\”Depth of the ring\” wage is not rising 30 years, Japan is falling into a dead cycle

Source: Global Times

\”Global Times, Japan special reporter Jiang Feng Huang Wenxi Cheng Yi]\” 30 years of Japan’s average wage in the original place \”, OECD, recently released data, media Morning \”The Japanese Economic Development has long stagnation\”, and the Japanese workers seem to have used customary wages, and the price is not increasing. I have forgotten that the economic high-speed growth in the year is an inevitable thing. Japan’s first-phase shore Tian Wendong proposed in the campaign, and has not been included in the policy proposition of the Self-owned House election. Some members questioned that it is only used to confuse the voters’ \”marine building\”. \”Lost 10 years\” \”lost 20 years\” \”lost 30 years\” … Japan is still lost in a decade?

「环时深度」工资30年不涨,日本陷入死循环 \”Stable\” is the result of passive tolerance

In October this year, the Japanese National Taxation released the annual \”Folk Income Survey Survey\”, the results show: 2020, The average annual income of Japanese is 4.33 million yen (about 230,000 yuan), which is 0.8% from $ 4364 million in 2019. At almost the same time, the data released by OECD (OECD) showed that Japan’s average average salary was $ 38,514, ranked 22nd in OECD35 major member countries. In the past 30 years, the average salary of Japan has only increased by 4.4%, and there is almost no major change. The average number of wages in the United States increased by 47.7%, and the UK increased by 44.2%, more than ten times in Japan. Previously, the Japanese wage amount was surpassed from the neighboring country, South Korea in 2015.

Japan’s \”Toyo Economic\” magazine also analyzed the latest \”giant Mac\” magazine announced by the UK, Japan a giant talented price of 390 yen, equivalent to $ 3.55, and the United States The price is $ 5.65, the British price is $ 4.5, and South Korea is $ 4.0. The conclusion thus concluded that the gap between the giant talents and Japan is basically the same as Japan’s gap with Japan’s average annual income. This shows that the salary of the Japanese office workers does not rise, the price is not rising, and the total is two words – \”stability\”.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will reflect the name of the national economic scale (GDP) and the 1990 data contrast, in the past 30 years, the economic scale ranks first in the world Nominal GDP grows to 3.5 times, the second China grows to 37 times the original, and the third Japanese name GDP is only 1.5 times the original. Even the fourth Germany, Nominal GDP also increased to 2.3 times the original. The slowness of Japanese economic growth is particularly obvious. From the per capita GDP, in 2019 before the new crown epidemic, Japan is only ranked sixth in the Seven Group (G7), which is more reliable.

In fact, this \”stability\” of Japan is not active, but the result of passive. \”Wage 30 years\”The rise\” has become a social consensus in Japan.

The reason why \”wage 30 years does not rise\” is because the average annual income in the 2020 workers is basically the same in the early 1990s. In 1950 The average annual salary of Japanese business staff is 128,000 yen, which is 108.1% of the previous year. From then on, although the economic growth rate is undulating, the annual income of Japanese workers has risen steadily, and 1971 reached 1 million days. Yuan, 1975 reached 2 million yen, reached 3 million yen in 1981, reached 4 million yen in 1989.

But in 1993, it was stagnant in 1993. In 1998, the issue of bad debts in 1998 was fully explosive. Since then, from then, Japanese companies do not give employees to the employee’s salary. In 1998, the average annual income of Japanese business employees had a decline in the first year since World War II was a last year. 99.4%. By 2012, the average annual income of Japanese employees has dropped to 40,800 yen, which is flat in 1989.

In recent years, the annual income of the company’s employees has a slight increase, however, since last year, due to Newuan epidemic has led to economic recession. Japan’s economic recovery is slow, and some people worry that the income will continue for a while.

On the other hand, income has not increased, and the consumption cannot be improved, causing a malignant. Cycle. Look at the growth of the retail sales in the world listed in OECD, 2020, Norway’s annual growth rate ranked 8.34% year-on-year. The Japan decreased by 3.26% year-on-year, ranking in the seven countries Sixth. The salary is not rising, the consumption is not increased, the price is not rising, Japan is in a \”non-salary and not buying things\” cycles, \”lost 30 years\” may become \”lost 40 years or 50 Year \”.

