College students can get these taxes and loans support

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation Taiyuan City Taxation Bureau that the General Office of the State Council has issued the \”Guidance Opinions on Further Supporting College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurs\”, and college students will receive tax exemption, loan quota improvement, etc. .

The relevant person of Taiyuan City Taxation Bureau said that this guidance adds more support and power to college students, and has issued multiple entrepreneurship \”red envelopes\” for college students. College graduates are engaged in individual operations within the graduation year, in line with the provisions, in three years, according to a certain limit, the value-added tax, urban maintenance construction tax, education fee, and local education are added and personal income tax. Small-scale taxpayers below 150,000 yuan are exempt from VAT, and the income tax will be reduced according to the provisions of small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. Investment companies in entrepreneurial investors, an angel investor investment in a small and medium-sized high-tech enterprise in which not listed, and the investment amount of the scientific and technological enterprises in the initial period of the initial period shall be deducted to the income tax.

While tax reduction, loan support is further increased. For college entrepreneurs will further reduce the loan interest rate, simplify the declaration of the loan declaration. Increases the number of individualized loans of college graduates to 200,000 yuan, and the minimum loan quota has increased to 3 million yuan to the eligible small and micro enterprises established by college graduates.

Taiyuan Daily News Team, Reporter Sun Yaoxing

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