Do you have money to raise money?

It is still in rural roasting, not as good as raising mobs, low cost, and the profit has turned 21 times

Speaking of the mouse, whether the rural farmers are still in the city, know this is a The bad guy, everyone shouted for the mouse, very annoying. However, there is such a mouse in the countryside and a mice that usually destroy crops, bite food, and infectious diseases, farmers regard him as treasures. Many people are very interested in hearing this, what mice can be liked by farmers?

还在农村养鸡吗?不如养麝鼠赚钱,投入少成本低,利润竟翻了21倍 Today, the author introduces our farmers’ common mice in rural areas, because of its secreted special flavor, deep farmers like it. It is a mole that farmers often say. Because secretion of musk can produce huge economic benefits, it is protected by farmers. More and more farmers in the countryside in these two years have become more and more. Because on the market, as consumers have a large demand for musk, its medicinal value has also become hot, you will find that traditional wild cousins \u200b\u200bare no longer able to meet the needs of the market.

So how to breed musicals, how to produce muscles, thereby meeting the needs of the market, earn the first bucket of gold, becoming a problem in front of farmers in breeding mouse farmers. The mole can be said that it is a treasure, and its fur can be used as a high quality purse, and its reproductive ability is particularly strong. Because there is a semi-wild state, the chances of sick are also relatively low. In addition, its average number is around six to ten, plus it is very good at swimming, although it is not good, economic benefits are really good. 还在农村养鸡吗?不如养麝鼠赚钱,投入少成本低,利润竟翻了21倍

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