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Extreme News reporter Liu Dongli

Cut a hair flower one or two hundred, hot hair, hundreds or even thousands of situation, more and more. Today, many love beauty people feel that the hairdress has become a slightly heavy \”luxury\”.

However, many branches have said \”earn money\”.

Washing and blowing freely change

Ms. Wu in Wuchang District, Wuhan is a faithful fan of a hair stylist, and she cuts her hair from the student era. Later, this hair stylist opened a studio, and Ms. Wu naturally became a frequent visitor of the studio.

\”Every time I recharge 35,000, I need one or two hundred.\” Ms. Wu said, she is more willing to pay for trust compared to some tens of dollars. \”After all, find a unfamiliar person cut a unfamiliar hair. The risk is quite big.\”

Ms. Wu represents a part of the view of love beauty, but more people think that along with each The improvement of the newspaper, quality of service, etc., the price is also rising.

As an example, the cut hair price is currently 68 yuan, 88 yuan and 180 yuan, respectively, corresponding to the bar seizure of the bar, respectively.

Another net red barberry store with a modern industrial decoration style of about 2 kilometers away from this store, a single shear price is 260 yuan, and the boss is very \”\”, only 10 customers only one day. .

\”After all, our store is limited. If you want to take care of every customer, you have to control the traffic flow.\” The store hairdressing teacher Li Li introduced the extreme journalist, and there are two-digit hairstyle in the store. Teacher, two assistants, they set 260 yuan single-sheared prices in Wuhan, is medium to high, but almost everyday business is saturated, so they have to implement an appointment system.

US group platform data shows that in 2017, the beauty and hairdressing industry has reached 114.24 billion yuan, and the total profit exceeds 20 billion yuan. At the same time, according to China Business Research Institute, it is expected that in 2022, my country’s beauty and hairdressing industry market will exceed 400 billion yuan. In the development of scale, competition intensified, many hairdresses transformed into the light fast network red shop, but the price is still high.

At the Wuhan Tiandi Business Circle in Jiang’an District, the extreme news reporter entered a hairdressing institution to visit. This is also a famous net red card, implementing an appointment system. At this time, there are not many people in the store. The reporter observed for a while, and two customers were not received because they did not make an appointment in advance. Understand, the store has a hairdresser income of 60,000 to 80,000, and the average hot price is about 1,500 yuan.

The illusion of luxury goods store

Tall store face value, intimate service, as well as exquisite tea, coffee, fruit … Many stores have improved their grade, quickly built \”Nethong\” shop, peopleThere is an illusion that enters the luxury store. Such a hairdresser, the price is naturally not Physical. In order to match the price of the rise, \”Tony teacher\” has also become a \”high-end name\”, design consultant, design director, chief hair hairdress, and advanced hairstyle.

October 3, National Day holiday, an extreme news reporter in a beauty salon experience in Guanggu Pedestrian Street. During waiting for the hair stylist, a smile sweet lady pays attention to the reporter’s shoulder and neck, and also helps massage, regardless of the way, it is very useful. Finally, under her \”gentle\” recommended, the reporter scanned the code to pay 2000 yuan, and did a member card.

According to the clerk, when doing activities in the store, the minimum wash and cut can be reduced to 15 yuan twice, but the usual cut hair price is 68 yuan, the highest is 280 yuan, the design director is responsible.

\”\” High-end hairdressing institutions need to bear the cost of rent, decoration, service and other costs. \”A senior modeling teacher who has more than ten years of industry experience told the extreme news reporter, in general, as long as it is Professional line came out, there were seventeen years of experience in the hair stylist, the technique is worse, but it is only different in the aesthetic grasp. It is this difference, and the gap between the \”high-end hair stylist\” and ordinary hairders.

Hairdressing market competition is the service

Li Tianyu, who has in the past 20 years of industry experience, operates a net red barber shop in Hankou Youth Road, single-cutting a hair of 258 yuan, and The source is constantly moving, but he still feels difficult to earn.

He gave the reporter who had a bill: in the cut-off fees paid by the consumer, the general hairstyle will get 30% of them, and the staff who washed hair will get about 10%, and 45% to 50% is a decoration, rental, hydropower, employee accommodation, training, store cleaning and shampoo products. \”The profit space of the shear hair is actually high.\”

Input investigation data shows that there are 1144 million related companies in my country’s existing \”barber shop\”. In recent years, the registration has continued to rise, of which 529,000 companies have been registered during the 2018-2020. A total of 115,000 companies were registered in 821 years ago.

\”Today’s hair market, more service than spelling.\” For the gap between different cut hair prices, Li Tianyu said like this. \”It’s not 30 yuan hair stylist, I can’t cut the effect of 50 yuan, because once a hairbook is more and more, the customer who receives a daily hairdressing staff is limited, in order to ensure it will not Fatigue, affecting the quality of the hair, will inevitably improve the hair price of this hairbook. \”

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