Do you do something after get off work?Sharing the experience of each month, earn 5,000 yuan for private money

In 2019, there is just a word, it is also popular, called \”secondary industry just need\”. I may work with you, the wage income of the sub-industry is already a few times, some people feel that for the 30-year-old office workers, the secondary industry has become a new need.

However, Xiaoca is not letting everyone go to the secondary industry. In the people who are doing, it is also the income of ordinary communication, can’t take it. The small wealth has been known for many months, and even the part-time parties in the year, many of them become the main business, and the whole body is in the previous \”secondary industry\”.

Today, Xiaoyin, simple talk about a little experience in individuals, for everyone is an inspiration (see applause here). At the same time, as a man, it is also a door to the private house, oh. .

First of all, we thanked this era, thank you for your advancement, thanks to the emergence of various platforms, and ordinary people have more show to obtain income opportunities.

When I was young, my parents urged us to study class, often said that there is a lot of art, today we will experience the hard work of parents.

The popular vocabulary in the last two years is \”slash youth\”, from English Slash, from the \”New York Times\” column writer Merrick Albert, \”Double Occupation\”, refers to a group Their \”special career\” lifestyle is satisfied, and the population of multi-lived people with multiple careers and identity is selected. This is the same as our current \”secondary industry just need\”.

Ordinary office workers, combined with hobbies can find a lot of money to make money after get off work.

Mature business people meditate on the money 下班后你干点啥?分享副业每月赚5000元私房钱的经验

1, the code word

is hot from the media, so many ordinary office workers are getting rich. If you are good, you can make money, you can make money.

One is self-media in the vertical field, specializing in a certain area, such as Xiaocheng’s main written financial, financial management, insurance related issues, constantly accumulating fans, through multiple platforms, Advertising and other earning income.

The other is to submit some big self-media. Self-cultivation yourself, you need to put a lot of time energy, the office workers are actually very hard – many heads from the media large, give the quality articles rich, providing a better performance channel for office workers.

In addition, some Q \u0026 A website rise, answer questions earn red envelopes, earn some pocket money is also an option.

Many people say that they will not write, don’t know what to write, then from writing a diary, the things around you, the pen moves, and improve the level of writing. There are a lot of online courses about writing, in fact, many of them are harvesting ordinary people’s wallets – you can act, constantly find the material and direction of writing, is the only way to really make you benefit.

– I have a friend, I started to do my own media last year.Body, through the channels of posting code words, more than 5,000 yuan per month, this is indeed fact, not the title party.

Businessman and Gold Coin

2, video

With the shake, fast hand, etc., the small video field is flourishing. You have expertise, you can take a video, show it, and the powder is very fast. 下班后你干点啥?分享副业每月赚5000元私房钱的经验 Of course, doing a video requires a certain device, professional foundation. It is recommended that office workers start from their most familiar fields.

No matter which place you are in, there is an idea, creativity, and you can make money in your spare time.

There is a friend, after giving birth, let’s not wait, take a video to tell some children’s things, tell the pregnancy preparation, tell the child’s toys, not only very popular, but also maternal and child Toy manufacturers seek cooperation. Now the fans have been more than ten thousand, and the part-time income of each month has been over 10,000.

Xiaowai needs reminding, part-time earning money to go forward, there is no shortcut – it is easy to encounter all kinds of liar when it is part-time.

The purpose of writing this article is not letting everyone go to the secondary industry, and it is recommended that you have a good time, if you have more free time, choose the right direction to develop a sideline. It can’t be used for waste, can’t delay it, not too much time, and make personal main business more important.

So, don’t take care of your mobile phone every day, brush the shake, look at Weibo, time is fast. It is better to use business hours, develop a deputy industry, increase income for yourself and family – mainly give yourself private house.

下班后你干点啥?分享副业每月赚5000元私房钱的经验 Today, start actions! !

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