in the times, prospecting the development picture of various industries in the future. The years are circulated, and they are happy.

\”Changing China Economy\” is coming soon, so stay tuned!

China New Jingwei Client December 2 (Xue Yufei) started the first store in Beijing’s sweet water garden in 2001, Zuohui used only a few years to become \”Beijing real estate intermediary \”\”, After the chain family runs in the country, becomes the biggest real estate broker company in China. The real estate agent is the top grass, the service quality of the entire industry is in order to improve, the founder Zuohui gives the chain only to 60, but this leader has brought a lot of changes to the industry.



in 1998, the State Council promulgated \”Notice on Further Deepening Urban Housing System Reform and Accelerating Housing Construction\” It is proposed to stop welfare housing distribution, let go of the secondary market, etc., this reform opened the curtain of housing market, and also gave birth to the real estate intermediary industry in mainland China.

In 1998, Zhongtian is established, and Stanford property institutions entered the Beijing market. In 2000, Stanford, Weiye Consultant, Too Real Estate and Zhongyuan Real Estate I love my home, and I opened 43 stores in 6 months. At this time, Zuo Hui, Zuohui, Southern Shaanxi, has been graduated from the Beijing Chemical Technology Department for several years and has done three or four jobs. Later, Zuohui and two students have started a property insurance agency business. When they exited, they earned the first bucket of gold.

North drifting for many years, Zuohui has not bought a house, and during the rental house, there have been many times of \”black intermediary\” pits. According to his description, when buying a house, it takes a month. From the newspaper, the pipeline is found on the electric rod, contact the owner to see the house, talk about the price, the final procedure for the delivery of the listing is more troublesome, spending more than half a year. Get it.

Under the stimulation of housing marketization reform and real estate transaction chaos, Zuohui stepped into the emerging property broker industry. He later recalled: \”I was cheated many times by the intermediary, so when I started a mediation, my positive energy was very foot.\” 2000In August, the Beijing Chain Home Real Estate Exhibition Center was established and cooperated with the \”Beijing Evening News\”. Learning Zuohui did not expect that the scene was hot on the same day, let him see the huge potential of the market.

In 2001, the chain home · Bao Ying Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. is registered in Beijing, the first store is designed, and at the end of the year, the chain has two stores, 37 people. Since then, the intermediary industry participants have formed the first echelon, the mainland of China, the mainland, the mainland, the mainland, the mainland, the mainland, the mainland, the hooks, the chain home, SouFun, and the entertainment The second echelon, as well as a small intermediary that blossoms everywhere.

When the second-hand housing trading market just started, \”Eating Differences\” is almost a way to survive in all real estate agents, but the transaction is opaque, so that both buyers and sellers hate. The chain has been \”safe life\” for 3 years, and completed the first major business turning point in the middle of this – no difference. In 2004, the chain family clearly proposed the \”Transparent Transaction, Signing Three-Party, Don’t eat the difference\”, adhere to the buyers and sellers, and sign the three parties of the brokerage company, eliminating the possibility of being earned.

In order not to eat the difference, in just a year, the chain homes increased the intermediary rate of the purchase of houses twice, but the slogan of the competitors is still not intermediary. Zuo Hu said that this is a difficult adjustment process. In order to let the buyer rest assured that in July 2003, the chain family also launched the \”second-hand housing transaction funds\” (B \u0026 A), this new transaction rule makes the buyers’ funds safer.

At the same time as the chain is enhanced, the platform of weak management models in the industry has a crisis. In 2005, Beijing broke out a well-known \”家\” incident. At that time, \”China Hundred Strong Brokerage Co., Ltd.\”, there is a large number of brokers in daily operations, fake mortgage and misappropriation. In October, dozens of homeowners were arbitrarily reported by collective to the police. After the money is fermented, the family has a lot of staff to leave and the store is closed, and the family stops.

From the beginning of housing market, China’s real estate market is affected by government regulation policies and falls into the rush, and every regulation is coming and lifting, and also a reshuffle of the market. Observing the time point of several expansion of the chain, and its market low tide is more obvious.

March 2005, the State Council issued \”National Eight Articles\”, regulating the real estate market, the market is cold, the intermediary company has closed the store, but the chain family has expanded, the Beijing store has reached 300 Family.

