Country leisure tourism, what parent-child project is most attractive?Not to hang the farm wool on the wall exhibition

Doing leisure agriculture and rural tourism, in the domestic farms, there are two business in market revenue and passenger flow, with more than 50% or even greater strategic status, which is dining and parent-child tour. Parent-child experience and games are essential for most parks.

Everyone is most concerned about: What is the most attractive person of a parent-child project?

The parent-child experience project is simple to divide 4, visited, interactive experience, competition type and education.

1. Visit Project

Visit the project is to show the parent-child family to see and watch. Children are very sensitive to the environment, space and objects in terms of visual, auditory, smell, etc. Therefore, you can arrange a distinctive product, such as country holidays, observe the fruit, wild animals, colorful butterfly valves, firefly forest strolls, so that the children can recognize the world, perceive things, and cultivate love nature. Explore the natural mentality.

Many Rural Travel Park, collecting farm tools to establish a rural museum, hang on the wall or circle to the exhibition, let the children go to the horse, this is good?

Second, interactive experience project 乡村休闲旅游,什么亲子项目最吸引人?不是把农具挂在墙上展览 Simple display monotonous. For ordinary tourists, whether it is a rural tool museum hanging on the wall, or green mountains, just started to look very novel, how many hours, I feel that the monotonous boring and wants to leave, returning to the one, but lively fun In the city. So there is a saying in the home and Breakfast, called \”Good Mountains and Water and Bored\”.

What projects can more retention tourists? Interactive Project: Tourists participate in a copy of the project, to move the brain, fully understand the fun, adult, child is easy to be happy!

So, in the design project, in addition to let visitors to watch and listen, more, more participation, give them a chance to participate in the experience. For example:

1. Food processing class: make baking together, make tofu, grinding paste, grind coffee, dumplings, juice jam, self-service cuisine, etc. The process plus the ceremony, such as the Italian farm, the children put on the kitchen small hood, taking a white small basket and bag (printed on the logo), and the grades come back to make spices, they are very angry!

2, venue expansion: three-dimensional plant labyrinth, house slide, swamp pontoon, longboard bridge, overcripping net bridge, tire wall, children trampoline, tangible rock climbing, watchtower, riding a bicycle in rural areas, sitting on the horse, Sheep truck, treasure hunt, camp activities, canoe drifting, etc.

3, handmade creation and indoor games: pottery, pulp, plant printing, painting, paper cut, bookmark production, hand-knitted, beamed, made and set kite, hand-painted mask, mud doll, small carpenter DIY Handmade activities, exercise your child’s hands-on ability and creativity.

4, agriculture and planting experience: animal and plant identification cognition, seed cutting, grafting grafting,Cutting, orchard picking, etc.; special breeding such as animal feeding, grazing, cutting wool, silkworm, etc. Biological prevention, you can also learn to organize the flower fields, orchards, plowing tilles, targeted the ground, transplanting and other work.

Take a look at the following tips:

Agricultural experience, children are more interested in picking more than picking. Strawberry, tomato, cucumber, radish and other fruits and vegetables, better than pure leaves, so many roots rather than leaf. In order to promote family, it is best to let adult children can participate, play together. Of course, you can also let your parents have a rest, specializing in gardeners to organize their ages. If you let the child drill separately, let your parents are separated by 1M, so as to avoid replacing \”depriving children’s experience opportunities\”! It can be combined with the cultivation of crops, attracting children to compare the test, such as in the test of soil cultivation, compare vegetables \”食\” culture test (let it lack of potassium, calcium, sodium test), then compare the normal plants to observe the longitude, It can play an educational role and attract the children to come back and then come back.

For preschool children, recommend several simple and cost-effective interactive experiences.

One is to use the good sand and water, you can have half-mexion! Leisure agriculture experts have found an interesting phenomenon, a simplest coupling, often being the most popular place in the casual farm. What is the cost of a sand pit? There is often no special person to be accompanied, and the children will play there, and I will go out in a afternoon.

Some people may say that the sand pit is good, it is not to earn money. You can sell the custom bubble rod, plus the leading product or logo of the park (find Taobao), a few dollars, 10-20 yuan a sale, preschool children, you like bubbles, grass Chasing bubble running, very happy, I have passed for two or three hours.

