Deputy Industry – Make Money Thinking

The last issue we told three kinds of ideas writing to make money, then today we will talk about two ideas that make money.

First clip is the easiest to get started and do not have to take time to change multiple modifications. Then the first kind of money-making thinking is the editing film and television drama, because the epidemic can’t go out, so many people have no work, so they all earn a living fee as a deputy industry. Most of their clips are paid and need to open the film and television drama that can be seen, resulting in copyright enters the way. So if you choose this idea to make money, you must first get the copyright party’s consent.

The first kind of idea is not good, then let’s talk about the second idea – the video of the video you shoot is to buy the photographic equipment and then shoot the characters you see, and finally Clip Software Makes a clip last released on the platform.

Clip Software has many, mobile / iPad editing software has a cut, fast clip and love clip phone version; PC version has PR and AE. Primary editing video, you can learn to make the subtitle and use BGM: Typing is a probably understanding of the audience of the video to the video; \”A good video is less than a background music that can be rejected.\” The background music is to bake The atmosphere and brought the audience into the video, and the feeling of immersive.

The content of the editing is very simple, the above is all the points, the next phase will update the ‘deputy industry-dubbing money. See you next, bye!

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