Do you make money on behalf of the driving?

Add a drop drop, do you earn one to 20,000 yuan in a month?

滴滴代驾月入1-2万靠谱吗? First, you have to meet the basic conditions of the drip, the driver’s license is less than five years, there is a major accident, there is a criminal study If you don’t apply, you can’t apply for bad habits. If you have a tattoo, there is a bad odor, and you can’t apply it.

If the above is in line, the joining dripping is first to carry out the field road test, each time 180 yuan, and did not pay 180 yuan.

滴滴代驾月入1-2万靠谱吗? First buy a good equipment first, like a folding car, helmet, clothes, gloves, cushions, etc. These things can get more than 3,000, as for the specific driving Years, the drip is to extract 20% of your water as a management fee, and the rest is your own, the billing standard of dripping, will charge according to different time periods.

Overall, a master earned 1 to 20,000 yuan in a month when it is in the peak season.

Use 3000 yuan to buy equipment, join the drip driver, do you think it is reliable? 滴滴代驾月入1-2万靠谱吗?

Pay attention to small 5, small 5 is only dry. ! !

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