In the past two years, in the face of new championships, the gap between the rich and the poor of Japanese society is more serious. But in the face of the weak, there is a\” own responsibility, self-self \” Public opinion. For example, \”a person is not home to become a tramp, because he has no effort\” \”Informal employees are easily dismissal, but they have to be bonuses because they have not worked as a formal employee\” \”\” Squat, because it does not work \”,\” Xiaochuan said to the reporter: \”I am married for five years, the child is now three years old, I just bought a house last year, because my salary is just a average level of Japan, the supporting family is a bit difficult, I have to let my wife also go out, I can only take the child during the day. Send it to the camp. As a master, I am very embarrassed, I have not been able to support a home economy. \”

Enterprises do not dismiss money

Comprehensive Japanese media analysis, one of the reasons for\” 30 years without rising \”It is that Japanese companies do not trust banks, mainly by \”throttle\”. Japan’s macroeconomics expert, Professor Xiao Lang, Qing Ziyi University, said, said that the bubble economy was destroyed in the 1990s, even Japanese companies will definitely do not turn down the bankruptcy, and the state’s bad credit issues Unded, until 2005, a company has a low growth rate because it does not see the future, so it is not willing to give employees to increase salary. Most Japanese companies also feel that banks are unreliable, and they can only save labor. Stable financial foundation, As a result, corporate management has stabilized, and the number of bankruises has greatly reduced.

In addition, the system reform under the small Spring regime has greatly increased the number of informal employees in Japan, expanding the income gap between formal employees and informal employees. Therefore, there is also an analysis that the average annual income of the Japanese office workers does not rise, and is \”dragging down\” in the informal employee, as long as the official employee does not have to worry about income issues. Is it really the truth?

In 2019, China and Western Hongming, who was \”adjustment lifelong employment system\”, and showed the truth nakedly to everyone. He believes that today’s Japanese companies are not strong enough, they will not maintain lifelong employment, and they cannot be responsible for employees. In October 2021, Sanshi Holding President Sinam said that the \”45-year-old retirement\” remarks have triggered anger, but it also exposes the \”true face\” of Japanese companies – can’t help.

In recent years, Japan has also actively calls for the development of office workers to develop, and has also attached great importance to Japanese old companies that employee loyalty. The surface statement is to improve the social participation of employees, improve work satisfaction, and behind the cause of Japan’s lifelong employment system has reached the boundaries of collapse. \”Enterprises have not guaranteed your income, it is better to make money outside.\” – This is the true idea of \u200b\u200bJapanese companies.

The honorary professor of the University of Japan, Yishangsheng, \”Abe Economics\” played side effects in raising Japanese employee revenue. In 2010 before the start of \”Abe Economics\”, the price of the giant Arms is equivalent to $ 3.91 in Japan, and the US $ 3.71 and the United Kingdom of $ 3.63, of course, the $ 3.03 of Korea, and now Japan The salary and price fell at the same time, so the wild mouth believes that the Japanese actually podied in the \”Abe Economics\”.

\”Toyo Economics\” is said that \”Abe Economics\” is the cause of Japanese companies to continue to profit without reforming their company’s structure, is one of the reasons why wages have no rise. In addition, due to the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises accounting for 70% of China’s GDP in other countries, high value-added values \u200b\u200bcannot be produced, and a lot of time to engage in cumbersome work, form no profit map. Moreover, SMEs have deprived price decision by large companies, and they cannot pay high salary to employees.

In recent years, due to the shortage of labor force in Japan, the workload has increased, so the office workers feel more, but earn less, it is inevitable that it is unfold. Shichuan, a macroeconomic research center, a Japanese Comprehensive Institute, was emphasized in an interview that the salary family did not ignore the surge in the number of unemployed people when paying attention to the increase in the salary of other countries. This is the most critical. \”The United States and other countries have rendered the trend in recent years, but the unemployment rate is also rising straight, and the employee is easily dismissal. South Korea has increased the minimum salary in 2018, which leads to the surge in unemployment. Japan In order to avoid this situation In the form of non-salary, it is not easy to pay the employee, but it will never be dismissal. \”Do not dismiss if it is not dismissed, resulting in small liquidity of Japanese companies, so it can only reduce the wage level, Maintain a state of \”Stained Employment\”.

