Deep WeChat gambling!After 5 minutes, 24 hours, lost, lost, no one

After a five-minute gamble is 24 hours without interruption, he has played a day overnight when he was the longest. This is the most horrible place he feels the WeChat gamble: no stop, no place, players have It can be added and it is difficult to get on your phone. There is a player lost a million, and it can be losed to whom you don’t know.

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▲ One WeChat gambling group player Crazy bet.

This is a crazy gambling bureau hidden in the virtual world.

From the night to the next night, in the WeChat group of 500 people, the family turned into the tricks, and the players didn’t stop in 24 hours, and only 5 minutes, bet, start, bet, bet, bet , The gaming is like a wheel rolling, you can’t even look at it a few eyes, do not know who the money will be lost, thousands of gambling capital has evaporated.

Some WeChat gambling bodies, there are sellers sell fully automatic disk accounting software, and also have a professional intermediary to play players into groups. There is a more than a gambler to open a new bureau to draw, a complete WeChat gambling industry The chain is waiting for the wealth from the player.

From the 进 微 微 微 红 小 小, then it is recommended to WeChat bullfight, PC egg group gambling, gamblers most experience gamble \”cultivate\”, they went to WeChat gambling Just like shopping online, there is no meat pain that has fallen by counting money, but the savings in bank cards disappeared, and the tragedy continues in the real world.

At 45 o’clock in the morning, Su Long lying on the bed, conscious blur, the shine of the mobile phone shines in the dark, he quickly stepped up a string of numbers in the WeChat gambling group. After 5 minutes, the 6,500 yuan of his bet was drifted again.

This is an active \”Gamble\” active in the palm. Since May last year, Su Long gambling lost 1.4 million, terrible, gambling for a year, he did not know who did it.

On October last year, after SUAN, SUON was lost by 60,000 yuan, and the anger that did not care was driven to ride the electric car and rushed to the 10-minute walk from the account transfer to the gambling group.

He clearly remembers that when the rain, he went twice before and after until the bank card turned.

One year, Su Long entered the gambling WeChat group of 20, some gambling group 5 minutes a game, 24 hours uninterrupted lottery.

Players should pay less than a few hundred, more than 10,000, one less than 70 people online, more than 60 million yuan in the game, and the Man will profit 170,000 yuan.

\”Down is a string of no feelings\”

深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁 ▲ Players pass Alipay and WeChat to the gambling group transfer.

To enter such a hundred people’s WeChat gambling,You don’t need to pass the weight of the mating, once the player is gamble, it will continue to have a stranger to pull the gambler into a colors.

The 28-year-old Suilong, 14-year-old, left home to fight in the eastern province, and he is a sales, simple work content: contact customers with mobile phone, coordinate delivery. By 2015, the monthly income reached 230,000 yuan.

All changes began in May 2015, and some friends took him into more than 400 people WeChat red envelopes.

The group is not ordinary Solitaire to grab the red envelope: the group owner will send 500 yuan, and the least two people must be handed over to the group owner 298 yuan, and the people took away 96 yuan. Two minutes, so reciprocated.

This \”game\” quickly attracted Su Long, and he added three groups.

At each time, Su Long only took this as a pastime outside the life, but he lost 60,000 pieces in less than a month.

It was originally a WeChat \”grabbed red packet\” combined with mobile social and entertainment. It has slided into a new type of \”Internet addiction\” and online casino via some \”innovative\” gameplay. According to CCTV, there is a WeChat red envelope to win tens of thousands of yuan, and 5% of profits are taken by the group.

\”Don’t play you, let me die.\” The housewife who is deeply influenced by the gambling bureau has lost 50,000 in a month. For this, she is quarreled with her husband, Yang Xi will cry. : \”Can you get back?\”

Let Yang Xi’s heart is cold, she will take the commemorative gold fell of jewelry and son after lighter her deposit.

Husband helplessly sent to the police station to report a gambling group, but the police did not accept; Su Long also reported to the relevant gambling directions when struggling with gambling addiction, and did not receive any feedback.

Su Long once borrowed five thousand yuan to relatives and friends with \”there is something urgent\”, more than 50,000 yuan, how much is it, he can’t say it. .

