Cuisine: Foam Model \”Shantou House\”, Japan’s most popular

\”Bubble House\” is also resistant to earthquake performance?

That is the most frequently developed country in the world,

Japan is definitely the first to rush.

菜吧:泡沫塑料造的“馒头屋”,日本乡村最流行 But in April 2016,

has a strange thing, [123

Japanese Kumamoto County in that year was destroyed by the 7th earthquake.

The disaster at the time was very fierce,

could cause 49 people to die, 3,000 people were injured.

菜吧:泡沫塑料造的“馒头屋”,日本乡村最流行 Many homes are destroyed collapsed.

As the gade ~

Jiuzhou Village next door is not too big!

The main reason is the villagers in Jiuzhou Village

live in this dome housing ~


These are very similar to the \”big tread\” house, which is the same name of the same name, R \u0026 D and built by Dome House.

Does it look a bit mega?


The housing of Jiuzhou Village is this style! There are 480 buildings!

What is this Dome House? 菜吧:泡沫塑料造的“馒头屋”,日本乡村最流行

When you say that you may not believe ~ this can have a shock-shock house not use a brick in the head to the end, it The main construction materials are polystyrene, which is one of the main components of foam.


Is it very magical? ? Of course, this is not a general foam, not generally polystyrene.

It is \”ultra-lighter polystyrene\” developed by scientists.


Unlike ordinary foams, this material startsThe bubble rate is lower, only 20 times the foaming magnification.


Therefore, in addition to the insulation characteristics of the foam, it is also Almost water fire is not invaded than the traditional foam, almost water is not invaded ~

Example Said, although the thickness is only 20 cm, but it can bear the weight of 10 adults!


Further, the roof can withstand snow weight of 1 meter deep.

Moreover, this guy super super light! A 36 flat Dome House is only 80 kg! Yes, many people in our readers are also light! 菜吧:泡沫塑料造的“馒头屋”,日本乡村最流行

But don’t look at it so light, use each module and ground concrete seamless connection reinforcement measures and dome Modeling, it can easily defend against mad storm ~


Um ~ can be said that the immunity is superior!

Specifically, this \”big steamed bun\” can resist typhoon, 45 meters wind speed is no problem, can also resist The seven-level earthquake is more strong than traditional buildings.



So, whether it is a vertical vibration or left and right, it is very stable.

The traditional housing next to it has been dispersed by the shares, and it is not a house shape ~


In addition, this special plastic material is different from wood and metal.


They don’t rot or rust, not afraid of being invaded by termites and mice, let people live safely ~

Not only that, Dome House also has extremely high construction efficiency ~


[ 123]

Because it is completely unpredictable in the construction process, it is combined with modular components. Therefore, heavy machinery such as cranes is not required, and three people can be combined into a 30 meter, 36 flat size.


The decoration is more easier, and the faster is flying ~

菜吧:泡沫塑料造的“馒头屋”,日本乡村最流行 More critical is that it can be customized! Depart from the real needs from the user ~

The user can put oneself The idea is integrated into the house, making it a variety of topics, changing different shapes.


The free combination can also be performed, and these dome huts are also integrated, is it a bit like a maze? ?


Village that walks into this Dome House feels like entering Disney ~


Since the earthquake in 2016, Dome House is increasingly welcomed by Japanese people, more and more applied in a permanent residence, hotel, Temporary housing in the disaster area.


Is it still also warm? The top of the \”big hoe\” has a transparent circular glass round cover, there is also a window around, so there is no need to worry about lighting and ventilation,


This is still not calculated, the big house can also be combined with a sandwich loft ~


[123 ]

Even the outdoor spa!

菜吧:泡沫塑料造的“馒头屋”,日本乡村最流行 As for the price ~ a 36-square meters of Dome House cost is approximately 700-8 million yen (about RMB 43-49 million).

However, there is a presence of such a house, in many parts of Japan also have a grasp of earthquake resistance to the end ~ Of course, this \”big hoe\” houseThere is also a shortcoming: that is, the area utilization is relatively low. It is only suitable for use in some areas.


Currently, this company has begun to develop a new generation of foam polystyrene materials, the goal is the original foundationOn the next level.

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