Do not go to work, there are income, and your boyfriend’s daily sharing at home.

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I used to fantastic pictures, and now I finally become a realistic picture, and boyfriend stayed. In the same room, work together at home and work together for our future.

I have been artistic life, and I started with the high school. His university read the ring art design, took two scholarships in the school, graduated into the circle of design and decoration; I chose to write and became a freelance writer.

He didn’t look at my choice at the beginning, I feel that writing cannot make money, and it is more impossible to develop long-term careers to develop, and even think that I \”do not work\”, we have There were a lot of contradictions, but as I added the income of my writing, he slowly changed his point of view.

I originally decided to decide the reason for the choice of freelance. On the one hand, I didn’t want to go to work every day. On the one hand, I can stay with lover and my child in one.

I have grown up from Xiaoshi with my grandmother, deeply feel the loneliness of my parents, because I lack my parents, I have never friendly with their feelings, I am not only missing. Parents’ education is even more pronounced.

So I don’t want future children to repeat my experience, which requires me to have enough time to accompany the child, I have time, I have to have money.

And written at home, is the best way I think of time.

Make a delicious day three meals, with a writer for a living, in the morning, with the shadow of the sun, there is enough time to accompany your family, there is a career, this is my A beautiful future.

A man in August I have already resigned the design work. He said that this is a hard money, no designer does not need overtime, and it takes a long time to get over 10,000.

不上班也有收入,和男朋友在家工作的日常分享 I don’t want him to continue to do design, because the free time is too small, now you are too busy, if there is a family in the future, if you are so busy, even if you have more revenue What is wrong?

When I was young, I would like to come to my parents a blessing, I hope that I always say that I am very busy. Even if they have time, it is difficult to buy back us.Blood feelings.


The boyfriend is the same as me, and he is a boy who is \”love\”. Although he wants to have a career, but compared to a career, he even wants a harmonious and warm home, evening Can accompany your family to take a walk, see TV is the happiest.

So, under our communication, he decided to try to do from the media, even if it fails, it doesn’t matter, it is not going back to do design.

August resigned for a week, originally planned to learn to shoot video and clips, but then check the right kidney stones, and hurts simply can’t concentrate on learning, only temporary Put the thing about learning video.

From doing ultrasonic grain to sports stone, then go to surgery with stone (stone is too large) and cultivate the body, it takes more than two months before and after. Because of this stone, the boyfriend actually took the exercise fitness.

I have been with him for many years. But there has been no cohabitation, he usually lives to live with his parents until this time.

Before this, I imagined many times with him with him. Will we do it because of the price of the firewood salt? Will you not be cold because of ideas? Will you not stand the shortcomings of each other? …

Good to get along with our years, there is no white fee, in depth, we have no too big quarrel between us, but feel quite harmonious. Quite a tacit approach ~

He finally understood that I wrote money is not luck, I gain the benefits of the public number, the headline and the Xiaohong Book number, nor, I have earned luck. Instead, it is exchanged for effort and strength.

I also further understand his design work. It turns out that this guy really knows the truth ~ I wrote on the side of our future home, constantly silently Laughing.

Because the end of the month, he is now busy with the chart of the picture, then responsible for renovation, during the period for four or five months. 不上班也有收入,和男朋友在家工作的日常分享

As for him, he will not do self-media with me, this is still unknown, these days contact, he deeply understands that 0 foundations want to switch from the media is not a matter of easy things. So what to do in the future, he is not sure, and wait for the house to see the situation.



This week he started to focus on the design of the house, how to do it, how to do the bathroom, what style is it necessary to use, which refrigerator, which Sofa, etc. … We all communicate then then determine.

When I encountered some unqualified ideas, I will directly say that this design is not good, and he is always laughing at my aesthetics, and finally our dispute will be in his Interpretation and my frequent nodding, designing this or he accounts for the wind …

When communication is designed, we have encountered a very serious problem, that is Our requirements and vision are getting higher and higher, far exceeding the original decoration budget …

We intend to go to the style of your favorite style, then calculate Total price, then adjust and hit it properly, try to use the least amount of money to fix the favorite house.

When the design manuscript is set, I will share it with you ~

These days work together, I found him except for humorous funny It turns out that there is an extremely serious side. He will pick a whole day in order to choose a good-looking tile, he will sleep early, and he will also brush the phone in the middle of the night to find a design inspiration.

Forget which article I have written in this article, I can work hard with people, buy a house together, I have lived a better life together, I think it is the biggest happiness in the world.

Today we are close to this happiness.

I am looking forward to, we can experience the days who don’t work hard together, step on the sun to sun, make food together, slowly spend a day, three meals, four seasons ~

不上班也有收入,和男朋友在家工作的日常分享 嘿嘿 ~

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