Demystifying the shake shop without a source of supply: one person does the five digits?Is this cut leeks?

! More and more people choose to hang the hanging small shop

Just in the hanging small shop, there is a vitality of the hustle and info.


123] The platform starting rules is loose, and the game is simple.

Showing and supporting the development of the store, so all links to other platforms are limited, and the anchor can only sell goods through the shake shop, and cut the threshold of 300,000 fans in the shake shop. Zero fans can be stationed! 揭秘抖音小店无货源:一个人做能月入五位数?这是割韭菜吗?

So the platform is a very promising

1. The advantages of shake small shop without supply model

1. This project has small investment, unlike traditional e-commerce, it requires huge stock goods. And store operating costs, no supply has reduced the pre-fund investment, and enlarged the post-profit output value.

2, the foreground is very good, now short video is a new field, from traditional e-commerce to content venue, from short video grass to live band, e-commerce format has changed .

Many well-known brands have also entered the shake, looking for net red people with strong belt capacity to further improve the profits of the store. Tophbus also wants to do its own independent e-commerce platform, so the prospect of the small shop is very bright.

3, the chances of explosion models are large. Because we can use some software technology to collect some explosions, there is a relatively large chance of explosion models in the store. 揭秘抖音小店无货源:一个人做能月入五位数?这是割韭菜吗? 4, less influencing factors. Haji shop is suitable for entrepreneurship, it is suitable for part-time job, one can do, a team can do. All people in the operational team in the traditional shop need are not.

5, Xiaobai can also do it. The adverbial source model is not only suitable for people with shop experience, but also for people who have no experience in the mother, graduates, and people who want to make money or entrepreneurship.

Does the revenue of Dharma?

1. After the professional operation knowledge selection skills, our small shop can order 3 ~ 5 days, it can be stable for one month, and the day after stability. 200 ~ 500 orders are easy, and thousands of single, the income is self-evident

2. The main shake traffic market is very large, and the people themselves have a fanatic fever. It is very easy to explore the majority of netizens to buy, and then the store operation skills are very easy to explode. Mild plums are our characteristics

The selection alliance platform is a platform for us to cooperate with our cooperation [123 ] The platform has no weight, and the number of people will not be estimated in cooperation

But there will be a situation in which you will find you. You can’t see it.123]

Van Fan here has a complete and Daren communication 揭秘抖音小店无货源:一个人做能月入五位数?这是割韭菜吗?


揭秘抖音小店无货源:一个人做能月入五位数?这是割韭菜吗? nowOur cooperation of people’s fans are very objective. The extension rate is the line up

Finally, Van Fan still wants to remind everyone, the professional problem is to ask the professional teacher, only less bending, canArrive above the destination earlier than others.

I am the sixth year of e-commerce Vanfan, the Internet industry, and now the team operates more than 80 stores, focusing on the shake shop without goods

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