College graduates have a maximum of 300,000 yuan guaranteed loans in autonomous entrepreneurship

The data of the education department shows that in 2021, Guangdong’s college graduates have reached a new high, reaching 642,000. In the report of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government on the implementation of the National Economic and Social Development Plan in the first half of 2021, as of the end of July, the graduates of Guangdong college graduates from the end of July, 70.9% of Guangdong college graduates, than about 30 percentage points, employment situation Obviously last year.

Ensuring the stability of the employment is a priority work in Guangdong. As the top priority, Guangdong has issued the implementation of 3.0 \”Promoting Employment Nine\”, continuously increases the strength of the aid and enterprises, and implements the top ten actions of college graduates’ employment entrepreneurship, and promote \”Guangdong Master\” \”Guangdong Mechanic\” \” South Guangdong Home Economics \”three projects, driving the\” big problem \”in\” small incision \”.

Guangdong University Students’ Entrepreneurship Top Ten Action

Market Employment Expansion Action

Promoting the Quality Market Supply and Demand Matching. The province organized 2000 college graduates recruitment activities. Organize the \”24365 Campus Network Recruitment\” \”Wood Cotton Wen\” \”One Enterprise\” \”Digon City Joint Recruitment College Graduate Special\”. Promoting the use of \”live broadcast\” \”empty delivery\” \”online video interview\” and other innovative modes.

Give full play to the role of the owners’ sources. Guide the regular private enterprises to take out more than 1 position to absorb the employment of graduates in Guangdong or Guangdong colleges and universities. For the small and micro enterprises in the two-year graduates in two years, the longest two-year social security subsidy is implemented; the graduates of college graduates in the two years of employment for the employment of the small and medium-sized enterprises have implemented employment subsidies.

Enterprise Innovation Support Action

Increase funds support. College graduates to start their own businesses, may issue up to 30 million secured loan business; which led to the employment of more than five people, maximum loan amount can be increased to $ 500,000; for, in line with a maximum loan of small amount of micro-enterprise loan conditions It can reach 5 million yuan; implement fiscal discovery policies according to regulations. College graduates in independent entrepreneurship and normally operate, implement 10,000 yuan of entrepreneurial funding; renting the rental subsidy policy according to the regulations; Annual issuance of entrepreneurial guarantees is more than 2 billion yuan.

Enhances the site support. The entrepreneurial carrier such as the incubation base of government investment development should arrange a certain proportion of venues to provide free college graduates. Encourage all kinds of entrepreneurial incubation bases to absorb college students’ settlement, and give a maximum of 3,000 yuan per year according to regulations.

Optimize entrepreneurship services. Optimize the implementation of key group entrepreneurial employment tax policies, and realize the \”exemption of excipients\” in entrepreneurial employment tax benefits.

Holds a venture innovation competition. Organize the University Students of Guangdong \”Public Cup\” Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition, \”Chuang Youth\” Youth, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dasan District Youth Innovation Entrepreneur Contest and Communication Camp and other entrepreneurial innovation competitions. Among them, Guangdong \”public creation cup\”Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition, college students selection of more than 25 excellent projects, each gives one-time funding for 50,000-.2 million yuan.

Guangdong Yuexi Yuebei Talent Support Action

Implement various types of grassroots service plans. The province \”three support\” recruits 3,000 college graduates; \”Mountain Plan\” project recruits more than 4,000 volunteers of college students; \”Western plans\” recruit 350 volunteers; \”Guangdong people’s livelihood Service Social Work Double Hundred Project \”provides 4,000 jobs.

Supplement of the grassroots urgently needed talents. Centralized the province’s institutions open recruitment, Guangdong Yuexi, Guangdong North China, township medical, agriculture and forestry, water conservancy Emotional, planning construction and other institutions take out 8% of the number of posts in the number of college graduates. Do a good job in the employment and college graduates from the college graduates to the rural areas.

State-owned enterprise employment Leading actions

Expand the scale of recruitment. Supervise state-owned enterprises to implement the scale of college graduates, the whole year of state-owned enterprises (including culture, financial state-owned enterprises) new recruitment of college graduates are not less than 40,000, Among them, the provincial state-owned enterprises have no less than 10,000, and the number of state-owned enterprises in the Pearl River Delta must have more than 3% of the total number of employees.

Implemented public recruitment. Strengthen state-owned enterprises to recruit college graduates promotion, Expand the influence of recruitment, improve recruitment efficiency. Organize the launch of state-owned enterprises to organize or participate in online online offline, all-year provincial-level recruitment activities are not less than 5 games.

Organs institutions institutions Expansion Action

Expand civil servant recruitment. The province provides no less than 13,000 in the province in the province, 60% of which are used for special recruitment college graduates.

Expand Recruitment of institutions. Public welfare 1 and second types of institutions at all levels, the second type of institutions must be declared in a ratio of 15% of the empty number.

All kinds of institutions at all levels 2021 In the post-recruitment position, there should be no less than 15% of posts to recruit college graduates, no less than 30% of the posts can accept registration of the graduates of the recent colleges and universities. The year provides no less than 68,000 careers The unit work is recruiting the graduates of reception.

