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Twenty years ago, I have launched the \”Chinese version of the Barke\” carving hour bookstore in Beijing; now, The five-way mouth came out of the largest chain pub, which is also the name of \”Night Starbucks\”, but it is more far better than the engraving time.

It is also a chain store located in the young people’s social space. The five-way shop of the time bookstore is closed, and the historical stage is exited. The Yelen’s profits last year rose 44.78%, and under the premise of almost no capital boost, the fire rushed to the capital market and will go to Hong Kong.

This location is remote, the cheap tavern is doing, what is the young consumer group after 95, and why do you prefer a bistro?

The faucet of the five-way mouth

Nan Lin Zhi Sichun Road, Beiji No. 2 Flag, Xi Zhongguancun, Eight University, surrounded by side, five oral oily \”folk Silicon Valley \”The\” Cosmic Center \”is called. During the day, there is a wide discussion here, and there are three or five complexs in the evening at night.

This is the most literary gas zone in Beijing, but also the starting point for countless people.

In 2009, the five mouthway ushered in the entrepreneurial recruitment Xu Bingzhong. He became a scout, did the security, went to the grass, lived in the basement, and also opened a pub in Laos. After returning, he took the entrepreneurial stage to the five mouths. Here the bar culture is strong but the rent is high, and it is a cave that many start-up companies have just

In order to save rent, Xu Bingzhong deliberately sites in the remote intersection of the downtown, rent is 200,000 yuan per month; and the rental area of \u200b\u200b500 meters, the rent is as high as more than 2 million yuan. This is very proud of Xu Bingzhong. He once said that Helen Division is very good at \”choose the worst position, but can explode business.\” His open bar, interior uses Southeast Asian art elements, miscellaneous Chinese minority style, decoration is not luxurious, but people are bright.

At the beginning, Xu Bingzhong set the target customer as a group of international students, found a few old foreign flyers, advertising, and time delivery, although there is no group singer, there is no darts. Recreational projects of board games, but many foreigners like to sit on this chat and drink, drink a few cups, relieved the country, not long, the study stream is almost \”no one knows the Helen Si\”.

This early customer gradually laid the brand adjustment of Helen’s brand, that is to build a young man feels relaxed. Free atmosphere.

Overseas driftThe experience of Mooring also makes Xu Bingzhong noticed that domestic bar generally priced high, very low-cost bar. He is anti-its road, the main cost performance, controlling the price of the wine within 10 yuan. The price is low and adjacent to the university city, and the figure of more and more Chinese students will begin to appear in Helen. 一年赚8亿,定位95后年轻人,小酒馆是门值得做的生意吗?

The pricing low can attract a large number of passenger flow, but it also brings a problem, how to ensure the profit and gross profit margin?

Xu Bingzhong’s magazine is to develop its own brand products, cut off the cost of middlemen and channels. Human costs are also as possible to compress, do not sell complex cooked food, only provide snacks such as peanuts, spicy strips, save the kitchen cost. At the same time, the store has expanded from the three-four-tours such as the Northangchu, and the rent cost will naturally fall.

Helen’s cost control is also reflected in many details, such as developing a central music management system, replacing the restrooms in the field with intelligent music library, support scanning code payment, and reduced the position of wine Wait. In order to further improve the profitability and operational efficiency, the Helen Si will adjust the franchise mode to the direct mode.

In fact, the choice of Xu Bingzhong accurately caught the emotional preferences and consumption psychology of young people. Starting in 2018, Helen Si entered a crazy expansion period, and the number of stores in 2018 increased to 337 in 2020, and the market share is in the publisher industry.

From the perspective of business performance, Helen’s performance is also very bright. In 2018, in 2019, in 2020, the revenue achieved by Helen Division was 115 million yuan, 565 million yuan, respectively. 818 million yuan, the annual complex growth rate reached 166.9%. At present, Helen Division has submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and it is expected to pick \”the first share of China Chain Pub.\”

It is worth mentioning that the Helen Secret is only open to the outside of the market. In February of this year, Helen Division completed the first round of financing, UNHID 307.94 million, Golden Golden Ten Dollar. In other words, there is no relying on financing, the Helen Secretary is run wild, and the door of the capital market is.

Why did young people fell in love with a tall restaurant?

Helenshi is located in young people, especially college groups. They pursue freedom, and they are also prejugged to familiar, and have a sense of security.

As the economic level is improved, the per capita consumption level is improved, and the Chinese pub industry is showing huge development prospects and market space. According to Froster Shariti, the total revenue of the Chinese pub industry has increased from 84.4 billion yuan in 2015, has increased to 117.9 billion yuan in 2019, and the composite growth rate is 8.7%. As of the end of 2019, the number of Chinese pubsThe amount has been 35,000 in 2015, an increase in 42,000 in 2019, and the annual composite growth rate reached 5%.

Youngization is becoming an important development direction of the wine market. After 90 and 95, it has gradually become the main force of market consumption, women consumers and small towns are also consumer groups that cannot be ignored. There is data showing that in 2020 Shanghai night consumption, the surpassment of scenes of wine is the highest, and the contribution rate in consumer scenes such as food, bars, etc. after 90 have reached 60%.