One year, plus the previous savings, he lost 1.4 million yuan. \”Bloody, put it in a string of no feelings, I found out a big pen, this is too horrible than the casino in real realism.\”

\”I am a special self-confidence, but Now my whole person’s fighting spirit is knocked by the gamble. \”Play and not play, let him suffer.

When desperate, Su Long will fall asleep with a suppression of falling, and then turn over and sleep, and do not want to wake up to face the reality.

\”Pull people into the group\” trap

▲ Administrator automatically releases group regulations Information is automatically captured

深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁 Su Long didn’t want to come to the hand, as he said, every time he is determined, no longer touching the WeChat gambling, then someone pulled him to play another gaming, a deeper Trap until more than 100,000 yuan.

He took 20 days in the New Year this year, but very fast, some people pulled him into the game, did not hold back, and was \”volume\”.

Big amount loss makes this gameplay called PC egg, which is more crazy, 5 minutes award, according to the rules of different groups, players can bet up to tens of thousands, the highest can Win 12 times the amount of bet.

When I started playing, SUAN did earned 12,000 yuan with 300 yuan. \”I want to win more, the result is lost, I want to turn it immediately, the more you lose more.\”

When you can’t wait to turn over, he will often reach thousands of or even 10,000 yuan. When he was awake, he understood that this kind of gameplay was not rational, but the \”red eyes\” was not considered at all.

One-minute gambling bureau has no time, he played a day overnight when he was the longest. This is the most horrible place he feels the WeChat gamble: no stop, no place, players have a mobile phone It is difficult to get it.

In the game, players need to transfer money to the account through WeChat or Alipay, Su Long has two bank cards, the highest transfer amount is 65,000 per day, whenever playing red eyes, he can’t control Until the transfer limit of the lighting on the day.

The time is long, he began \”struggling\”, after the winning of some money, Su Long will bring them, turn back to the bank card, \”Card himself with the transfer amount, if not returned Cartry, these will be lost, \”

This is struggling after a gambling. After Yang Xi played a similar WeChat gambling, it was also difficult to extricate.

Yang Xi’s husband remembered that since his wife was gambling in a gambling group, it was like a magic, the mobile phone did not leave his hand, in addition to gambling, don’t have a mood.

The 4-year-old son looking for her to play, Yang Xi will push the child open, and focus on the winner in the WeChat group.

The bet is also gradually increased from the initial 100 yuan, and the last one is 2,000 yuan. This is not a small number of Beijing families for a monthly income of only 8,000 yuan.

She once with her husband to withdraw from the gambling group, but didn’t have a few days, and some people pulled her into the new gambling group.

▲ The administrator strictly prevents the pull hand to pull people

In September 2015, Quanzhou police cracked \”PC Egg\” WeChat group gambling case, named The WeChat group \”桐 不 城\” involved more than 30 million yuan in 4 months. The police arrested 7 suspects outside the house, seized more than 20 mobile phones, 7 computers and bank cards, etc. 深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁

The group owner Liu Mouqin organizes personnel, pulling people into the group with a red envelope, convened more than 160 people, and the highest peak reached more than 300 people.

There is a circle of people revealed that some groups willRegular statistics pull the player’s losers, 5% of them will return to the handle.

WeChat casino, players lose million in one day

▲ Players through Alipay and WeChat to the gambling group financial transfer .

What happened in the gambling group? After the back of this close industrial chain, the player is like a cake waiting for melons until the final penny is squeezed.

Recently, the Beijing News reporter entered a number of \”PC egg\” WeChat gambling group observation. 深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁

These all-day lottery groups are unattended, and some are only the group rules and lottery bills issued by the players in full screen numbers.

Players are in order time in the specified time, one hour, unread message may reach thousands.

Some big players often do a thousand gold, and there is a player to take 30 million yuan.

Almost at the same time, the new player bill will also be posted, showing the number of online people, total books, and the billing balance of each player.

In this period, players will play the money into the financial account recharge, send a check + recharge amount in the group, and the administrator is confirmed to reply \”to the account\” to make confirmation, the cash process is similar to this.