In 2007-2008, the property market entered the winter season under a series of regulatory policies, plus the 2008 global financial crisis, and the intermediary industry entered the stageLow valley. In 2007, Liu Yiliang, Chairman of Zhongda Hengji, was arrested. At that time, the first Zhongda Hengji in Beijing market closed more than 40 stores; followed by Shuchi and Zhongtian Real Establishment Financial Crisis. In January 2008, there were more than 300 stores in Chuanghui Real Estate. At this time, as the third chain home ranked third in the Beijing market, bending overtaking, greatly enhanced market share. Data show that in 2007 ~ 2010, the chain home store expanded to more than 500, almost doubled. In 2010, the chain home has increased to 33% in the Beijing market, and the first throne is held.

Such a play is repeated in the future. In 2011, with the \”National Eleventh\”, the new \”National Eight Articles\” and other restrictions, the launch of the loan policy, the second-hand housing trading market was once again downtown, but the chain home stretched into the second-tier city. In 2015, it was merged with Icheng Real Estate, Shanghai Deyou Real Estate, Shenzhen Zhonglian Real Estate, Hi-Bao, Hangzhou Shengshi Management, Chongqing University, and the end of the year, the chain family national store Break through 5,000, 80,000 brokers.

However, the market’s experience in the expansion of chain home, Zuo Hui did not agree. He said: \”I don’t think there is such a possibility of a so-called ‘against the potential expansion’. I tell you why, the first weight is much higher than the opponent, far higher than the industry average, and this is not from today It has begun to happen more than ten years ago. Because most commercial competitions, it is necessary to compete in efficiency. When you feel that it is already a disaster, I think it is good, this is the difference between efficiency. \”[123 ]

\”Second reason, often more demanding in the simple market. Many people like to do the top market, we don’t like the market phase of high-speed growth. What is the relationship between market high-speed growth? Because of this process, All of our things (refer to the property dictionary, employee training, service standards, etc.) are not used. My data is rich, the market is not needed. When the market is going down, consumers will give higher demands on the experience. \”Zuohui said in October 2019, in an interview with media, we prefer that the market is not very good, because it will feel worth more. When the market is good, the entire intermediary industry is spelling the air, who is lucky. But the market is not good, everyone may be in the standard, spelling, and spelling the power. Therefore, the average market and low tide, each of our market share has high growth.

Today, the chain has entered 29 cities and regions across the country, with more than 8,000 stores, and the broker exceeds 110,000.

\”Fake One Loss 100\”

From the birth of the property brokerage industry, it has been accompanied by the problem of fake listings. The information is a bait, defrauding the customer to see the room, and then let customers go to other listings in various reasons. This way to attract customers with false informationEffect, bringing a so-called a large number of customers to intermediaries and brokers. However, on the one hand, buying houses have been blinded. It is difficult to earn benefits in the transaction; on the other hand, the rest of the listings is coexisting, not only the customer is difficult to comprehensively master the various types of information, but the broker is not more More real information is available for reference.

For false homes, false information issues, almost all large-scale enterprises in the intermediary industry have been punished by the housing construction sector at all levels.

From the perspective of industry competition, Yang Tian, \u200b\u200bformerly, formerly, the chain family, believes that as a low-frequency consumption, high-priced unit price, how to retain users in the real estate service field, is the most tricky every platform The problem, and information and data have become a key factor affecting the purchase decision.

Since 2008, the chain home began to invest heavy gold construction project. Initially, data collection relies on brokers to walk the streets, holding this and pen manual records, including room number, standard house diagram, attribute information, supporting facility information, etc. The light is a number of houses in Beijing, and the chain family has conducted three \”housing census\”.

\”In 2014, the chain family specially hired 500 part-time staff thoroughly of 60 million houses in 24 cities. In order to ensure authenticity, the chain home will give each person to the GPS positioner, compare the GPS record The shooting time of the residence time and the photo display is considered. If it is consistent, it is valid. Now upgrades to ‘ant nest’ intelligent collection system, just use a smartphone to perform operations. \”For the importance of the property dictionary, the chain home Introduction, it can be seen as a \”housing census\” similar to the census, providing a foundation data guarantee for the implementation of real listings.

The chain said that it took more than 10 years, spent billion-established real estate dictionary, which is already the country’s largest real estate database, as of the end of September 2019, recorded in the real house of the library exceeded 25.6 billion sets, cover China 325 cities. In 2017, the chain home registered a trademark for the Life Dictionary.

Data entry is only one aspect, dynamic management and update are also important. The chain home will drive testure management using big data, so-called testimony management, the whole household management, the process from entry, maintenance, verification, and potential owners, and then entered the process, called \”full life Cycle management.

