Do you make money in the shopping mall? (Do you make money in the children’s playground)

With the hot in the indoor children’s paradise market, there are many townships in the three or four-tune cities that have gradually started children’s paradise; the investment cost of the township opened children’s paradise is low, and it is fast, and it is concerned about many investors. How can I operate how to make money in the township of the three or fourth-tier cities?


Township Children’s Paradise Product Structure

The venue area of \u200b\u200bthe township children’s paradise is relatively small, general area is around 50-200 square meters, and the proposal for the play equipment (product) structure is Less and fine, you can attract children to play. Specifically, what kind of play is more suitable for your venue, to let the play equipment manufacturers customize you according to your research situation and needs.

Three-line townships compared to the different places of the first line of urban cities

The market environment in the county and township of the three-fourth-fourth-fourth-fourth-fourth-fourth-fourth-fourth-fourth-tier city and the market environment in the township and the first-tier cities are very different.

First consumer groups are different.

Most of the county of the three-fourth-fourth-tier city, most of the children of townships are brought up by grandparents or grandmother, and the child’s parenting concept and young parents have a big gap.

Second, the consumption level is different.

The consumption of townships is mainly high, and the city mainly is mainly high-end.

The last is different in the children’s paradise.

The urban area is guided by service, and the township is guided by the price.

Based on the above, how do you operate in the indoor children’s park in the town?

在三四线城市乡镇开儿童乐园,如何经营才能更赚钱? The marketing model of the township opening children’s paradise

1 In modern commercial competition, essential business means on modern shopping malls is to promote promotion, whether in which local operation, vigorously promote, widely, seize the eyeballs to attract customers is the first step to open the market .

2, marketing model suggestion is clear,

Due to the difference in customer group, the marketing method of the first and second-tier city children’s paradise is not applicable to the township, they prefer directly, like it is real Goods, gifts and price concessions.

A, should reduce the model of the voucher, and use more gifts. Nowadays, many operators are using vouchers, and still a full reduction method, however, this is very poor in the township market, should minimize the use of vouchers, even if they need to use, there is no use of consumption restrictions; 123]

B, more guest relationships, reduce marketing ingredients. Field activity marketing is a relatively good choice, it is more likely to pull the distance;

C, the promotion is simply, do not be too complicated. Grandparemai likes it directly, simpleActive way.For example, buy, full gift, cumulative gift, etc., simple and clear;

D, multi-purpose lottery method.It is worth noting that the prize of the lucky draw is the most common necessities, such as electric vehicles, rice cookers, hot kettles, electric fans, etc., mainly based on practical prizes.

3, the toll pricing is reasonable

Ticket pricing of the township children’s paradise must be reasonable, too high will refuse the customer, to set the consumption price in the township familyThe level that can be accepted, and the small profits can be attracted to more popularity.

Investors can examine the surrounding environment in advance, and determine how the tickets will be more acceptable and willing to consume.Taking into account the actual consumption capacity in the township, investors can prize the single charge of the playground between 10 to 30 yuan, if the sales month is mainly, the monthly card or 10 card can be priced at 150 ~ 300 yuan.The quarter card can be priced at 400 to 500 yuan.Specific needs need to be determined by local economic development.

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