Continuous statistics found that a WeChat group is within 24 hours after 0 o’clock on May 13, and the total players recharge about 6.7 million yuan, and the net earned approximately 170,000 yuan. One day, there are up to 69 players online at the same time, and the total book is 50,000 to 130,000.

This is not the peak moment of the group, and there are about 110,000 yuan in the game within a few days. In the journalist join the group, the number of online people can reach 110, and the total book has exceeded 500,000 yuan.

▲ A WeChat gambling group 24-hour capital water

zero point daily, the Man will \”return water\” for the player lost within a day (cash back) The players who lost more than 2,000 yuan can get 10% rebound, and lose more than 80,000 yuan, there will be 20% back to water, and Su Long will look back, every moment is back. Let him put a gamble.

In another online number and a larger number of larger scale, the return water of the zero point on May 24 is about 140,000 yuan, according to the rough calculation of the above-mentioned rebellion, all players lose The total amount exceeds 1 million.

Such a gambling group is not in a small number, and Su Long has joined more than 20 PC egg gambling groups, and the WeChat group he was invited to add more than a countless.

深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁 Players who are not recharged are unwelcome in the group. After a few days, the group owner will kick only people who don’t play. Reporter observedIn a few weeks, the group chat has been removed many times.

In addition, behind each of the gambling groups, it is hidden in multiple spare groups. The Man will replace a group in a few days or two weeks, and the players who have balances in the account will be pulled directly. In the new group, the players who are no longer bet will be brushed off.

\”Shark Columns\” Frequently, Director Cash Run

Do not touch the online, not all of the people will abide by the rules of the game, some time , The residents occupying all the initiatives will not share the account amount, even the curved running road, called such a gambling group as a shark group.

In the gambling experience of 20 groups of Su Long, 6 shark groups have been encountered.

Give him the most impressed, it was \”Queen PC\” group with a beautiful woman who is beautiful, which is the first PC egg gambling group in his contact.

Shortly in the group, he earned 12,000 yuan with 300 yuan, and the other party was exchanged. One day, when he earned 10,200 yuan, after the \”return to the treasure\” (withdrawal), he did not receive the transfer of the group of finances as before.

Find administrators asked, the other party sent a transfer screenshot saying that the account has been turned. On the picture, the same micro-signal with his own name and avatar received transfer.

\”They cloned my avatar, people who collect money are not me.\” When he went to theory, they were directly kicked out, and the administrator pulled him black. Su Long is shaking, but it is no longer, but only can be replaced.

In addition, in the WeChat gambling bureau, there is another shark population that will run, run for a while, waiting to accumulate more than a total of the total books, the guardian will directly block the tray.

\”All is a account on WeChat. You don’t have some ways to take him.\” Su Long hit two similar running road groups, one of which took the carrying 360,000 yuan.

After these resident runs, they often replace their avatar, re-opening the group, this is not fresh in the circle.

I know why I still play? Su Long mentioned the so-called reputation group: Some powerful Daiists will strictly abide by the rules for long-term profitability.

Even so, the reputation group is not fully integrity. Because of the long-term betting in a fixed group, Su Long gradually became familiar with the finance of the group, and the other person told him that he had a trumpet, but also in the group, but the entire fake, purpose It is to attract small players to follow.

Professional Software Trand Gambling Bureau, the fake people automatically bet

▲ open accounting software screenshot

[123 Last November, after the lost eight nine hundreds of thousands, there were players and Su Long private chat, pointed out that he was sitting in Zhuang, the fact is to recommend him to buy a gambling software.

OnlineSearch \”PC Egg Software\” can get more than 14,000 results, and most of the top several is the sales page of the sealing software. In addition to purchasing directly, the group is predicted in some lottery results, and there are special software sellers.

A WeChat address said in Xiamen’s seller said that there are two closed software that can be used permanently in sale, the price is 2500 yuan and 3,000 yuan, and the difference is that there are more functions. After paying the money, the other party will install the software through the QQ remote installation software and train.

A number of sellers said that their software can do automatic trading. These softwares are connected to the open WeChat group, and the screenshot of the software page provided by another seller shows that the trader can set the size of the single-double, combination and single-point digital odds, the upper and lower limit of the bet. Set by software.

