Do you make money in the special car (do you make money in the car)

It has been a long time for the sharing of the network reception industry. It has talked the story of the driver and passengers, and also talked about driver income and shared the ordering skills. But for those who want to run online or just running online, the most concerned issue is still the end of the month, is it true? Do you have to work for so long?


On the week, Harbin is a business trip, and encountered a more enthusiastic Northeast driver. In a question with the master, I also collected a lot of useful information. . Today, take the perspective of the Northeast Net Tour Trip driver, what is the current situation of his true survival?

I just started noticed that master because it had a particularly special last name, surname. The mascher runs drops in Harbin, which has been two and a half years. The mascher said that although his time he ran was not long, it was actually a matter of \”webmark car\”, he is already concerned. At that time, I often saw online online, someone running a net to get 10,000 messages. At that time, his first reaction may be the same as most people. If he said that he said at the northeast at that time, he did not say that the month is five or six thousand, then the income is considerable.

滴滴司机真实生存现状如何?实访东北专车司机,这个收入什么水平 But under the temptation of \”high income\”, although the mascher said that he did not believe, privately, it was already in silently. Jun Shi said that this is now, he still repesed, and didn’t try it in the first time, missed the most profitable. It also listened to a friend’s suggestion, and finally made a determination to start running dripping. Now I have been a two-year drip special car now, I can run 15 ~ 20 orders every day, count the platform subsidies, reward, the monthly income is probably 8000 ~ 10,000 yuan.

The mascher is still more satisfied with his current income. He feels that the drop is a hard work, but it feels that the income and return is also worthy of his hard work, so it should continue to do this. Go down.

After the net approach, the mascher found that he still had two great changes. Before he said, he was most afraid of getting up, especially in winter, taking black and getting up. It’s hard to get it. But after starting the drip, now in order to catch a peak of the first wave of the morning, I will get up every time I don’t move. He said that we didn’t do it, but it was too lazy. Although now get up early, but in order to protect enough rest time, the rest will be very early, so he has developed a good habit of getting up early, even if the day is good.

The other clear change is that the passengers who serve the service, let their mentality have become better and better. The characteristics of the northeastern personality are a bit \”urgent fire\” This is also the true state of the jacket master to run the drip. You can’t get a single urgency, afraid that the passengers have been waiting for a long time.I am afraid that the traffic jam can not send the passengers to the destination as soon as possible … 滴滴司机真实生存现状如何?实访东北专车司机,这个收入什么水平

He said that he has ran thousands of orders now, and the mentality has changed, gradually turning from a \”violent\” to \”Buddha\” \”. He said that in fact, it will run for a long time, it will find that what is your attitude? There will be a lot of transient thinking. If you consider the passengers, you will suddenly find that the passenger’s attitude will change. Thank you, you will make everything very warm.

Summarize the drip experience of the jacket, the income of the Northeast is maintained at 8,000 ~ 10,000 yuan, and the car is 12 hours a day, and the car is 6 o’clock in the morning. After two hours at noon, the list will also find a local parking to rest for a while and then continue to run. At the time of the morning, the first eight nine passed the car home. The biggest change is the time and mentality, I feel that the income and hard work are basically proportional, so I plan to continue to run.

滴滴司机真实生存现状如何?实访东北专车司机,这个收入什么水平 This is probably the status quo of the northeast drip driver. Some people may say that a driver does not have representative, so in the time of business trip, I also contacted the northeast of the two running network. master. Since then, you will continue to share with you, bringing you a series of Northeast drivers, welcome everyone to pay attention!

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