The construction of the property dictionary makes the chain have the courage to show the real list. In 2011, the chain home initiated the \”real listing\” action, and set the four major standards of the real list – true presence, real prices, real prices. In order to strengthen supervision, for the untrusted listings of customers, the chain home launched the \”fake one lost hundred\” (each successful report payment of 100 yuan) reward. Such policies can inevitably be woolen.

The report said that in 2011, someone collected hundreds of error messages online at the time, such as missing marks.Birth, write errors, or the wrong words appear. The user sends these error messages as a \”fake listing\” to the chain home, requiring compensation. At that time, the project person in charge did not know how to deal with it, and reported this to Zuohui. Zuo Hui replied: \”I don’t do this decision, the principle is that you are set, according to the principle, you will decide to pay or lose.\” Finally, this user has obtained compensation.

The intermediary industry attracts the customer’s means by false homes, at the time, the chain of reforms, have a huge operational pressure. Zuo Hui said that in three months, the chain was huge for the huge loss of online and offline traffic. Because as long as the real housing prices are released, they will be much higher than the price of competitors. At that time, the customer’s customer calls sharply, and the company’s broker also complained.

However, the loss of customers returned, and there was a large number of new customers after the transaction, Zuo Hu said, \”Because we do is good to consumers, consumers are a rational group. \”

In 2016, the\” real listing \”action, by the end of 2012, the real rate of chain houses increased to about 95%, and it was stable after 2013. 97%. This action of the chain, also brings a change to the industry. Many lines of lines like I love my family, and the brand, such as the 21st century, have also strengthened the authenticity of the listings, and the authenticity of brokerage industry information is improved. However, true and false, always a pair of spears and shields in the struggle, and today, each platform will still be relaxed.

The establishment of the property dictionary is not only to provide guarantees for real listings, and it has become a major advantage in the chain family in industry competition. The chain believes that the property dictionary not only provides transparent house prices, but also provides a factor in the purchasers of effective decisions, etc., but also provides valid decision-making factors such as housing history, price change intervals, and room firing pictures.

Chain home, from the user’s online service, to the behavior data information generated by the broker, can establish data information such as consultation, volume, volume, and transaction price, This produces more models, estimates, and pre-judgments, which drive reconstructs the transaction process.

\”Any house, the chain home is probably described with more than 400 dimensions. Our online spending today has reached 12,000 PV (page views), which is the PV behind each (transaction) list. The number is about 12000. The average of China is only 3,000 (PV), which is actually clicked in 3000 into a single. The gap between 12000 and 2000 ~ 3000 is far from four times. \”Zuo Hu said.

From the chain home to seashell

China’s real estate brokerage industry is roughly starting at the same time, but both sparks, it is a long time, the field of property brokerage is also considered to be Be more difficult to be mutuallyOne of the fields of networked transformation. In 2010, it has become a chain of industry leaders. Although there have been a chain online, it is still tradition until June 2014, the chain net is officially launched.

In the early days of the Internet, the intermediary company mainly passes the listing information through 58 city, the market, the security, the world, the search network and other information service platforms, and pays a certain port fee. Although the intermediary company and the information service platform are partnerships, some friction occurs from time to time.

In October 2014, SouFun.com transformed into a intermediary company from a business company in the business model of second-hand housing transactions, and was transferred from a information company. Zuohui accused SouFun in the open letter to open history, both platform companies, but also an intermediary company, which is the public enemy of the full intermediary industry. From November 1, 2014, the chain family fully terminated cooperation with SouFun.com.

March 2015, the 58 city acquired Anju guest with $ 267 million. After the mergers and acquisitions, the 58 city set up real estate business groups, combined with 58 real estate and peacekeeping guests, builds the new housing, second-hand housing, renting rooms. However, after the 58 lines, the port fees are also allowed to make an intermediary, including the chain, and burst out of the mouth.

As early as April 2014, Peng Yongdong (now shell looking for a house CEO) was pulled a group of people to engage in a new project. At that time, Peng Yongdong’s idea was to \”horing\” and engage in an open platform for an intermediary industry. However, the shell finally put on hold, Peng Yongdong put into the online work of the chain home, the chain home ran in the country, soon sat on the first chance of the intermediary industry. In the context of the information distribution company, the chain family’s platform dream is awake again.

