Do you make money? (Child model calculates child labor)

Under a strong market stimulation, the business opportunities of children’s models have gradually emerged. But the carnival of training institutions and parents is to form – a lot of brands still worry about finding suitable children’s models.


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The effect of the two-child policy is constantly appearing.

The most obvious is children’s wear. According to the prospective industry research institute, with 80, after 90, it entered the peak period of marriage, since 2013, the sales size of infant clothing rose rapidly. The research has shown that the 2016 China’s children’s clothing market is about 145 billion yuan; it is expected that the compound growth rate of children’s clothing industry in 2016-2021 is about 6.3%, faster than the overall clothing market.

Children’s clothing business war homits. In order to create a childwear image, the brand began to hold a children’s clothing show. At the same time, the development of e-commerce has also prompted brands to find more models of model shooting. Compared to adults, children have to re-purchase new clothes almost every year, which adds business opportunities to the child market.

Under a strong market stimulation, the business opportunities of children’s models have gradually emerged.

The children’s model training institution, the children’s model event is endless. All kinds of children’s model training institutions, and the Tong Dynasty event organizers are more happy to build a stage for children and parents. A seat stage and behind a large piece of business concerns. Since 2015, the two-child policy has been fully released, and children’s models have become a gradual rise, but in the subdivision industry in the initial chaos.

Here, parents are eager to become a phenotion of Children’s model training institutions; but on the other side, in the face of many children’s models, some brands are distressed. There is no suitable object. After this, there is a relationship with some shortcomings, market irregularities, and the information of both parties.

\”So many people look at it, there is a sense of glory\”

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon of the working day, the Shanghai Yuyuan Road is about 30 square meters of rehearsal, nearly ten adult models are rehearsing. On the side, the three \”10-after\” children have been replaced, sitting waiting to be allocated – 6 days later, they will play a father and mother and mother and daughter with adult models, and participate in a parent-child show, supermodel in the domestic daily-cultivation brand Blue Moon. Liu Wen, artist Peng Yuxi will also be present.

In the eyes of the three children’s parents, they can stand on a stage of high-visiting brands, the star blessing stage, which is undoubtedly not a good opportunity.

\”Let’s go back to school later, go to the door to take the homework.\” Huang Yuchen said.

Huangfu is a state-owned employee. For this rehearsal, he specially likes to school to pick up the 8-year-old son. Last year, Huang family father also flew to Beijing to participate in the recording of \”partners\” variety show, programs, singer Huang Shujun, Zhen Ge Foundation, Xu XiaopingPromise, if Huang Yichen wants to start a business, they are willing to give Huang Yuchen 500 million.

This makes the yellow family and the sons are excited – Huang Yichen wants to create a robot company with this money, and Huang Father is a wisdom for his son, gaining guest recognition, be happy, becoming him often hanging in mouth A paragraph of the side. This recognition is open, and the tens of thousands of viewers have seen it.

Huang Yuchen is a great expectation. This 8-year-old Shanghai children are always full of Dangdang, I am singing on Saturday morning, afternoon street dance, the next day is model, piano, painting, and I have to learn English in the evening.

Mother is more stringent than his father, go home at home at night, and the Yellow Major will urge Huang Yuchen to read English. And Huangfu specially applied for a micro signal for Huang Yichen, and the avatar is a photo of the son in the background of the background. The content of the circle of friends is related to Huang Yuchen. It is a work number of Huang Yuchen’s child model.

Huang Yuchen is happy. \”I like the current life, interesting class is very interesting.\” Huang Yuchen said. He didn’t want to be a star or model. He didn’t love the technology. \”I want to make a robot.\”

\”Our children have a little inward, so let him learn the model, participate in the show, now he There are many already let go. We will not choose the future career, he is chosen. \”Huang Father said in the\” Financial World \”weekly.

▲ On November 12, 2017, the small model was on the Tie Town in China, Qingdao, Shandong. @ 视 中国

And Huangqi has the same idea of \u200b\u200bChen Yuzhen. Every time the rehearsal, Chen Yuzhen will bring her favorite doll. Most of the waiting blank time, Chen Yuzhen prefer to play with the ocean, not chatting with people around you.

\”The courage is small, always hiding behind people, you see now interview, she is still a bit shy.\” Chen Mother said. Half a year ago, Chen Mi listened to a friend to talk to the children’s model training class. If there is good condition, you can also participate in the show. She feels a good opportunity to let her daughter practicing courage and register.

