Do you become a tool for \”making money app\”?

At the moment, watch the video to make money, play games to make money, go to make money … Many old ages are addicted to the mobile phone to complete \”Money Mission\”. However, some participants have found that making money tasks always do not open advertisements, and the high income of the advertised is difficult to honor, and even may face problems such as personal information disclosure.

User is bundled with APP

\”Workers Daily\” reporter interviewed discovery, making money APP is not fresh things, which once before. After cutting the \”leeks\” of young people, some App turned the target to the elderly group.

After retirement, Yang Baodong became a profitable app player. These APPs can earn money without having to pay the cost. After the user is registered, it will receive a variety of tasks. By watching video, sign in, inviting friends, etc., from the platform, redeem to cash, and call \”zero \”.\”

Yang Baodong starts from getting up every day, open more than 10 Money App for the mobile phone in turn. In more than two years, he downloaded the APP species, including reading advertising, guessing, making money, playing games. \”Some app claims to walk, eat, shopping, sleep can make money.\”

Yang Baodong calculated, put more than 10 software of the hand simultaneously, brush every day, 1 month can earn 100 yuan about.

Another Money App Player Wang Haibin revealed that some apps will be very generous when users are registered, one to send more than a dozen dollars new coupons, users exist money in the wallet in the app, It is not difficult to see the tasks of all kinds of money in the app, and the emotions are rising. \”I have used an app, I have to earn 1 yuan of reward gold, I have to browse 500 minutes of video, advertisement, and 30 yuan rewards can be exchanged, and the total cost is 250 hours.\”

Professor, School of Communication, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Zeng, is analyzed, in order to give the collection, users or continue to insist on sign-in, do tasks, or invite more friends to participate, and these operations can get users more integral. In the end, the user is bundled with the app, it is difficult to stop.

Personal information

A few days ago, Qingdao citizen Jianjin pays attention to a 15 yuan red envelope, just click to enter, the system has shown 98 yuan, As long as you do tasks, you can receive 100 yuan. \”The more difficult after the mission is, but also want to invite friends, but also buy goods.\” Jin Jian recalled that when he reached 99.2 yuan, he spent 10 yuan to buy a bottle of toilet, the amount only increased to 99.21 yuan, he gave up . A few days later, the page is displayed on the page.

The grandfather who lived in Beijing Jinsong street discovered a guess song name to make money, requiring guessing 50 songs, and cash withdrawn. Yu Grandpa said that I just started a old song, every guess, the system will prompt 1~ 2 yuan arrived. The more new songs, the more new songs, every time you guess it, the system will play an advertisement for a few days. \”It’s hard to guess 50 songs, you can have 98 yuan. But the system has shown that only 0.3 yuan per time, you need to operate more than 300 times, and there is still a long advertise during the period.\” In the end, the grandfather gave up the cash.

The reporter learned in the interview that some users who have used making money APPs have not been downloaded after downloading, and the mobile phone will begin frequently from harassment phones, including webprints, brush orders, etc.

Wang Haibin said, some Money App For the task, you need to jump other interfaces for software download, and must be registered, real name certification. \”Personal information is easy to collect and sell it. I originally went to make money. I didn’t think I would become a ‘product’.\”

Industry still needs norms

Zhang Zeng one Said that making money APP creates a very low way to make money, and hooked people to try the desire to try, and fits most people \”idle is also idle, no loss, no loss.\” Some money APPs do not swindle, but it uses users’s time, social relationship, mobile phone memory, accounting for attention, users are not making money on making money, but to make money. Tools. \”Every time I look at an advertisement, I will help them earn a money.\”

Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm, senior partner, well-known public welfare lawyer, said, according to the advertising method, if the advertiser or app operator passer Publicity routine consumers, or to induce consumers through ads, such as authorizing personal information, personal privacy, thus causing illegal collection of others; advertising content and actual situation, setting tasks and actual publicity , Or malicious exaggeration APP usage effects lead to consumers download, advertisers and APP operators have suspicion to put false advertisements, can be punished according to advertising law.

Zhao Liang Shan believes that from the surface, the APP does the task and advertisement. However, from the purpose of the purpose, the app is ultimately in promoting the purpose of making money, to achieve data collection, video delivery, advertising output and other purposes, or propaganda advertisements should be subject to advertising law. (Reporter Zhou Wei)

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