Core business circle open bookstore, what make money?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing August 31 (Reporter Yin Ping) On August 31, \”Xinhua Daily Telecom\” is \”the core business circle opened the bookstore, what to make money? Interview.

How to re-recognize the \”net redization\” of the physical bookstore? In addition to policy support, what strengths have to attract physical bookstores? Is the \”hematopoietic\” capability of the physical bookstore only rely on the sale? …

With these problems, Xinhua Daily Telecommunications Reporter Dialogue has a New Publication Research Institute.

Cheng Three countries are the Standing Directors of the Chinese Journal Association, the founder and the original editor of the \”China Book Business Daily\”, long-term business model, value chain, management and management observation and research on the book publishing industry, \”China Subject Bookstore Industry Report\” from the leading year.

(small title) only take pictures of not bought book, there is also a positive meaning

Reporter: Does the physical bookstore revival, support policy is the most important reason?

Cheng 3 countries: Policy guidance is a reason, business attraction itself is the root cause. Policy subsidies are all afterwards, and the bookstores are coming out and then subsidized, so it is not a premise. Some people enter the physical bookstore industry or reload the scale of the entry store, say that the bottom is still attractive. Especially in the lively business circle, the bookstore, whether the rent is still decoration costs, the investment is not small, no one pays money, will definitely can’t do it.

Reporter: How can I open the bookstore in the core business circle? Can you digest the cost of investment?

Cheng San Kingdom: These bookstores are a lot of commercial real estate. In a period of time, in a period of time, the rent is not worthless, and the money in the decoration design is also coming out. Bookstore only needs to be afforded and employee costs, as well as follow-up operating costs. If you have the ability to operate, you can control the renovation cost, even during the decoration process. Commercial real estate developers are optimistic about the arrival of the physical bookstore, can earn more money for him.

Reporter: How does the physical bookstore create business attractive? Is it in the bookstore into a \”net red\” style?

Cheng San Country: Before the Internet era, buy a book can only go to the bookstore, because only there will be sold. There are too many ways to buy now, especially online shopping, and the price is also advantageous. The attraction of the bookstore has changed, becoming a cultural medium with propagation properties.

Mobile social media era, if the bookstore is beautiful enough, become \”net red\” card, let everyone come to pick up friends. In this way, the image of the bookstore can be spread, and the attraction of the bookstore will be reshaped.

For any entity business, attracting passengers is the basis. If you open in business districts and integrated business, come to the \”Net Red\” bookstore to punch the passenger traffic, but can also share the bookstore, but also share it to other merchants. Therefore, commercial real estate is optimistic about the physical bookstore, willing to support the physical bookstore.

The entity bookstore \”Nethonghua\” does not necessarily want to make the bookstore to turn this, but in the current influence of the entire large business background, consumption background, and cultural trend, there must be A form. Because in a larger commercial cycle, \”net red\” physical bookstore, it will stand up with this \”net red face\” and positioning to meet this new demand.

Reporter: But most people who are attracted to the bookstore in the bookstore, seems to only take pictures, this is the atmosphere expected by the bookstore? Can the bookstore still benefit?

Cheng San Kingdom: In this era of the mobile phone, people who love reading are rare, this is an indisputable fact.

Although some people didn’t bought books, they were willing to take pictures of bookstores, and at least expressive a year of reading.

Even if it is just to take pictures, their arrival, let the bookstore’s cultural field all popular, it is also shaping a cultural atmosphere that advocates reading.

Through people to take pictures to the bookstore, taking the card, spread the image of the bookstore, attracting people, there is always someone in the people who will read, and some people will buy books. Only bookstooks selling books now can’t survive. The bookstore also sells cultured products, coffee and other services. These can bring income for the bookstore, and gross profit margin is higher than the selling book.

Reporter: In some bookstores, coffee seats and literary products have a far-faced books. Is the physical bookstore only in this way?

Cheng San Country: Some people often complain: Now the bookstore is not like a bookstore, more like a cafe, Wenchuang store, how can this? The bookstore practitioners are also very entangled: we also want to pure, but a bill, for the life, you must do some cultivation, sell some coffee, do some activities.

I always have a bookstore: those who condemn the bookstore are not pure enough, they must be a person who loves the book, but it will not buy a book in the physical bookstore, let alone buy books in the physical bookstore. Most people still go online to buy books. Since you are self-sufficiency, you don’t have to buy books in your physical bookstore. How can you let the entity bookstore only rely on the sale of books?

(small title) Policy capital double \”blood transfusion\”, physical bookstore is still difficult to \”hematopoietic\”

Reporter: The support of the physical bookstore, it is necessary to see the cultural properties of the bookstore. But there are many places with cultural attributes, why is it so tilted with the physical bookstore?

