Count the top ten most popular Chinese dessert bureaus, do you like the one?

With the importance of the people’s attention to health, the Chinese-style dessert, color, fragrance, shaped, and colorfulness of all kinds of food, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, etc. Stepping into the Volkswagen Vision.

The resident of the capital market has directly exacerbated the popularity of Chinese destination and comprehensive outbreak. Today, let’s take stock of the top ten \”famous\” snacks


This time:

1 / Tiger head bureau slag

2 / Guanglian Shen Shen Shen Shen Shen Shen Shen

3 / ink点 心

4 / Not Chiyin Heart

5 / Bao Master

6 / 泸溪 河

7 / Tang Xiaocheng

[123 ] 8 / Tao Taoqi · Home Bastrointestinal Board

9 / 虤 Repair Heart

10 / Zhan Ji


[ 123]

As the \”nasal ancestor\”, the tiger head bureau of the Chinese style In May 19th, only three years, has completed 50 million financing. The health concept of \”low-fat low sugar advocates healthy eating\”, making Chinese-style snacks have become a popular object.


Tiger Tarn Bureau Slag Pizza Ring Corporation In Changsha, since I opened to Shanghai, Shanghai’s enthusiastic citizen said. Great enthusiasm accepts.

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盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? Mouss Potato tiger volume (meat smell

[123 ]

As the signboard, the Sapato tiger roll is not expensive from the vision or the taste, and the bristles of the bristles are exploded. The parcel specials of padded squats q are sweet and not greasy, the tiger slag slag cakes choose boldly combined with the delicate combination of Piscellas and the meat, taste a word: it is very ~ 盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? [ 123]

Guanglian application is one The old brand brand, only in the residential area but still needs to queue, you can’t buy it later, never get rid of all stores, all shops are direct stores, but they have done. [12

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? As we all know, Guanglian Shen is a brand that Taiwan team came to the mainland. Adhere to the use of raw materials on Taiwan, the product characteristics, the headquarters architecture is exquisite, the management system is rigorous, these excellent quality is integrated together to create Guanglian Shen in the net red paste market.

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[ 123]

\”Queen’s roll that does not have a bubble is not a good queue\”

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? The paste is light, moist and moist, the entrance is instant, bite a mouthful of milk The sandy sweet taste, I will not be greasy at a time, the price is also online, and the price of more than a dozen pieces is a good mood.

from August 2020 Changsha, to date 14 stores, all layout in the CBD business district of Changsha traffic, cumulative finance billions. As a net red city, there is a slogan is such a shouting \”drunk enough tea, you can take it\”, to Changsha to eat, you have to bring some ink to your family and friends ~!

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? Positioning the new Chinese style, using the way to the West to provide the consumers to provide the current pain, puff, cheese brittle, toast, peach, egg tarts The product is based on the existing breast, but the front end baking operation is simple and the standardization is extremely high.

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fresh milk coffee squash

[ 123] 盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家?

fresh cattle contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D, C, a variety of trace elements, etc., low-fat low sugar nutrients do not fat. The coffee flavor is rich, the middle is not a hollow, plus the unique Q of the Napato, and the coffee lovers must.

No Chiyin Heart

\”Use Chinese taste and way to redefine and express all kinds of baking products according to the point of dessert\” – No Chiya Heart, this \”Rear Show\” Since August 8 this year, a few months have been quickly in Fuzhou Opened 5 stores.


In this end, it is delicious, and finally loyal to the principle of the brand’s memory, insists on the same good taste + product health + Combination of economic affordable, has been exploring new ChineseThe taste and pattern of the snacks is like the name of \”no sesame\”. The Schain Hardpot is also truly achievable, and it is a desperate dessert.

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White jade pulley potato [ 123]


From the refrigerator, it is best to eat the best taste, ice cold, two flavors: tat tea and cheese, the outer skin bite Will you blast, the stuff is not very sweet, eat a few walrows at a time, after a faint tea, one is only 4 pieces, the fish and bear’s paw are not part, but desserts and happiness can.

In June 2009, Bao Cai Sheng and his wife Peng Lili Beijing founded the first \”Beijing Bao Master\” as the core brand \”Beijing Bao Master West Cakehouse\”, the products include bread; pastries; moon cakes; grain-based snacks; bean powder; edited starch; stir Cream preparation, etc. 盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家?

From a paste shop near China Communication University, there are 14 stores in Beijing, plus shops in Tianjin, Shanghai, etc., 26 in the country, is said to be because of pastries It was delicious, and it was close to 200 cottage \”Bao Master\” to fight.