After coffee, milk tea and other tracks into white heat competition, all players are eager to attack the huge consumer group by expanding the social scene, taking the wonderful consumer group, and attacking the daughter.

In August 2020, the Starbucks \”Coffee Praise\” concept store reloaded in Beijing Kerry Center, the concept shop adopted a double design, one layer is a coffee drink area, two layers It is the \”Bar Mixato\” that is upgraded, and Starbak hopes to provide customers with a fusion experience of coffee and wine.

The corporate of the milk tea is not willing to show a slice. Last year, Naixue launched Naikue Wine House \”Bla Bla Bar\” in Beijing, Shenzhen, and served on 25-35 years old to provide night consumption scenarios. In addition, the young tea is also opened in Beijing Wukesong, and opened a drink area in the second floor. Hot pot brands are also open \”Hot Pot + Treasure\” in Beijing Sanlitun, and use hot pot, milk tea, and pub.

Young people are becoming the bistro. Compare the mainstream bars of the main hormonal economy, the atmosphere of Helen Sissers, more pure, warm.

Helen Si Wei Gongcun store is located next to the Webergar Community of Haidian District, which is a quiet residential area, and it is less than ten minutes to reach the Central University for Nationalities. Beijing Institute of Technology. University. However, I have to walk through a narrow and twist alley, I can find a signboard. At first glance, the door face has no next chain home and the Mid Benlison facilitated shop.

This home looks flatly small shop, is very popular, at 9 o’clock in the evening, and Three or three two or two customers come, sit in the door of the store.

Amao is the frequent visitor here, this time he is waiting together with three students. They often come to Helen, because there are no other entertainment venues nearby, he frankly \”in fact, the Helen Division is not advanced, but very atmosphere, is our small circle gathering.\” This kind of atmosphere is also the Haili, which is the community that is about to make the store, turning the Helen to a platform.The social brand under the line.

This shop is placed in both hands with ten Buddha statues, but also a poster of Mike Jackson, a mixed collision with different cultural temperament. There is no stage and real music performance, only the background music of the automatic play, dozens of wooden small dining tables account for most venues, and customers are chatting with a table for three or two, playing poker, shaking the dice, punching, playing king, social atmosphere. strong.

, with the expansion of college students, the continuous growth of college students, the potential consumer groups of taverns such as Helen Si also are also growing.

Xero Le Le believes that the study must be speaking, and the tall farmer is provided by a \”slow\” life atmosphere under the pressures of fast-paced life. After 95, young people love to go to the Pub because it provides such scenarios: comfortable set, soothing music, relaxed atmosphere, a habitat of exhausted urban people.

By emphasizing the social atmosphere of social atmience, the tall farm management cross-table, emphasizes the atmosphere of the same type, and avoids high consumption and risks of the night field. A relatively attractive to students, low and low-income people, no minimum consumption, starting bills, atmosphere for women, is also a relatively safe and friendly pub scene.

Another industry also said that wine in the bar is a bottle of wine, but the young people pay more attention to the process and atmosphere of drinking, this is Interpersonal communication is also alleviating stress and relaxation, even emotional vent. This \”cool point\” and \”itching\” demand is required to have a space, a time, and the demand for the warehouse consumption.

While building social scenes, the Helen Sussey and other taverns are also trying to provide young people’s favorite products. In addition to traditional wine such as beer, cocktails, foreign wine, Helen Sisse, is also provided with strawberries, peaches, etc., to meet the consumption trend of fruity beer. In the Haili wine flagship store, the beer and fruit beer have contracted two sales of sales. In addition, products with social attributes such as whiskey colables, hunch, etc. also are welcome. 一年赚8亿,定位95后年轻人,小酒馆是门值得做的生意吗?

Point out that the advantage of Helen Division is a high cost-effective product portfolio, a high market share. The future development will depend on whether the brand and efficiency is moving forward. \”Commercial model in chain mode, once single stores can do, form size effects, the biggest challenge next is the team’s organization, that is, how to build team, cultivate and organize talents, maximize grassroots employees.\” Investors focusing on consumer tracks.

He further explained that a good store manager, a good team, with a good store, a good profit of a single store, if the brand influence of the chain is not established, for the team The dependence is stronger, and a good storeman can directly affect whether the single store is profitable. 一年赚8亿,定位95后年轻人,小酒馆是门值得做的生意吗?

However, from the external environment, the Chinese pub industry is still quite scattered. The total market share of the top five companies is less than 3%. With the promotion of industry concentration, the pubs industry must also It will usher in a fierce market competition, and the narrowed enterprises in the harming of Helens, or will bring a small challenge.

Wang Chikun told Ai Finance and Economic Society, the wine market is in the growth stage of the industry life cycle, in which this stage, the investment has increased rapidly, and the consumption demand has increased rapidly. The market is in an incremental stage. The threshold is initially established, and the industry head is gradually formed. In the future, the wine industry will enter maturity, the market will step into the market stage, and the challenge for merchants is how to fight in the upcoming stock market to win greater market share.

Helen Division is committed to providing universal social space and is similar to a \”heterogeneous starbuck\”. But in fact, before the Helen Division, it was once the positioning of the macques, and the carving time bookstore in the five mouths has fallen. Can Helen Sissers write a new \”night starbucks\” story with a biser, but also worth looking forward to.

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