Cheng San Country: The bookstore is a cultural venue, which is subject to special attention and support from all over the level, mainly because of its benefits.

Compared with other public cultural places such as museums, art gallery, concert hall, library, and the physical bookstore is lower, the operating efficiency is higher, and the citizen coverage is wider. Like an art galler, there is a certain entry threshold. butThe bookstore can enter. People who wrapped their books will not have a psychological burden, worry that they don’t understand. Nobody will stop you from turning your book, and the book is new, many bookstores have seats, and the environment is better than most libraries.

Reporter: Is there a violation of market regularity through policy support? Do we need so many bookstores?

Cheng 3 countries: I think it needs. From the current quantity of the domestic physical bookstore, the new plan is far from the level of the brocade, and more is in \”complement\”. We are still too lack of decent physical bookstore, and there are such cultural places everywhere.

Some people will ask: With so much money to support the physical bookstore, why not build more libraries? But if you want to operate a library, even if you are just the level of the community, from the site selection to personally recruit, you must experience a more long process, not only invested high, efficiency is also a problem.

The physical bookstore is not the same, very flexible, as long as the policy is slightly guided, it is easy to active. The guidance of the government mainly plays a prize, and more important costs are borne by the market, the burden is not heavy. The physical bookstore is a cultural venue, not only the commercial entity, but also shares a public cultural function of many governments, so it is favored by the policy.

Reporter: Looking at the current entity bookstore industry, is there an ideal business model and \”hematopoietic\”?

Cheng San Country: It should be said that it has not yet. The physical bookstore is not an informed that it is divided into different categories. The largest Xinhua bookstore, due to its physical volume and national background, the transition power has no private bookstore, of course, has many changes.

The second is like Side, a few, and a brand chain bookstore such as Zhongshuo Court. They opened the store throughout the country, and the store site is mainly in the popular business circle. They use new decorative forms and hybrid business, represent the new forces of the ethnicity of the physical bookstore industry. But most of them are still in the process of exploring business models.

Even if you have a Sicilian Bookstore, it is difficult to say that in this mode, this mode can be done throughout the industry.

Others also relying on the group company’s bookstore, such as a CITIC bookstore, a bookstore; relying on a bookstore, a bookstore, such as a foreign research bookstore, Hanfin Building, etc., the functions and most entities The bookstore is not the same, and the business model is difficult to copy.

There are still a lot of smaller and more independent private bookstores, and each store has different characteristics, most of which are looking for new possibilities.

(Small title) The epidemic will not bring a top-level disaster in the physical bookstore. Online shopping will be

Reporter: During the epidemic, many physical bookstores are active and self-rescued, through live broadcasts Will, use WeChat public account to sell membership card recharge, call outside the door to send a variety of marketing activities, rescueIs the effect obvious?

Cheng 3 countries: There is definitely effective, but not too big.

Network marketing requires a service system, from choice to display, from supply chain to customer service, has high requirements. Prior to this, there were very few physical bookstores, and it was difficult to temporarily set up during the epidemic.

Some physical bookstores have made the clerk blind selection, sell membership cards and other activities, although some income, make cash flow to a certain degree of relief, but actually in the future revenue, equivalent to寅 寅 卯 卯.

The income brought to live broadcast is more limited. You can only see the bookstore telling you how many people participate in their live broadcast activities, and few mentions have been mentioned in sales, because too little, I am sorry to say.

Live is not suitable for the physical bookstore industry. Now live sales is to have a price advantage to attract traffic, but the bookstore is the end of the industrial chain, and there is very little spin space. Even if you really have a book selling, the physical bookstore doesn’t even have a supply capacity.

Reporter: Does the epidemic will drag down the physical bookstore Revival?

Cheng 3 countries: there will be affected. For example, the store that originally wants to enter this field may hesitate. However, the epidemic is not normal, and it will not bring a disaster in this industry. Really threatened the entity bookstore industry, or the discount impact of the e-commerce platform.

Our country has not constrained for the legal constraints of book pricing systems. The strength of the online store is a book, which is never done, and the physical bookstore is always painful. Even a lot of love books, specially visited the bookstore, see the favorite book, will also buy it because of price differences, habitually. To solve this problem, I am afraid I only develop a book pricing protection mechanism from the legal level, so that book sales prices have been specially legally guaranteed.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the countries represented by Germany, France have developed more developed countries, have developed the management mechanism of book prices – no matter where to buy books, there will be no price. Too big difference. Therefore, in the streets of these countries, you will not move on the historic special bookstore. If our country can also have related institutional protection, maybe it can fundamentally reverse the passive situation of the entity bookstore. (End)

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