Do you make a chicken make money?


The last story of the \”Rookie Station is 20,000, the sale of the coli is earned 1 million? In a small business that is not convinced, it is a small business business to share some good money. We will then share them with you.

There are many good-earning entity business that you may have not paying attention to, such as investment of 100,000 years of yellow chicken rice, easily getting 20 Wan’s string, monthly, tens of thousands of breakfast shop … Let’s take a look at the tribe of the 58 city \”opening the shop\”.

selling yellow chicken rice, investing 10,000 years earned 200,000

@ 晨光 文具

From Shijiazhuang Yucheng

I live in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, opened a stationery for 5 years, there is a yellow chicken rice. One day she came to my store to buy a stick, I said that your business is good, she said that there is no problem for 200,000 a year, I am surprised to say so much?

She said: a bowl of rice noodles 11 yuan, 200 bowls a day, profit will be 1,000 yuan or conserved, there is a rice stewed chicken block, how much do you count? Rent this store has 30,000, and the second-hand of the equipment is 3,000 yuan. One month, the opening will only vote for 10,000 yuan with decoration. Friends, do you see if you start selling the yellow chicken rice? If you also want to start this store, remember to go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Office to do business license and health certificate, and remember to do a good job in disinfection during the epidemic.


string store, good money, small sale

@ 开心 果

From Qinzhou Qinbei 黄焖鸡米饭投资1年赚20万!这些暴利的小生意你留意过吗?

I am doing a barbecue store business, I have been working more than a year, and the benefits are OK. In addition to all other costs, you can meet your daily overhead. Do business, as long as you don’t lose money, it is very good. I am very satisfying, I don’t ask for a big rich, I only ask for a healthy body, and my family will live in harmony, peace, happy life, more important than anything.

I will talk about the good job of making money around me. The shop in the community is next door to my barbecue, she is a string of business, low cost, high yield, and small investment. She has been in the community for many years, and the business is not bad! The products are very characteristic, in line with the mass needs, there are all tastes, spicy and spicy. If the customer likes to eat hot, you will put peppers. If you don’t like it, the key is that it tastes good, the service attitude is also very good. Guests are not very good, the price is also very reasonableI got the recognition of new and old customers, very popular, annual revenue reached 200,000 yuan.

So, although the string is a small sale, it can also make big money, which can also match some powder or other. I want to start a business, as long as you are willing to work hard, hard work, hard work, hard work, not afraid, not afraid of hardship, you can succeed. Three hundred and sixty lines, the line is out.


Breakfast shop at the school door, high profit [123 ]

@ 王 2018

From Hangzhou West Lake

Hello, I think I am selling breakfast at school at school. I have a very profitable little buy, usually everyone Can’t come out, but its profits are also very high.

I have a friend Al1, I opened a stationery store at the school gate. I just started selling stationery. Later, she found that many parents had no breakfast, and there is a hotel at the school entrance. Breakfast stall business has been a good, so Alice also started to sell breakfast in the morning. I just started selling a little scorpion, and later developed to sell egg cakes, and the roast ham sausage and the grabbed meal. Now she sells breakfast, she is busy, and she has made my family to help do things. The business is very hot!

黄焖鸡米饭投资1年赚20万!这些暴利的小生意你留意过吗? According to her own disclosure, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month. Because many students can’t come in the morning, I can only buy breakfast at the school gate, and here you don’t have to worry about doing business. Its passenger will continue to come, there are hundreds of people, thousands of passenger traffic. I think the breakfast at the school is a very good business business. What do you think?

After watching everyone, I really should have the \”people to eat for the sky\”, these The story is almost all related to the dining. I have to say, \”Eating\” This is a good to make money. Have you ever seen other real-earning entity business?

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