童模还是童工?千亿市场背后的残酷,孩子1小时拍16套衣服日赚5千 Four big shows, twenty small show, advertising, Chen mother feels that the daughter’s personality is cheerful than before. Chen Yuzhen also gradually liked to go to the show, and she used the seven words to express the change in the half year. The first show is \”fear\”, now \”fun, happy, like\”.

Chen mother is Chen Yu’s number one fans, \”overall is more happy than sweat, so many flashes, so many people look at it, I am very excited in the background, there is a kind of glory. \”

But this glory is often difficult for a long time, age is the most cruel restriction of children’s model. At present, most children’s models are between the ages of 1-15, with the growth of children, the academic pressure is growing, and the models of this extracurricular training will be removed from most children’s schedule. Chen mother said to \”Financial World\” weekly, if Chen YuI willing to continue to do models, Chenmu and his family will not be opposed. \”We think she is very suitable for this road. If there is a chance, we have supported it.\”

behind the magnesium lamp and the light show, it is a lot of parents still can’t see clearly – real children Dianjiang Lake.

Fee, Express, and Border

Li Xin, Flint Culture Manager Li Xin is convinced in 2014, and the child model business may become the next profit growth point of the company. He gave several background reasons: the release of the second child, the growth of the children’s clothing market, the transformation of parent education concept.

In 2011, China began to fully implement the two children’s policies, that is, the family allowed to make two children; the border of the two children’s policy is extended to the second child, and the second is fully released in 2015. Ben policy. In business, business opportunities brought by the two-child policy are also larger, and they have formed a series of chain effects.

In 2002, China’s local costume brand Sen Ma opened up children’s clothing brand Barabara, 2012 -202016, Barabara accounts up to 46.88% from 29.94%. Other clothing brands such as local brands Taiping Bird, Metersbonwe, Mo \u0026 amp; Co, Jiangnan cloth, Li Ning, Anta, foreign brand H \u0026 amp; M, GAP, Uniqlo, ZARA, etc. have increased the children’s clothing line.

The brands began to build the image of the children’s clothing brand, plus the rise of the fashion show in the Chinese market, and the children’s fashion show is more and more. \”I didn’t have a child model. At that time, if there is a child’s place, for example, I have to take a parent-child installation, the TV station will help the brands to go to the Juvenile Palace, and the art center finds a small friend with stage performance experience. Note that after the increasing trend of children, we Try to make a conference with the children’s clothing brand, do the fashion show. \”Li Xin said to the\” Financial World \”weekly.

▲ 2016 China International Spring and Summer Fashion Week: Chao Tongxing · Children’s Model Frequency. @ 视 中国

Huang Yuchen and Chen Yuzhen are a student of model training institutions. The rock star is affiliated to the rock culture, and the latter was established in 2002 and the main model broker. In 2015, Flint Culture decided to enter the child model market, the way is to initiate the first Shanghai International Children’s Model Competition. This has become the beginning of the company’s large number of children’s model resources. In 2016, a fewer model training sections were added to the Rock Star.

Since then, the business model of the rock cultural children’s model has not changed: one side of the rock star is accommodated in the charging method, and the other side of the rock culture will seek and the cooperation opportunities of the brand, media company, shopping malls, and hold various shows. , Business performance, or a magazine shooting, variety show quota, so that children have the opportunity to participate.

This constitutes a profit model for rock cultural children’s model business: Tuition + holds a show collection + brokerage fees. According to Li Xin to \”Financial World\” Weekly, the rock star summer holidayThe tuition fee is about 10,000 yuan, and the training fee per semester is about 7,8,000. \”Participate in children’s model training can also improve your child’s body temperament, the sensitivity to fashion.\” Luimin, the Ryn Artist, explained.

童模还是童工?千亿市场背后的残酷,孩子1小时拍16套衣服日赚5千 模 培 度 度 上 为 更 更 更 更 更 更 更 更 培 更 更 更 更 更 培,, 培, 培 培 培 培 培 培 培 培 为 更 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显 显Faster, see the effect after the child participating in the child model – the show held by Flint Culture.