Special channel promotes employment action

Stabilize the enrollment scale. Actively strive to expand graduate students, undergraduate enrollment scale, early organization to complete all kinds of promotion Admissions plan, the master’s degree, ordinary monopoly promotion of this recruitment works before the end of June. The province’s graduate students enrollment is not less than 60,000; ordinary monopoly enrollment is not less than 50,000.

enhance the proportion of participation . Do a year, two college students collection work, increase mobilization, and vigorously promote new incentive policies and new physical examination standards, completed the first round of recruitment before the end of March, complete the second round of recruitment before the end of September.The college graduates will not be less than 20%, of which 2021 college graduates in the provincial colleges and universities will be collected. Adapt to the construction needs of the forces, encourage the assessment of graduates of the technical institutions to further improve the number of college graduates collection, the technical institutions have obtained the high-level professional qualification (vocational skill level) certificate graduates enjoy the same entry policy of higher colleges and universities .

Expand the scale of scientific research assistants. Use the number of scientific research assistant positions and the number of people in the \”double-first-class\” universities to promote the establishment of more research assistant posts and enterprises in colleges, research institutes, provincial laboratories and enterprises. Supervise the guiding colleges and research institutes to enrollment scientific research assistants to provide funding policy support, implement national policies such as social insurance, account files, and enhance the attraction of scientific research assistants. The annual development of scientific research assistant positions absorb more than 3,500 graduates.

Difficult Graduate Employment Help Action

As a key object of vocational development education and employment guidance, implement special help, priority assistance in accordance with the \”one-legged tutor\” system , Provide employment services to difficult college graduates. Implementing difficult college graduates to job search, relying on subsidizing information database, establish difficult graduates to help list, carry out \”one-on-one\” classification help, priority, priority recommendation. If it is difficult to achieve employment through market channels, the \”three support\” \”double hundred project\” and other grassroots service positions, public welfare positions, etc., promote 100% of employment will achieve employment.

Employment Service Precision Docking Action

Carry out targeted professional guidance. Strengthening the construction of employment guidance teams, the proportion of the school’s full-time employment guidelines and the number of graduates should not be less than 1: 500. All colleges and universities must establish a professional instructor to contact the graduation class, and each class designates a employment guidance personnel.

Organizational Series Service Enters Campus Activities. Special service activities such as \”professional guidance into the campus\” \”entrepreneurship guidance into the campus\” \”employment entrepreneurship policy into campus\” in a timely manner.

Strengthen real-name employment services. Do a good job in the information connection and service continuation work from the school’s unemployed college graduates, and ensure that the service is not on the front and rear service. Integrate the establishment of the employment position resource library, continue to provide positions, accurate matching services to the departure of the unidentified graduates. Broaden the real name information collection channel.

Employment Ability Improvement Action

Carrying out post skills promotion training. Implementing youth skill training action, eligible graduates enjoy vocational training subsidies according to regulations. Guide college graduates to actively participate in the \”Guangdong Mechanics\” \”Guangdong Mechanic\” three projects.

Promoting employment internships. In-depth implementation of the \”Wings Program\” Guangdong College Students’ Internship Action. Construction of \”The Employment Internship Platform of Colleges and Universities in the Province\”. Help publicity promotion, special recruitment, two-way negotiation activities, promoteInspiring the docking and demand docking, organizing employment is not less than 10,000.

Employment Rights Protection Action

Promoting the Enjoy Policy. Fully streamline policy vouchers, optimize the implementation of \”Inform Commitment System\”.

Establishing the correct employment orientation. Promote party and government institutions, institutions, and state-owned enterprises bring their lead to reverse the \”Triumpography\” \”\” only academic qualifications \”to use people’s orientation, and may not learn from graduation colleges, countries (on), learning methods (full day system) in recruitment announcements and practical operations. Non-full daily production as limiting conditions.

Standardize employment signed. Strict implementation of the employment work \”four qi\” stipulates, not allowing graduates to internship, and proves materials as employment proof materials.

Strengthening the supervision of recruitment. Bringing \”black intermediary\”, false recruitment, chaos, employment discrimination, and credit traps and pyramids, fraud, and other illegal crimes and other illegal crimes in the name of job search, employment, entrepreneurship. Establish employer recruitment blacklist system.

Expanding the number of national enterprises recruits the number of students

Guangzhou 25 policy measures, further stability and expand employment.

● During the internship, the internship should pay the internship payment based on the agreement, in principle, in principle, the top-sized internship compensation is not less than 80% of the same post trial period wage standard. [121] If the staff pays the subsidy, the employment subsidy fund will be given the employer employment.

● In the daily recruitment of all institutions in Guangzhou, the management position of the graduates and the proportion of the work skills of the working graduates is not less than 60%, and the proportion of professional and technical posts is not less than 50%.

● Further expand the number of college graduates in state-owned enterprises, and inclined to difficult family college graduates.

● Guangzhou also implemented \”Guangzhou Pixabay Minsheng Service Social Work Social Work,\” On the basis of integrating existing social workers, it is preferred to absorb college graduates employment.


Set 216 grassroots public service positions

● Construct policy system. The Foshan Municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued the \”Notice on Promoting the Employment Work of College Graduates\” (Buddhist History [2020] No. 32), launched ten actions to promote the graduates of recent colleges and universities, including 216 urban grassroots The practice of public service post is the first in the province.

● Implement policy subsidies. In the first quarter of this year, a total of 21.38 million yuan for college graduates were issued, and 795 were benefited from 795.

● Incorporate college graduates into entrepreneurial guarantee loans, personal loansThe maximum amount is increased to 500,000 yuan, and enjoy 3 years, and distributes 10,000 yuan of disposable entrepreneurial funding to eligible college graduates.

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