Construction industry job search: Beijing recruitment demand is strong, construction engineer has a monthly salary of 10,000

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Recently, the 58 Tongcheng Recruitment Institute released the employment of the construction industry. The report shows that in November, the key position of Beijing Construction Industry is the most prosperous. The number of recruits increased by 31.82% year-on-year; Chengdu favors the city, and the number of jobs increased by 35.27% year-on-year; key positions, construction engineers / total workers average recruitment The salary is the highest, the monthly salary is 10,487 yuan.

Overview of the key position of the construction industry, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen has a high recruitment activity. In terms of growth, compared with the same period last year, Beijing, Wuhan increased by 31.82%, 3.49%, respectively, on the previous year, Beijing, Zhengzhou increased increase of 26.96%, 33.57%, respectively.

In the request, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Nanning, Guiyang have a higher job needs. Among them, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an increased more than 20% year-on-year; on the previous month, Changsha has exhibited higher job hunting activity at 5.88%.

The report believes that, at present, the state has officially approved planning to build a city circle, and the construction of Chengdu Metropolitan Circle will also become a support project for promoting the construction of Double City Economic Circles in Chengdu. This also brings a lot of Using the needs; at the same time, Chengdu has a comfortable, livable living environment, which is known from the yearning of Sichuan and Southwest China, and under multiple influences, Chengdu has become an ideal job of more and more construction industry talents. .

On the position distribution, the position of the construction industry recruitment TOP10 is: construction staff, CAD design / drawing, decoration design, cost engineer / budget, construction engineer / total worker, interior design, Architects / carton, cabinet designer, soft designer, hardware designer.

On the number of recruits, CAD design / drawing, costator / budgetarries increased by 37.57%, 2.81% year-on-year; CAD design / drawing, cabinet designers, hardware designers increased by more than 30% Among them, the hard-working designer has the greatest increase in the previous ratio and is 59.68%.

The report pointed out that the construction worker is an indispensable type of work as a construction industry, and is also the largest group in the construction industry. In the case of accelerating development in the construction industry, its recruitment needs will be the most active.

In addition, in the context of \”double carbon\”, the assembled building is a new direction in the future construction field. It combines a large number of digital technology, in line with the characteristics of modernization, intelligence, greening in the construction industry, so The recruitment needs of the hardware designers and other related positions rose.

In November, the position of the job search active TOP10 is: construction worker, cost engineer / budget, CAD design / drawing, decoration design, construction engineer / total worker, interior design, architect / Mutter, cabinetCourt, hardware designer, soft designer.

On the number of delivery, the construction engineer / total workers increased by the largest, 25.25%; from the previous, costator / budget, soft designers increased by 4.60%, 15.30%.

It can be seen that the number of job diversions in the construction industry is high, and the technical talents related to the assembled building industry chain have flocked to the talent market in the construction industry.

In the salary level, in November 2021, the construction industry key positions, the average recruitment of construction engineers / total workers, the monthly salary of 10,487 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.86%. As a traditional high-paying position in the construction industry, construction engineers / total workers’ salary still have a big competitiveness.

It is worth noting that the report pointed out that in November, the salary of almost all key positions was a year-on-year increase, of which the CAD design / drawing post-surplus increased year-on-year increase, 13.99%.

CAD design / drawing position is the source of technology innovation in the construction industry. It is related to the design capabilities of various enterprises. In the case where the basic construction cannot open the enterprise gap, design class talents become unquestionable new pets, and their recruitment salary Also water is high.

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