Do you make money for work? (How much is engaged in project making money now)

Both said to make the project to make money, today we first can’t calculate how much money is needed!

First we have to know which components of construction costs.

equipment depreciation fee + rent fee

fuel consumption + construction loss + maintenance fee

Auxiliary equipment rental fee

Perfusion fee + personnel salary

[ 行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱?

1. Equipment depreciation fee

First look at the equipment depreciation fee: according to the 5-year-old depreciation period, annual depreciation fee is 15% of the original price of equipment

123] Total equipment x15% ÷ 365 \u003d daily equipment depreciation fee (yuan)

For a construction site, there is a construction site, there are equipment added 6 million, and the daily depreciation fee is close to 2500 yuan [123

2. Lease fee

行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱? Take a look at the rental fee, different brand models, configurations, and rental cycles, the rental costs are also very different

[ 123] Monthly Lease Fee \u003d the number of days of the day \u003d daily rental fee (yuan)

Well, come to the construction site we just, due to funding reasons, all equipment on the site is rented, from good The brothers took a friend’s rate, 240,000 a month, the cost of that day was 8,000 yuan.

3. FD consumption

Take a look at the fuel consumption: We use the total control method, whether it is a rig, or auxiliary equipment fuel, all unified verification.

Total daily oil quantity X, diesel unit price \u003d the cost of fuel in the day 行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱?

It is expected to add two large barrels of oil every day, diesel unit price, we will be 7 pieces, one oil bucket 220 L, also It is 440LX7 to get a daily fuel consumption fee of 3080 yuan.

4. Construction loss

Take a look at the construction loss: the construction loss range is relatively wide, drill rod, drill, drill wear, mud Loss, wire rope wear and some of the contractions, etc., all belong to construction loss. Among them, the ratio of the drilling of the drilling, drilling and damage and mud loss is relatively large.

1 host hardware is easy to damage: drill, drill, drill pipe, power head drive key, wire rope, large pulley and other losses mainly depend on the engineering geology, and there are some uncertain factors, For example, the quality, arrangement, drill selection and structure, handle operation, and on-site management, so it can only be evaluated in conjunction with the actual situation and the previous experience.

The front volume multilayer winding is calculated in average 2 000 delay replacement cycle, and the rear coil single row wrap is calculated on average at 8 000 delay replacement cycle 行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱?

2 Construction Process Loss: Mud wall static pressureSlimming materials used in the process: bentonite, cellulose, pernimeter or no-solid drilling fluid, etc. …

The mud loss depends on the geological state (loose / plasticity), and the groundwater level and rich condition, all in all : The geology is loose, the gap is high (water permeability), the higher the groundwater level and rich, the better the slurry quality, the higher the loss.

The paneling formula of the bentonite is: the total M ° amount of a hole diamonds into a hole X0.08 X0.33 x2.3X Bentonite unit price \u003d loss of bulrential soil.

Note: 0.08 of the formula is the amount of incorporation of bentonite, 0.33 is a bauble soil loss coefficient, 2.3 is conversion of the bentonite density.

5. Copying equipment rental fee

Auxiliary equipment rental fee: Auxiliary equipment accounts for a relatively large proportion of construction cost, mainly loaders and cranes.

Monthly auxiliary equipment rental fee ÷ ÷ 天 天 \u003d \u003d 设备 设备 设备 设备 设备 设备 月 月 月 车 车 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月 月2 to 30,000. The cost of this day is probably about 1400.

6. When the project is under construction, the project department usually puts the rotating into a hole and infused into the pile. Commercial, the project unit price includes a perfusion fee. Press per order of almary or perfusion unit price subcontracts per m310 to 20 yuan.

行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱? The total M3 amount of percentage of percentage is a unit price (yuan) \u003d daily perfusion fee

7. Personnel wage

Personnel wage: Personnel pay in monthly settlement, construction team posts include: on-site management, handle, electric welder, auxiliary personnel and chefs, etc.

Team monthly salary \u003d day number \u003d daily labor payment

行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱? Monthly salary / yuan

On-site management



machine Hand 行业|做工程到底赚不赚钱?

10000 × 2



6000 × 2

Auxiliary 123]

4000 × 4



Then the team’s daily salary is about 2000 .

8. Maintenance fee

Take a look at the maintenance fee: maintenance cost packageIncidental maintenance costs and daily maintenance costs, such as engine triplets, various oils, drill pipes, drill bits, lubricants and other project fees.

Due to the model, configuration, power head system, and host factory, there is a big difference in maintenance costs.

According to a major maintenance cycle 2000, the maintenance costs generated are all daily, which is the daily maintenance cost.

The total cost of the 2000 hour maintenance cycle ÷ 365 days \u003d average daily equipment maintenance fee

The cost of the construction site we just given up is around 1-200, due to each siteThe situation is different, so the specific cost is actually quasi-~

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