▲ Rock Star Children Training Course. The picture comes from the official website

Blue Moon Family Show is hosted by Flint Culture. \”The family is an important consumption group of Blue Moon, so we arranged children’s models, and the adult model forms a family relationship.\” Lu Min said in the \”Financial World\” weekly. In 2016, he hosted Shanghai Fashion Zhou 800 showcases, Flint Culture took the initiative to invite children’s clothing brand shells, dreams, and some branded brands in China will ask the florite culture, can they participate in the show together.

In general, parents are more active for this kind of show. \”(Fur Star) will give us some divided, but it is not able to cover the tuition fees.\” Huang Father said in the \”Financial World\” weekly. However, he does not especially in the return on the money. \”We are not rushing to the money, the teacher gave this opportunity, the chance is good, we will definitely participate, exercise the child.\”

Fur Stone does not want Revenue from the company in such business activities. \”Specific can’t be disclosed, divided into ratio and ordinary brokerage company are similar.\”

The female clothing brand Director Zhou Huan went to the \”Financial World\” weekly, \”now many children’s model training institutions let children participate in the show, business Performance, the threshold is very low, but the parents are willing to pay for this payment, sunburn friends. \”In other words, parents spend money to take time and energy together, and finally get the training institutions, taking pictures , Shang Zhen Show Experience.

In addition, there is a kind of profit source is a competition. The model agency new Silk Road held the first children’s model contest in 2007. Shi Duo, president of Xinshuo Group, remembered that there were approximately 300 children in the final competition, and the sea election was 10,000. In the summer of 2017, the number of sea elections turned 10 times, and the number of finals was 800.

As with florph culture, new silk roads also have children’s model training projects, but this is not the focus of New Silk Road business model. In contrast, the new silk road is more inclined to maintain a profit by hosting a model competition. Shi Du introduced that the family needs to participate in the competition, about 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan; the premium, the finals, the finals of the finals are also borne by the participating families. 童模还是童工?千亿市场背后的残酷,孩子1小时拍16套衣服日赚5千

\”There are many in the market in children’s models in the decade.\” Shi Tuo said on the \”Financial World\” Weekly. \”At the beginning, we are also free.\”However, the market slowly, the water rose high, we started charge. Chinese children’s models have thousands, why do you choose this? Some parents are even willing to pay for their opportunities to give their children to exercise, get a award, they think this is a certain. \”

In the past few years, the children’s model events have continued to rise in China, such as China Super Children’s Mold Classic, China International Children’s Motor Mold Competition, Perfect Children’s Model, Tongxing Festival · Super Baijia Child Mold Awards. Although the name is different, the profit model of such events is roughly the same: the competition is charged, and the standards for each competition are different.

\”This industry is still more chaotic. Li Xin said.

and the formal model brokerage company strive to create a children’s model ecotropic circle, in the huge children’s model market, gorgeous and brutal coexistence. In the chaos, some institutions and individuals touch morality and The border of industry norms. In 2012, the girls in Bikini appeared in the Wuhan Auto Show. Last year, the children’s version of the children’s version of the children’s version of the children’s version of the Children’s Edition, even if it is an adult version of the dimension, It also avoided consumption, materialized women.

When the children’s clothing market is growing, when the children’s model income is high, some families have chosen to exit. \”One shot 8 hours a day, after 15 days, many parents must be reluctant. Zhou Huan told. But in the children’s model Jianghu, \”she is\” and \”reluctant\” is the same coin. In the area of \u200b\u200bthe garment factory, the day of the child model is often more than the adult. To be busy.

The five-year-old child’s model Peng Hao’s hometown is in Dongguan, Guangzhou. Last year, Peng Ma took the first set of clothing photos under the recommendation of friends. \”My friend’s child is also a child mode. \”Peng Mu said on the\” Financial World \”weekly.

The developed clothing manufacturing industry provides natural soil in Dongguan, and the appearance of children’s model is natural. When the children’s model industry has not been formed, Local manufacturers usually make children with relatives and friends act as a model taking photo, long time, the number of local children’s models gradually.

Zhejiang in the apparel industry, similar cases, especially There is a \”Chinese children’s hometown\”. This area has more than 9,000 children’s clothing companies in the town of 135.8 square kilometers. Every year, the large and small children’s clothing competition will be held, and the needs of children’s models and this land Business operation is closely related.