In fact, in the interior of the chain, the development of the online line is already a consensus, and the appearance of shells is just a problem. The ceiling, platform mode of the platform mode is larger than the chain home model. Unlike the 58 city, peacekeeping guests, the world and other platforms, the seashell finding a house is a certain proportion of management fees in accordance with the store camp. In the transaction, the two weapons of the shell are looking for a house in the real estate dictionary and the Agent Cooperate Network mode.

Traditional housing transactions are all agency’s single soldier, between brokers and brokers, there is a strong competitiveness between stores and stores, \”grab single\” \”jumping\”, etc. The situation is relatively common, and the transaction efficiency is low. The ACN is the premise of complying with the full share of listings, and the broker participates in a transaction with different roles. After the transaction, the income share is performed in accordance with the commission ratio of each role.

ACN partner network divides the role of the broker into \”listing\” \”\” listing \”\”Entrusted Spare Parts\” \”Restoring Key Man\” \”Listings\” \”Guest Pronur\” and \”Guest Transportant\”, etc. After the house finally reached a transaction, each broker obtained Different gains. The chain believes that the essence of ACN is to break the existing information. The listings are effectively opened, and all resources are more effective, and when the information of the information is opened, the promotion of the cooperation network It will be greatly increased.

In 2017, Peng Yongdong decided to pilot seashell mode in Zhengzhou, Xuzhou and other cities. Report, June, Peng Yongdong will be the general manager of Chengdu chain, Shi Shengxiang called Beijing, after a month of discussion, He Shengxiang took more than a dozen people in the south Zhengzhou, tried to use a franchise method to do pilot. At first, use the chain home to expand, and later used Deyou. Soon, He Shengxiang felt pressure, \”direct Freedom, I can decide to start the store or recruit, but join, drag is not moving, you must get everyone’s recognition to run. This pressure will allow your team to be stagnant. \”

The situation in the first few months, Zhengzhou’s situation was not too smooth, and He Shengxiang also had a pressure. However, the situation began to improve, and Zhengzhou’s experiment was recognized. In April 2018, the shell is looking for a house officially launched.

According to the idea, shells are looking for a housing as a third-party intermediary platform, providing consumers with residential services such as second-hand housing, new housing, rental, decoration, community services, with the \”real estate\” real listing information system and The ACN mode encompoes all the intermediaries and brokers on the platform. The ambition of the shell is very large, by 2020, the platform should link 100 brokerage brands, 100,000 shops, 1 million albums.

Already The first chain home in the intermediary industry is to do a platform. This suddenly sinned the information distribution platform and intermediaries. Subsequently, a vast \”anti-shell alliance\” was established under the convening of the 58 city. [123 ]

On June 12, 2018, 58 groups launched a \”dual-core fidelity · with vowed trend\” in Beijing, I love my group, Zhongyuan real estate, 21st century, China, wheat field real estate, Middle-circular interconnection, new environment, Longhu Tuanjiao and other real estate service enterprises have participated in it, but they don’t see the chain. And in the beginning of 2018, I love my home and a trench with the chain, and the wheat field is a trench to boycott to repay the port of the peacekeeping.

In the venue, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo promises, 58 groups will never be self-operated, the platform port fees will not rise, \”even if we vote for money, we will continue to increase the investment of the platform. \”Outside the venue, Zuo Hui responded in a circle of 58:\” At this time, Beijing, dark clouds. Is there a way to see the sky? \”Yao Jinbo is a dynamic comment on Zuohui’s friends circle\”, \”said that it is a sunny. \”Zuo Hui replied:\” Thunder should be a gambling curse. \”

4 years ago, Zuohui accused SouFun.com, but he was used by peers. I love my group’s chairman, Xie Yong said on the venue: \”The kind of line on the line, but also line up, doing the referee and athletes, which is not too acceptable to commercial ethics and operational logic. This industry needs a hundred flowers, rather than a branch. \”

is looking for a house from the shell to this day, the chain family and the 58-strand or dark increments have not stopped, but this has not stopped the shell’s attack. . 58 The loose \”anti-shell alliance\” formed after the completion of the \”Anti-shell League\”, on April 16, 2019, the 21st century real estate and shells to find a business cooperation, the two sides will begin to promote the national business from the pilot city. On August 19, 2019, shells were looking for a house and Central Real Estate to reach business cooperation, and the two sides will launch a list of listings, source, operations, etc., implement data and resource sharing.

As of the end of September 2019, shells have entered 103 cities and regions across the country, connecting 32,000 households and more than 320,000 new brokers, with a new brokerage brand in the platform. More than 226. The chain said that there are about 6 to 7 roles of each single transaction in Beijing chain, and the number of human exercises is doubled. As shells are looking for a large platform, the ACN cooperation mechanism is promoted to other real estate brokerage brands such as Deyou and Yiming.