In Japan, corporate wages are also directly hooked with working age. As age increases, salary has gradually increased, regardless of the ability and contribution of employees. Enterprise dismissal employees are not easy, because the income of the legal organs with the ability to understand employees, most of the enterprises will lose. In fact, the lack of flexibility in Japan’s wage system. In the issue of results and income hooks, add salary when the performance is good, but if the performance is not good, it is difficult to cut the salary. This will also affect other people’s salary.

The money to do is actually becoming less

\”Wage 30 years does not rise\” actually has already caused dissatisfaction with the Japanese people. The Japanese NHK TV website has interviewed many Japanese offshore, and they have expressed helpless. A 50-year-old middle school teacher said to reporters. \”In the past 30 years, there is no feeling of salary, but instead of insurance premiums, the transportation fee is huge.\”

There is also a 40-year-old publication The social editor is disappointed, \”The workload is increasing, but it has never seen the salary is increasing.\” In addition, there are also many netizens to spit Japan, although there are also developed countries, but the wage level is obviously unable to cooperate with other developed countries. In the case, it is theory.

In Japan, a universal situation is that although the payment in the name is increased, it is a decrease in money, which is because the amount of various social insurance has increased. For example, suppose someone’s monthly salary is 360,000 yen, but only 270,000 -29 million yen, even if the annual income is 10 million yen, and only 6 million to 7 million yen. More than ten years, Japan’s tax and insurance fees are constantly increasing.

According to the survey of the Japanese General Brealth, average monthly average social insurance expenses in 2020 is 57223 yen, which in 2006 was only 42221 yen, and 14,000 yen was increased in 14,000 yen. It is important to emphasize the data that is organized from the family investigation from the home survey in the Japanese Cabinet Office, 45-year-old people pay the number of taxes and social insurance premiums, accounting for about 20% of the actual revenue.

Japan’s social insurance premium mainly includes public pension insurance premium, health insurance and nursing insurance premium. Although this is a fee that has to be paid, it is necessary to cope with future pension or health problems, but the cost of 60,000 yen per month is a considerable burden on the salary.

Although Japanese companies have adopted non-salary but also do not dismiss employee business model, Japan’s young generation has no confidence in the future. According to Japan TBS News Network, Japanese young people are growing on the negative emotions of future life. A 20-year-old office worker said in an interview. \”If I want to buy a car, I have to be 35,000 yen every month. So in the next few years, I can’t save money.\” Another one In 20 years old, Daren said to the \”Global Times\” reporter that his university graduated in the company for two years, he went to start a business. Still independently and doing business. I have a computer design. I can act in all kinds of design, and I will undertake it from the menu to the store. When the salary is too boring, individuals do it yourself to decide the income, I feel very good. \”[123 ]

\”Shorea Prime Minister is launching the ‘Order and Edition National Income Multiplier Plan. I am looking forward to making it a significant increase in the wages of ordinary nationals. But can I realize such a plan, I am actually a little worried, After all, the Japanese economy under the epidemic is not very booming. \”A 37-year-old Japanese friend expressed concerns about the reporter.

Qing Ying University specialized in studying the professor of the macroeconomic economy said to the NHK TV station: \”From the big side, the price of Japan in Japan has not changed, and the salary is also maintained. And other The country’s prices are about 30 years ago. Japan has become a \”cheap\” country, taxi and hotel prices are also true. In the United States, there are companies that have closed down, and there is a new company to be born. But Japan is stable. Because there is no elimination, there is no evolution can be seen as a bad thing. \”

On the other hand, the government is very important when the company is difficult to improve the wage.\” Xiaolin said, \”Compared with other countries, the government is used to support children’s conservation. We need to improve. We need a sound social security system to allocate resources to people who have difficulties, and increase the high-income people. Taxation to correct income gaps. \”

At present, Japan is in accelerating industrial chain heavy plastic, driving the transition point of digital transformation, in order to solve the problem of dramatically shortage of labor and improving productivity, but obviously Japan The global talent competition has been behind, many high-end talents have brought together China. If you can’t solve the problem, the loss of talent will be a major problem of Japan.

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