Do you know how much money in Sarkozy makeup artists?

Wen | Tang Zhuoi, Paris Entertainment Media Reminder: Unauthorized, no reproduced.


According to French \”VOICI\” magazine, February 25, Marina Michenet served as Sako Almost makeup artists have been a little more, and Sarkozi is still a president, she is at any time in Alishe Palace.

After the success of the election in 2007, Sarkozy trained people around him, Maryna Honey is one of them. In the magazine \”famous venue\” issued on February 24, she told her experience. Witness Sarkozy’s approach to the president, she sat in the first row. In her description, Sarkozy is relaxing, and humorous. The head of state is now being focused in front of the media. For the Presidential Yizhi and as best as possible, she has two years of full-time treatment in the Elysee.

With this job, Marina Honey is probably earned 8,000 euros, you know that people can earn 250 euros. However, Turko Saico is willing to pay for the preliminary value, until now Marina Schneider is still his private makeup artist. Honey is also temporarily making a shape for some performances. She has been a majority of the two goddess Sophie Masso and Monica Beluce and Hollywood male actor Robert Redford. It seems that people are indeed a top-level person of the makeup community. And Xiaobian, I seem to find a good way to get both from my idol, and make big money … (End)

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