In addition to operation software, a seller who claimed to be expert is still selling super version of the dummy in a friend circle. These automatic nursers will bet according to prior sets, and call \”check\” (ie, recharge) when the balance is referred to, shouting \”back\” (ie, with the presentation), behavior is similar to the real person. It is popular in the group.

深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁 ▲ a friendly circle of selling software shows its powerful function

There are also some sellers say they not only sell software, but also help the people Pull people, in the circle, this professional intermediary is called the handle, the player is the object they robbed.

Some groups publicly prompted that the pull people can communicate with financial communication, according to the quality of the players, can receive 38 to 8888 yuan of the pull-up benefits.

The reporter found a handle to find a handle, \”You want to get rich, the only thing is to guarantee.\” He played alive, you gave me 8888 yuan guarantee, I will send the screenshot to Friends and other players, let everyone know your strength, my brother will also send together, I pull the player doesn’t play, this money will be refunded.

In some hands-on-hand circles, they can see the launch of the guarantor transfer screenshot. They often pack multiple players, and they will swarming when someone will ask \”who has a reputation\”. superior.

But the people in a circle said that no one can guarantee whether the handle can be in the money, as well as a lot of money, and finally returned the guaranto, no one knows the group that is pulled into, is not a shark group. Each transaction in the circle is impossible to have the possibility of the rollover run.

The guards don’t seem to have given any opportunities that can be gambling. With the opening of the European Cup, Su Long discovered that the WeChat was resurrected in the abandoned day of the gambling group. The group owner changed its \”European Cup, bought the ball to find the group owner\”. The rules of the game immediately released, and the new players were pulled into the group. A new bureau started to run.

Breaking 深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁

It is recommended to formulate electronic data fracture specification

From last year, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Guizhou, ZhejiangThe public security department has successfully cracked a group of WeChat gambling cases, gambling tens of thousands of yuan.

At the end of last year, Guangdong Jieyang police took off a WeChat gambling gang involved more than 100 million yuan, and the police said that such cases were hidden, the gambling speed was fast, the funds were fast, and the evidence was lost. The task group faces the gambling area, more than a gambling person, the committee is hidden, the identity is difficult, the evidence guarantee is difficult.

The police have once turned Jieyang, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou and Shantou and other places, and finally deployed unified actions, and five catching groups composed of 100 police officers rushed to arrest.

In February this year, Liaoning Fuxin City Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County People’s Court held a trial together with WeChat gambling case, and seven defendants were sentenced to half year to two because of the opening of casino. A half-half-haired sentence, and a fine of 10,000 to 50,000.

At noon on June 11, the reporter reported a gambling group through WeChat, as of the paper, was reported to the group is still running.

Tencent staff responded yesterday, WeChat’s illegal behavior of gambling is true, the WeChat platform will be treated but not limited to external chain ban, etc., prevent user interests from being damaged.

Since 2015, the WeChat security team has to handle more than 20,000 illegal accounts through the mechanism of user complaints, wind control, and actively cooperate with the national police to attack WeChat’s gambling case, involving 5 provinces, Catch the wrong molecule.

Zhu Wei, a researcher of the China University of Political Science and Law, said that the operation of WeChat gambling group is to change a gambling form. The organizers organizational gambling with profits, is the act of suspected crime, and the substance has not changed.

According to the Criminal Law, the gambling of the gathering of profit is to open a casino with gambling, will constitute a crime.

Among them, supervisors include both public security organs, including network service providers, is Tencent. If someone reports, Tencent should take the necessary measures, such as sealing.

Internet lawyer Yunting analysis, WeChat gambling is not subsequently, once the public security is difficult to register in accordance with the local management. In addition, the virtual nature of the network platform is from all over the country, and the gambling methods and gambling payments are very concealed, and there is a certain difficulty in combating such gambling behavior.

深扒微信赌局!5分钟一把24小时不断,输了过百万都不知输给谁 There are legal professionals suggest that the investigative organ should pay special attention to the collection of electronic data when handling online crime cases, and avoids missed the forensic timing. It is recommended to formulate the system’s electronic data forensics.

Text / Beijing News reporter Zhao Li intern Zhao Lei

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