There is also a small animal feeding, simple and effective is very popular, but also earn money by selling feed. Therefore, many parks like to put two lambs and stroll in the garden.

Reminder: If the small animal is fed, the park should be equipped with rabbits, deer, alpaca, squirrel, duck, butterfly and other gentle animal or insects. Avoid eating meat animals and toxic insects. After all, the park is not a zoo, but a moderate scientific game area.

Third, the competition project

Interactive project joins the connotation of the competition, it has become a competition program: not only to cultivate the child’s hands-on ability, and cultivate teamwork, hard work and perseverance, helping them facing life in life. The success is lost.

乡村休闲旅游,什么亲子项目最吸引人?不是把农具挂在墙上展览 For example, the children’s picking competition, obstacle race, 5 people, rural bowling competitions, rural bowling, tire wall, two people, three feet, three-legged PK Competition, invincible wind turbine PK game, drill circle game, parent-child sports meeting, etc.

After the competition, you can have a prize. It is nothing to do with the reward, such as this:

Everyone thinks, if a child having poor learning achievements, at school I often criticize the teacher and have a self-confidence, I suddenly get a reward here, how big is it? I may change the life of my child.

So as long as the park is condition, what is the famous competition can be made, as long as it is safe and legitimate. A lot of benefits.

Four, education learning project

What is the highest viscosity? In fact, it is not a competitive project, but an education type. Of course, this rural education is not a school education. It is not a long-term rules of regulations to listen to the homework – such education, there is enough in school.

\”Education\” Wisdom is good.

Education includes two types:

First, knowledge skills learning education.

乡村休闲旅游,什么亲子项目最吸引人?不是把农具挂在墙上展览 From natural science to the farm experience, from folk customs to farming culture, various food processing, handmade, weaving, gardening, kitchen, etc., can be designed into educational learning projects, such as learning crops, Leaf, flowers, etc. Tick grafting technology, track their growth process, feel the joy of harvest. Observe the sun learning astronomy, test the sourmeality of soil, test the safety of pesticide residues, collect rainwater, learn temperature, the wind speed direction, know the bees and shake honey, observe 蚓.

The parent-child education project is designed, once the idea is extended, it can be designed. Even if it is a parent-child fire escape drill?

Second, quality moral education.

For example, let the child experience the hard work and happiness of labor, typical is a happy farm small garden, and a small child is planted, both exercise the hands-on ability, promoting family relationship, and planting vegetables Bring home, safe and rest assured, you can get it.

There are still many affectional projects, and the entire family will benefit from it. For example:

Hand Hand Post Office: Future Post Office Pregnant children’s parent-child walking: use the curve lying on the 8-word footpath, let the mother and child interchange the role competition, the mother is working properly and the child’s petular ball, let the child experience the inconvenience and difficulty in the mother pregnant;

\”Moss\” obstacle Tour: Parents who are in hand, guide them to cross obstacles;

You can cross your river, and so on.

Such an experience-type project is fun, helps children experience the love of their parents, understand the parents’ difficult, enhance the family’s understanding and family, and even improve the children’s ideas and behaviors , Becoming an experience of a long-term aftertaste of a family family. Everyone thinks, how much will this be said? 乡村休闲旅游,什么亲子项目最吸引人?不是把农具挂在墙上展览

We have found an interesting phenomenon: whether it is adult or a child, in terms of the attractiveness, viscosity and good reviews of specific projects, showing less than interaction, interacting less than the competition, competition is less than education (of course, \” Teach in music \”education).

How to design? You can find youth expansion agencies and juvenile pavilions, or ask senior teachers to cooperate, design parent-child tour projects or products, so there is no need for long-term raising, saving human costs.

[Summary] Country Leisure Tourism is a parent-child travel experience project, there are 4 types: display, interactive, competition, education. The display can be, but it is not too much; it is best to interactively account for the big head, and then flexibly add competition, become a competition, try to encourage and guide the family group rather than single-person participation to enhance family.

If there are conditions, the connotation of display, interaction, competition, and education can be integrated into all aspects of the same project. In the event, the education-type project is guided to promote the cultivation of the child’s morality, promote the improvement of family, is the sublimation of a realm of the parent-child project, which will have the highest cohesiveness! (The main contents of this article come from \”Leisure Agriculture and Country Tourism Xiaobai\” book \”

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