Housing transactions are not the ultimate goal of Zuohui. He believes that the transaction amount of the platform is very low, and the industry is only 2% to 3%, even if it reaches 15 trillion transactions, only two 300 billion market. The strategic meaning of making the shell is divided into two parts, which is from the vertical to the platform, from the transaction to live.

Chain home and shell investors, Huaxing Capital founder Bao Fan publicly said: \”The four fields of clothing, food and clothing, ‘衣’ is Ali’s Taobao, ‘食’ is a US group, ‘line’ is a drop, ‘Live the’ this track, it is to support the company’s company to retrore the ‘live \”industry, or to betray the industry’s background company to transform the industry? (We) Clear a basic principle after analyzing the real estate industry: this industry Leaders must be based on a deep industry, this is the reason why our investment chain is. \”

2019, shells find a house D round financing latest estimate more than $ 10 billion, D round financing By Tencent, shells are looking for a house to be in WeChat, and the last piece of \”clothing and food and shelter\” is hurt.

Using 60 points to open the opponent

In February 2017, a broker company executive issued a chain home interview table picture, the interviewer is undergraduate or master’s Graduation, and even have a master’s degree in famous schools such as Central University of Finance and Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the traditional impression, the property intermediary is a low threshold, undergraduate and even master students to sell the house, triggered the outside world, and the microblog will lead a large number of netizens.

Later, Tao Hong soldiers who were chained by the chain family revealed the mystery. He said: \”Beijing chain family six years ago, the recruitment requirement is the college college, 2017, demanding the best. Not the background management staff, For the requirements of all new employees. \”

From 1998, the property brokerage industry has passed 21 spring and autumn, the degree is relatively low, the work is short, the liquidity is still the group of Chinese brokers. The status quo, under the role of frequent transaction disputes, the cause of the service level is uniform, the broker does not have more respect of society.

\”This industry is too dignified, my child will definitely go to school, the teacher may let her write a\” My Dad \”, I think she will say that my father is a dry intermediary It is the head of Beijing’s largest mediation. How many children are willing to say that their parents are doing mediation? So I think it is not easy. Dear is too far from our industry. \”Zuo Hui in May 2016 Speech in the speech.

Zuo Hui said that in the industry for many years, he has been very pleasant to hate two things, one is a broker who flicks consumers, and the other is that consumers do not respect the broker. For the first thing, he is looking for a way to change the organization and broker to a good direction.

Today, the chain is trying to change people’s engrave impression on the intermediary industry through professional training and strong management. At present, more than 80% of the chain brokers have higher education. Among them, Beijing chain family consumes more than 45% of the major students, and Shanghai chain homes account for more than 46%. By 2021, the chain’s undergraduate rate program reached 51%.

From the beginning of the job, the chain home has built a training program for the agents, such as newcomers, adapters, and sequences in the post training, major district training. In October 2011, the chain home created a preparation test for all operations, and the examination results and brokers were related to the crime of the chain.

There are several management models in the real estate brokerage industry. For example, the unique trend of Central Plains real estate, the weak management model of the broker, and the quality of service advocates the quality of service, and strengthen the control of the manager. Management mode, etc. The chain emphasizes the \”strong rules strong control\”, continuously updating strict \”red yellow line system\”, and set it as the company’s rules, and anyone will be punished.

But the service quality of the entire property brokerage industry also has a large increase in space. Zuo Hu said: \”Our first request is to provide poor service, then continue to explore better space. The basic quality in my heart is 60 points. In today’s industry, many companies can only reach 10 points, 20 Division. As long as you can reach the basic needs of the user, you can reach 60 points, you can completely distinguish your competitors. And today, our consumptionIt is worthy of better service, and our generation is responsible to push this matter to a new level.\”

On November 14, 2018, the chain home released a new brand Declaration\” National Chain Home, Quality First \”, will strive to become the first national brand of real estate services and new brokerage brands in 4.0.In 2019, the chain family launched the talent upgrade strategy, and strive to create a high-degree, high-priced, high professional literacy, high community participation, in the chain home, in the industrial Internet age, the property brokerage industry has evolvedThe modern service industry of higher professional and technical content, the quality of the servers determines the quality of service, and the broker should assume the \”advisory\” role of the company to provide screening models and decision models. (China New Jingwei app)

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