In this type of region, there are many children’s models that can be skilled in 1 minute. These children replace the frequency of clothing, and the speed of the film is more faster than ordinary children. According to Incomplete statistics, skilled children’s models can take 16 clothes for one hour, with an average of 4 minutes. These children who are almost children with \”profession\” are very busy every day – write homework, they can take makeups, winter shot Summer photo, summer shot in winter, cold, it is also slightly injured, no fire line, continue to shoot. Little age also has a professional consciousness \”to satisfy customers\”.

According to Zhou Huan, only the number of children with mature children’s model experience in the weaving is at least 100, and the annual income of these children’s models can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions. Business opportunities let more children and their families become one of the thousands of horses.

Even so, Zhou Huan told the \”Financial World\” weekly, and a few children who really entered the big brand of eyes.

Looking for someone is an eternal theme

\”The cute child is in the past, but the plane model is high, this is not the training in the day after tomorrow. It is not used for this piece of training.\” Zhou Huan Say. When looking for a flat-screen child model, the brand will choose a brokerage company, Weibo WeChat and other ways to recruit, and the child model training institution is just one of the channels.

In Zhou Huan’s view, the true children’s model and the star are also relying on the old man to enjoy the face. The color value, lens expressive, self-control ability, and dedication are all important factors in children’s model, even if there are many years of experience in children’s models that cannot be jumped out.

\”Our aesthetics is still very single, the brand’s favorite children’s model is like, then there are so many.\” Often, I have obtained a big brand favorite children’s model will also enter the list of children’s models of other brands. In the middle, sometimes the brand wants to ask when the red boutout is taken to shoot a flat-screen photo, it also needs a team of 2-3 weeks. \”This is like film and television circles, so many actors, the stars will be a few.\” Zhou Huan said.

Brand and parents, sometimes information barriers are sometimes present between the children’s model training institutions. The child model training institution is more like a class of interest to the child, and the e-commerce, the children’s model needs of the brand, is truly in the commercial battlefield to touch the children’s model.

Unlike big brands, for the Taobao brand, efficiency is the first place. \”Amoy brand will like experienced children’s model, because high efficiency is high. The child’s attention can only be concentrated for about 40 minutes. Other time is a small child to concentrate again. There is mature experience of children’s model poses fast, A lot of sets can be taken one day, you can reduce the budget of the merchant, and the merchant is of course willing. \”Zhou Huan said.

The price is also an important element that the merchants will take into account when they choose children’s model.

A children’s clothing Taobao store CICI told the \”Financial World\” weekly, she won’t go to the child model training institution to find a children’s model, she has their own inherent channels: WeChat, Weibo. Her fixed children’s model, 2-year-old Bai Xiao Nino is recruited through the WeChat circle. Bai Xiao’s mother told the Weekly Weekly, she saw a photo of the trial after seeing the news that recruited children’s model on a circle of circles, and then kept shooting clothes. The photo is passed to the CICI after the child mode.

White Nino is revealed that Pai Xiaomino took a set of costumes in more than 150 yuan. Cooperative merchants include Taobao owners and companies who are factory-wholesale, such companies also need to show goods on the platform of Alibaba.

For anotherSome of the economic powerful merchants, the foreign model is another option. Currently, most of the products on the official website of Doshawheat are looking for foreign models, including Russian models.

Zhou Huan explained that the appearance of Russian children’s models is more in line with the aesthetics of merchants, and the Russian family has higher emphasis on children’s models. \”The Russian children’s model can basically have a salary of 5,000 yuan in the day, 15 days a month, there is a lot of RMB, which is much earned than these families, so many Russian families prefer to move around. But a lot Chinese children’s models are not lacking, just come over. \”

▲ Shima Tmall official website screenshot.

In fact, the current domestic children’s model market is still in the primary stage. In this new rivers and lakes, children seem to be the protagonist, but they stand behind their expectations, training institutions’ fine abacus and the true competition of the business world.

The child’s body is growing, and merchants need frequent replacement models. The brokerage company needs to develop the greatest direction in profit. Russian little model will move back to the country, shooting skills, skilled childhood is no longer suitable for children’s wear shooting, in order to exercise the child is coming again – this market, find someone is an eternal theme.

In any case, for the child, childhood is only once. More important than spotlights is the child’s innocent happiness. Just as Li Xin said, \”Children should be a self-confidence of children, let them learn to take beautiful road. If it is just the completion of the adult world, it seems to be very gorgeous, but this gorgeous back Will let your child lose the child’s innovation. \”

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