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Haips meat pine beck [123


The flesh is added with seaweed, crispy fragrance, and the meat is fried, bite, can’t stop, the fragrance of the seaweed + flesh + Cake’s soft + salad gentleness, if you say, what is the magic attracts everyone to Qi Fu pastries, Non-Hair meat pine becomes.

Huxi River

origin Jiangxi Yingtan, Tagged in Nanjing, is a Chinese-style traditional pastry brand.

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? Inheriting to this day, the founder is the enthusiasm of \”inheriting ancient law skills, promoting traditional pastries culture\”, so that the Liuxi River will have a few generations of wind and rain, still ingenious quality, source taste, always Since the traditional old taste of the city, it has brought everyone an ancient way of juice.


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peach crisp

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? The walnut crisp is very crisp, and the hand is the fresh taste that has just been baked. It is dotted with the walnut block, not very greasy, as a north and south All of the Han traditional specialty snacks, their dry, crisp, crisp, sweet feature is famous, and they are all suitable.

The Qingxi River originated from Jiangxi did the best in Jiangxi’s peach crisis, and brought to the Chinese, it is a cultural inheritance of a happy pass.

New part, Traditional taste, combines new sparks. The brightly eye-catching the image of the Tang Dynasty, meaning the style of the beautiful flower, interpret the store of the national wind theme, only one eye is moving. 盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家?

The address is located in the second floor of the Irai Dan Guojin Center, and the subway is coming. There are various products in the store, all of which are now selling.

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big face 盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家?


The big face is the treasure of his home town store. It must be gently put, because it is too crisp, it will be broken, it will be crushing, the taste is very crisp, but the butter is not sweet but not thick. Sugar, faint sweet fragrance, even if all eat it, it will not be too fat due to sweet intake.


[123 ]

On the Taikoorya, the subway station will be taken from 10 meters. The whole store is decorated in pink, and it is very matching with the name, and there is also the meaning of tunneling.

Traditional dessert departures, combines contemporary young stylish taste and health pursuit, insisting on doing a good job in every snack, real materials, hand-made, fresh and healthy, delicious trend New national product dessert.


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fresh milk plus q Pu Potato

[ 123]

Milk milk, tough, no dry, soft, no wet, there are many small sesames above, there will be a bit crunchy, and I will go straight to the gods. , Macao Potch Wrap Subspeed, sweetness.

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? Xiaobian is fortunate enough to pass Chengdu, love to drink tea is also learned from Chengdu, the afternoon of the big mist, the sun is ashamed from the cloud, put a table Chair at the door, three50% of groups, drinking small tea, eats Nika snatsules, um ~ is that Feel! ~

4 stores 3 On the list, this family opened in the \”Sea Garden\” – 虤 虤 点 心, is there any special place, how is it captured a large number of fans.

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? The overall decoration is retro, there is a feeling of Hong Kong in the 1980s, the first eye will be attracted by the store, it is a good place to take pictures of the card. All the choices in the store will be screened by layer, and new products will be launched regularly every week. The taste will be launched according to the crowd.

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Tiger skin ambassador [123

盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? The filling is a moon, the entrance is mouse, thea potato Q bomb, the meat strip is salty The taste but not greasy, the meat is loose, thea potato, the mud combination, the taste impact is complementary, the neutralization is just the right, one layer of cake is a layer of squat, a layer of meat, eat a bite, will be brushed, probably It is worth it!


[123 ] Beginning in 1955 Huizhou, then move to Anhui Hefei, Zhan Ji’s old shopkeeper is trained with \”conscience to make cakes, good heart\” as a family training, so that Zhan Ji passes people will have a storm, still keep insertion, a few decades Biography, it is always written in ancient law.

will launch a specific product according to the season, strawberry flavor, scorpion, rose cake, etc. Also praised by the elderly. 盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家?

All products in the store have specific provisions from notframed, the fire, the time, and materials. Update the product with strength, use the craftsmen to make products, Zhan Ji · Taoji is now not there.

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盘点全国十家最火爆的中式点心局,你最喜欢那一家? Taoji

[ 123]

Look at the signboard, know that the products we have to recommend, before the peach crisp, there is a introduction, a family-training old-fashioned shop, more introductions will look a bit redundant, and there is a chance to try it. .

In the past few years, the Chinese-style dessert brand is flowering, and each dessert bureau has its own characteristics. More and more brands are in the product and customer experience. Perhaps this is the best for consumer public, with Chinese dessertThe internal volume, the low-cost high-quality Chinese health snack will be more and more, and the ultimate goal is to bring thousands of households.

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