Do you make money out of the stone?

Yugong ax opens the hills splitter adopts user-friendly use, with small size, light weight, compact structure. Make sure that its method is simple and easy to learn, only single operation; in indoor or narrow venues can be easily removed; optional remote operation, while it can also be underwater

hydraulic cleft The main areas of the great field

Suitable for a variety of hard rocks, rock, volcanic, quartz, basalt, quartz flavor, silica, sandstone, limestone, Dali rock, Dolomites, Huangli Wait. The big square stone is silent, the broken hammer does not move, the expansion agent is not open, the splitter is slow, and the split stick is selected.



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Yugong ax squat is a solution, first to play a plurality of holes in the vertical and horizontal direction of the rock, such as the mining of a stone with a length of 10 meters wide and 6 meters high, to hit 40 The hole has a total length of more than 310 meters. After the subsequent stone is often broken into a lot of blocks, so that the utilization rate of the stone is less than 30%. That is, the mining stone is a fee, and it is a great waste of resources. ?? The principle of work is supplied with the hydraulic station to the pressure oil to split. Open, we use the granite granite as an example to describe the use of the splitter. First, let’s take a look at the mining process to make a hole every 0.5 meters every 0.5 meters of the stone surface of the mining, then put it, so that the stone is separated from the mountain. Hydraulic splicing rock rupture machine is a new type of unbalanced removal machinery and equipment, compared with the operation, simple operation, high operation efficiency, low cost, energy saving, energy saving and other advantages. Using hydraulic splicing hard stones, it is characterized by fast speed, and the oil pressure is adjustable. Its power is only 4 kW, the single-machine splitting force can reach 1000, one machine can bring more, can be pre-accurately split in the direction, the cleavage shape, and the required size, the cleavage accuracy is high, and the split can be completed in seconds. And can continue to work continuously, high efficiency, operation and low operation and cost. 你相信能不用炸药大方量开石头吗?教程来了


The device destroyed rock, in the past mine, engineering construction, to put it. For the main mining, there is a lot of unnecessary people casualties. Nowadays, construction site requires no pollution, no pollution, high, high coefficient engineering equipment and technologies, and it is unable to operate. Construction, in many ways. In 2009, due to the hazardous to make the item, it is possible to make a batch of the rock.It is difficult to get difficult. In fact, the fact that the mountaineering clearance did this, the light is in the first half of 2016, and nearly 100,000 projects solved the rules of the stone, and was recognized by the depth of the most individual bosses.

1. In addition to the high delivery efficiency, take granite as an example, an hour 80-200 square, a class 900 party, the guarantee calculation. 2. Bacter-cost, in addition to buying equipment. 100 yuan electricity bill (electric) and less than 200 yuan for electricity (electricity) are required, and an artificial ordinary artificial operation is required. 3. Fast, a hole classification speed is less than two minutes, unlike the weather, the construction is convenient, and the weather is hot. 4. The machine wear is more than 30,000 tests, hydraulic warranty for 10 years. 你相信能不用炸药大方量开石头吗?教程来了

Okarta-axle splitter drill a fixed diameter and hole, in part of the machine, the intermediate wedge in the hydraulic pressure, the two reverse wedges . Ladyda 2480 puts rock and concrete structures from the inside, and there will be cracks in a few seconds.



Hydraulic splitter is a hole in advance through the rig and then bleces well. Separate the rock from the inside. Unity is unity, it will not be dispersed. Rocks can be opened in a few minutes, which greatly saves time and cost.

Hydraulic splitter grasps the characteristics of rock and concrete, which can be designed with the principle of wedges-can release greatly splitting in the narrow hole.


The hydraulic splitter consists of two parts of the pumping station and the fragmentation, and the high-pressure oil output by the pumping station is operated by the pumping station, which generates a huge thrust to drive the intermediate in the wedge group. The wedge extends forward, and the reverse wedge is opened to both sides, that is, the divided object can be divided.

Split rod and name the stone machine is a machine for material, mostly used in construction, decoration, engineering construction, ore mining.

你相信能不用炸药大方量开石头吗?教程来了 The split rod consists of hydraulic power station and two parts, and the split rod is generated by the oil-driven cylinder output by the pump station, and the object can be fed in a predetermined direction after mechanical amplification. . The hydraulic station supplies 60MPa hydraulic oil to the upper, which can generate a tens of thrust. The split rod pushes the clarifier to expand between two sides, and the expansion is reached several hundred, thereby separating the object from the interior. The split rod is mainly used for the second disintegration of building stone mining operations, the secondary disintegration of the ore (metal ore, non-metallic mine); the concrete components (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridge and housing components) are local and all operations Comparison, the machine has a simple structure, convenient operation, high operating efficiency, low cost, energy saving, energy saving, etc.

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