Do you ask yourself in a good friend, and ask yourself!

Q: Do you make money?

A: Is this still used? Fair to make money, just earn more, you have earned 10,000 a year, 50,000, 100,000, 1 million? This has a university asked, I want to earn 10,000 sure no problem, that is, a pond fish is about, 50,000, the top more is a few ponds, then 100,000, 1 million? The problem is coming, raise a pond fish, a few hundred pounds, to dozens of acres of thousands of pounds, that is the difference between the sky, why? That hundreds of pounds, small scale, There is a lot of density small fish disease, the large-scale raising, the density is very prone to problems, such as the weather disaster, the bacterial disease virus, one death is the death of the upper size, who is there? [ 123]

Q: Is the breeding technology important?

A: It is very important to do aquatic product, farming technology. If you have a technology, you must have more than 80% of your fish, you don’t make money, that is hard, even God does not agree, but where these technologies come, you have to buy books, follow Master learned, study online, learning to exchange in WeChat group and peer technology cow people, but also practices.

Of course, in addition to technology, you still have to end, you have to have new technologies of new things, you may have no new technology at all, you can see your neighbors or other homage The fish did not have a good thing, they have been well raised, then they have nothing to do, it is a big mistake, you see that there are no people in the rural reservoir pond, but also live well. The fishing can also catch a lot of big one, but once it is replaced with a large-scale breeding, it is not that, a detail is not ready, it may be a large-scale dead fish, have you gotten? When disinfection is not done, it may cause a lot of death. For example, when it is raining, you don’t pay attention to oxygen, it is also very likely to lead to Tonglang. Do you agree with me?

Q: There is an attitude, but also do a good job in family relationship!

A: There is always a successful woman behind a successful man, and a successful woman often has a few good men, of course, your husband and child. Home and everything, all the successful family relationship is also good!

Q: How can it be scientifically raised fish, can you do a good job in family relationship?

A: Don’t be afraid, fish Great to help you! \”Rocket\” oxygen generator, specialized in the feed area, can reduce cost, but also improve the oxygen, when the oxygen increases from 3 to 7, the bait coefficient is 5 times, the fish and shrimp growth speed increases 9 -10 times, improve farming income.


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