College student started to open a fast food restaurant, free home delivery, month to earn 200,000, make money

Many friends think that now the catering market is hot. If you open a catering store, you should make a lot of money. So I don’t have to do business experience, I’m very decisively embarked on the road to start a store. The results of it? I have worked hard all year, but I didn’t even earn money, but also put my heart and blood.


For many friends who open shops, their business thinking is still in the past, using the most traditional business model to do business, that is, passengers. I believe everyone is very familiar with the fable story for \”Waiting for the Rabbit\”, and finally? The protagonist can’t wait for the second rabbit.

This year, I want to open a catering store for a profitable, I must not go to the road. Guangzhou has such a fast food restaurant, the boss uses a \”free home delivery\”, in just a month, earn 200,000.

[1] Case Background

The boss of this fast food restaurant is the case whose case is to introduce you today. The owner of the owner is a 70-year-old brother, 48 years old this year. Wang Boss, this person, did not read any book, in the first half of the people, I will work for others, and I don’t know if I have suffering again every day. This is not, 50-year-old people, not only don’t travel, even deposits, I am sorry for him for so many years.

In fact, is it true that ordinary people are not all like this? Every day, I don’t even say that even a house can’t afford it. The owner of the Wang Boss is still a set of old houses. It is more fortunate than many people.

大学生创业开快餐店,免费送货上门,月赚20万,赚钱要靠方法 The words come back, why is the owner of the owner of the Human Wang suddenly thinks to open a fast food restaurant? Still not because of his bad boss! The boss is also absolutely, Wang Boss works hard in his factory for more than ten years, and the fact that there is no way to work in the factory last year. This factory is gone, Wang Boss naturally lost his work, but also because the boss is too shive, the compensation has not got a few more money.

This wife did not work, the child is still going to school, what can Wang Boss? I can only think about making money. This is not, once a chance, Wang Boss heard the son said that the fast food business near the school was very popular. This king boss got a thought. I ran to Guangzhou University to open a fast food restaurant. I can take care of my son and don’t make more money. .

In fact, the business of the fast food restaurant is not good, and later, the son of the Wang Boss thought two a law, which made the boss’s business improved, and in just a month, Earn 200,000.

[2] Program introduction

1. Drink free drink. 大学生创业开快餐店,免费送货上门,月赚20万,赚钱要靠方法

As long as the customer eats in the store, you can get a bottle of drinks worth 3 dollars.

Second, free home delivery.

If the customer needs to send, it does not require customers to point on the take-out platform.Single, only one phone is needed, Wang Boss will arrange people to deliver the goods to customers, do not receive a penny.

The above two points are the activities launched by Wang Bo. Do you think it is very strange? These two activities are very common. If you don’t have the order of your order, you can enjoy such benefits. Why do people earn money, but Wang Boss earns 200,000 months? Don’t worry, look at you will know below.

Any industry, as long as you understand the way of making money in this industry, know how to use some small methods, business problems can naturally be solved. More Money Cases and Marketing Tips, you can look at the columns in the following columns, the ready-made business strategy of master.

[3] Profit analysis

Let’s first say the first point: What is this free drink? It is not to say that you can drink a person, but only members of the members. As long as the customer spends 10 money to handle a member card, you can get 10 bottles of 3 dollars of drinks, and later customers come to the store to eat, you can drink a bottle for free.

Let’s think about it, if you give it to the customer directly, the customer will feel that this is got to be got, and he will not pay, naturally will not cherish it. But if you let him pay money, he will feel that this is to pay for it, it cannot be wasted.

And now the young people, eat drinking drinks to drink, Wang Boss is just sending a bottle of drinks, don’t you save the customer to buy a drink?

As for the second point: this free home delivery is also available for customers to enjoy. If the customer chooses to place an order on the take-out platform, it is also necessary to pay a few dollars, and takeaway Xiaoyan often timeout or leak out of the soup. If the owner of the boss, it will not exist at all. The problem. 大学生创业开快餐店,免费送货上门,月赚20万,赚钱要靠方法 And, Wang Boss’s distribution has an advantage, that is, you can choose delivery time. If you have 12 lessons, if you want to eat a meal, the advantage of Wang Boss can meet you very well. If you take a takeaway, the list of tall brothers is more, don’t necessarily send you in a point, is this not to spend money to find a crime? As for the boss of Wang Bo, it is actually a part-time college student in the school, and the charge is cheap, people are more honest than the society.

Someone said, now a lot of takeaway except for the delivery fee, isn’t it more cost-effective than your member? I can only say, the young man, you are really too young, don’t you know the truth of wool in the sheep? If you carefully study the takeaway, you will know that the takeaway platform is single, a food price is actually more expensive than you have to eat.

Due to the limited space, you want to know the follow-up friends can enter the column, there are still many columns, about entityThe strategy of the store operates, if you are interested, you can click on it.

Finally, Wang Bo is like this, in just a month, earn 200,000, earn a pot full of full.

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