Deeply interpretation \”Who is a woman who is not valid, men make money?\” How many families have been ruined?

Woman, is definitely the first purchase power of today’s society, in many marketing books and marketing training classes have always had such a population consumption list, women’s consumption\u003e Toddler\u003e Old people\u003e Pets\u003e Men. Although this data does not have much authority, it also reflects a present social women’s consumption capacity from the side.

In the annual shopping festival, we are absolutely the most busy and most tired people. Every day, we will grab the coupons every day, do some official promotions, find the offer, anyway, don’t use it. As long as you look at it is cheap. Perhaps as the classic slogan, \”buy is earned\”


in my house, now there is a daughter-in-law to buy paper and laundry last year. liquid. At the time, the double eleven shopping festival had bought five boxes of paper paper and three boxes of laundry solution. Zero Zero’s total chaos seven-eight things were even more bought, and I still remember that time the time after get off work every day, I went to express. Point queues to take a chaotic seven eight mess, moving, cramps.

However, is it really cost-effective? How much can you use?

As a marketing operation post, I will tell you that most of the goods don’t have what you see, some explosive goods are even priceable.

Even if it is really giving you a discount, there is a lot of money in the product quality, and the more large companies are more likely to do this lack.

Every shopping festival is a good time to clean up inventory of major merchants. The so-called price reduction promotion, the so-called buying is to earn actually a slogan to induce consumption, you buy it forever without you So affordable.

Of course, many things feel special cost-effective when they buy, but after buying home, you may regret it, just think about the impulse of the hand. I believe that many people have this situation when shopping is in the shopping festival, clearly nothing to do, because of discount promotion, because of cost-effective, bought a bunch of homes, and finally find it in home Not useless.

In fact, this situation is also a means of inducing consumption of the platform, and the purpose is to make your blind consumption.

What kind of hazards are hidden behind the inglebuilding 深度解读“女人不败家,男人赚钱给谁花”这句口号毁了多少家庭 Women are a kind of feelings that are very sensitive, and they are easily caused by external factors to make their own rationality into sensibility.

Especially now the social men and women’s pressure is very large, the pace of life is very fast, and many people live in the pressure. Female is a kind of creature like group climbing. After the meal, I always like some cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, etc., and many women may have some emotionalization in this climb and show off, some of the ideas: With anything she can, can I have? She yet earned every month, there is more? Why do I have such a frugality!

And in shopping, a woman who can’t resist the woman is: \”You put this dress is really good\”

, especially to say this or your good girlfriends or Good friends, women’s consumption in this process may become sensibility from rationality. Thus, there is a big hand, and whether his economic conditions are allowed, directly swipe the card, after returning home, look at expensive shopping list, a few days.

Of course, the situation of appeals is still some relative rational consumption, some women are likely to lose themselves in climbing and sports, they are completely degraded, and they may be for an apple phone, for a nice necklace, For a pair of AJ’s sneakers, you will fall into a bigger harm.

There is also news exposure, and a university female student is only for two thousand pieces to buy a mobile phone to nake the loan. As a result, not only does the money did not borrow, but also in the nude photo, he wants to take a 10,000 yuan, and finally There is no alarm to solve this matter.

Such a case is actually a lot around us, which is also from another aspect, which has much impact on incorrect consumption concept and values \u200b\u200bon women.

What are the impact of bad shopping habits

Women have bad shopping habits, what impact on marriage? First look at a more classic example.

深度解读“女人不败家,男人赚钱给谁花”这句口号毁了多少家庭 Hong Kong’s most famous defeated female chapter, Xiaoyu, who made two riders after marriage of marriage. Zhang Xiaoyu’s most famous saying \”The meal can not be eaten, the shirt can’t be bought\”. She also did this. In Hong Kong’s famous moving star Zhen Tao, I wedding, I wedding, and Zhong Zhentao, who came to Tumeguan, did not hesitate to throw a million wedding. It is necessary to know that they are married in 1988 and how luxurious spending a wedding spent million yuan.

After marriage, Zhong Zhentao is also particularly good to Zhang Xiaoyu, and the monthly flowers are not less than 30,000. As for the credit card, it is just casually. It is said that the chapter Xiaoyu is crazy shopping after marriage, and the light shoes and clothes are filled with a whole house. In 1999, Zhong Zhen Tao announced bankruptcy, only two years of time, Xiaoyu, let the Zhongtai Tao Tao, the name of Shangli double, bankrupt.

Then two people announced divorce. Should Xiaoyu in the divorce after divorce, the small riches, the result of this rich, did not escape the fate of bankruptcy. Zhang Xiaoyu has also named the title of China’s first defeat.

The days after marriage is both men and women, too much, too much, too much, the consumption will only make this marriage to demise.

Don’t have any \”Women who are not defeated, men make money\” this vulgar thought, this is just a marketing advertisement word for merchants. In a family life, we can consume, you can also properly invaliate consumption, but must grasp it in a degree, as a woman can dress himself, or occasionally flowersThousands of cosmetics for a new dress or a very long-lasting new dress, but this prerequisite is to allow for the material conditions, if your task leads to a decline in family life, this is not worth it, you tightened pants The joy after the belt purchase will also have a lot.

深度解读“女人不败家,男人赚钱给谁花”这句口号毁了多少家庭 In a healthy family, women must learn rational consumption and strictly control their consumption. Many of the marriages of contemporary young people are because they don’t know how to control ultimately a great difference in substances, and the two people have completely ruptured. The two people who love each other have become mutually accused.

How do women control their own hands?

In this era of virtual currency, virtual currency is convenient for our lives, and we have developed us a habit of excess consumption. Especially the emergence of various borrowings, many young people have developed the habit of spending in advance. And this virtual in advance is precisely the main reason for many female controls!

rational friend supervisors

When we can’t control the desire to buy, you can make a rational person to urge yourself. This person can be a parent or a lover. When we want to buy something, you can seek their opinions when you can’t control your heart. When they give you a relatively rational view, perhaps you can calm down and put down your heart.

Record shopping list 深度解读“女人不败家,男人赚钱给谁花”这句口号毁了多少家庭

Let the virtual consumption be actually actually, record the shopping list before and after shopping, look at what I bought it yourself, see what is the buying, which Isn’t buying, pure impulse, slow time long time, you can naturally find the problem, control your hands.

Enumeral consumption plan

A fixed consumption every month, with the shopping bill, look at the shopping bills, see where the money is spent this month, should not spend, where is it Can save, where there is still something wrong.

In this case, I suddenly remembered that I would like to buy a bicycle when I was a child. I bought my mother. My mother directly got me: \” What bike, I see you grow like a self-confidence. \”

In fact, their older women are specially rational, and there is basically no flowers in the money that should not be spent. In the place where you can save money, you must not use a piece of money in two and semi-use. It will never have a little bit when it is spent. When I am small, I have never understood their consumption concept until now I understand that their consumption concept is the place where we have the most study.

Of course, our current young people don’t have to be as frugal as elders, after all, have not experienced their age, we can really understand the hardship, but we can absolutely can’t be tooLoser, too irrational consumption.

rational consumption, strength, life can be better and better!

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