Do you make money? Is it good to sell money?

With the disclosure of the listed company, some industries have come from good news, and there are also industry pressure, one of which is a seasoning industry. From the data released by each company, the overall growth of the condiment industry is weak, and the net profit of many companies will fall. The market can not help but ask, \”What happened to the seasoning industry?\” \”\” Is it a good business? \”

Looking back in 2020, the condiment industry can make a\” basin full \”. Just have more than half a year, how does the seasonings do not \”fragrant\”? The reason is related to the company’s own business strategy, more related to the industry. Many companies mentioned that the prices of upstream materials continue to rise, and the pressure of business operations increased, and the industry profits were squeezed. More importantly, the fission of new channels brings new challenges to the seasoning market.

Since the product value is relatively stable, the technical barrier is not high, the channel capacity has always been the key to the competition in the seasoning industry. For a long time, the condiment enterprises, especially several head enterprises, in large-scale commercial super-channel, and rely on large-scale advantages to occupy most of the shelves of Shangchao, and have harvested most of them. Some small and medium-sized brands are blocked outside the door due to powerful costs of unable tolerate commercial super channels.

However, this has changed these two years. Repeatedly affected by the new coronal pneumonia, the increase in home consumption, online consumption, community group purchase, live e-commerce rapidly, some \”boat tightening\” small and medium-sized brands rapidly, with shorter channel chains, lower commodity prices Waiting for the advantage, it is favored by consumers and has a large number of passenger flows from traditional flavoring brands. Organization estimates, this year, community group purchase channels are expected to deliver more than 10% of the sales of soy sauce.

Channel cracking is increased cost, causing part of the company’s performance in some heads. From the past experience, there is no shortage because the channel crisis evolves into a precedent of brand crisis. Therefore, whether it can successfully embrace new channels, develop more diversified marketing methods, is the key to some condiment listed companies to reverse the decline and revitalize performance.

For some headers, this is not an easy task. The last mature business model is now a transformation, there is a difficult difficulties waiting for the company to overcome, for example, the distributor’s high stock needs to be diges; the company manager and distributor have to break the network to be broken; refactor distributor architecture, re-re- Layout logistics network, meant to invest more costs; new channel transportation has new requirements for product materials, shapes, etc.

But the reform must always experience the pain. The condiment is a \”long-distance industry\”. The product price is low, the market capacity is large, the consumer is sticky, and the future is still full of unlimited possibilities, who can grasp Opportunity, look for the direction, surprisingly winning.

There have been \”not afraid of pain\” to adjust sales channels in a timely manner, actively explore social network new retail channels such as community group purchase and hanging, and realize the market share of the market share. It can be seen that only follow the market, brave enough to break the rules, constantly self-leather, can win in the competitionLet seasonings \”long-lasting smelt\”.(Li Huawei Source: Economic Daily)

Source: Economic Daily

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