Do a fresh noodle dumplings earned money (where to learn to do noodles and dumplings)

Dump dumplings, the store is hand, the machine does or buy ready-made? Correctly choose to succeed!


Although the dumplings and 饨 are not only the same, but there is a common feature, which are all used as a filling, making the face to make dumplings and 馄饨. It is a very important step. If the face is done well, the dumplings and 馄饨 are not only less easy to boil, and there is a very good taste, which can have a big improvement in the taste.

When we usually pack dumplings and ravioli, we can have three options: yourself, use the machine, buy home, these three types of each skin have advantages, and there are disadvantages.


If you can do a rolling noodle, although you can do it in accordance with your own preferences, as long as there is technology, you are of course the best, but your hand-made rolling noodles are very troublesome. It is still a matter of labor, but not only makes a wolf borrowed not only, but also makes it very tired. If the final product can be satisfied, it is worth it. If the last face does not buy ready-made delicious, it is a bit It is worth spending this.

开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功 While making a piece of machine, although time and effort, the softness of the face can not be as desirable, too soft, the facade is no way to make dumplings and 馄饨. . Since you do the faces with the machine, you must have a machine, you have to have a local machine. Use the machine to do the face, the amount is also worth opening the machine. If you only do only a little face each time, you will really have a little event.

Whether it is a dumpling skin, or a ravioli, it can be bought in the vegetable market and supermarket. It is very convenient to buy. Although it is very convenient to buy a ready-made face, it is often unsatisfactory, not too thick is too thin, not too hard is too soft, and even some face is still easy to boil.

Since the handmade rolling noodle, the machine is doing the face and the existing face of the existing surface, then if the dumplings are the choice? I have opened more than 10 years of dumplings, listening to me, I will give you a look, you can successfully choose the face. 开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功

First, the dumplings are used by hand-made rolling noodles

Dumplings, if your dumplings are high, use hand-to-dumplings; if your 馄饨 skin is not used Big, it is not recommended to use manual 馄, buy some more expensive.

The dumplings used in the dumplings, if the water content is high, that is, the dumplings are soft, the packaged dumplings will be better, and experienced people know \”soft dumplings, hard noodles\”. Generally, the water content of general dumplings should be 50%, and only the dumplings of the hand-made dumpling can reach this standard. Too soft dumplings can not do it. It is easy to get on the machine.

馄饨 皮They are generally rectangular, relatively thin, if the skin by hand rolling ravioli of course possible, but the manual rolling out ravioli skin will not uniform thickness, no machine made out of uniform thickness. If you are at home package wonton, wonton skin of the amount is not, there are special requirements, you can use Shougan wonton skin, if it is open ravioli shop, not a large amount, buy a machine or hire workers to do hand-roll wonton skin is not worthwhile recommended to buy ready-made wonton skins.

Recommendation: If you sell high-grade dumpling, we recommend hand-rolling dumpling skin will be more delicious; if the opening wonton shop early, wonton skin the amount is not recommended to buy ready-made wonton skins. 开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功

Second, open dumpling wonton shop with machines make their own dough

Now the machine can replace the manual, do dumpling and wonton skins can be done by machines, dumpling skin imitation manual machines, do have a special skin ravioli pressing machine, can be hands free, reduce labor intensity. 开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功

If the opening dumpling shop, a large amount of dumplings per day, and for demanding dumpling wrappers, may be imitation of hand dumpling machine. While imitation of hand dumpling skin machine, made out of hand-rolling dumpling skin close, but if every time flour dumplings with no more than five pounds, opened the machine would be more trouble, because this machine to clean up not only troublesome, there is a certain loss.

If the open wonton shop, a place to put the machine, but also for demanding wonton skin, you can use the machine to do their own wonton skin, but the amount is not for the kind of wonton wrappers , store no place to put the machine in case, you can consider buying ready-made wonton skin, can now be delivered to your door, professionally produced out of the wonton skin is not bad.

Recommendation: If a large amount of dumpling skin, you can choose to manually roll dumpling skin is replaced by imitation of hand dumpling skin machine; wonton skin if the amount is not recommended to use the machine do not own, buy ready-made good. 开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功

Third, the open store to buy ready-made wonton dumpling dough

ready-made wonton dumpling skin and skin, can be bought in supermarkets and markets everywhere to, very convenient to buy a home with only the hands can be adjusted fillings dumplings and wonton. 开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功

open wonton dumpling shop, though ready-made wonton skin dumpling skin and has a dedicated delivery business, but the quality is uneven, the selection of large distribution companies, not only qualified, as well as quality assurance, but also specially made.

Recommendation: If you open wonton dumpling shop, try hand-rolling dumpling skin, wonton skin looking and distribution businesses specializing in customized.

open wonton dumpling skin is Shougan store, or buy ready-made machine to do? The right to choose a successful shop, listened to more than introduce you must know what the dough with it?

I do it manually dumplings ravioli @ Third Sister, opened 10 years wonton dumpling shop, if my article helpful to you, please Like, comment and share, \”Focus\” I can learn more about dumplings.开饺子馄饨店面皮是手擀、机器做还是买现成的?正确选择才能成功

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