Do you really be shameful?Come over: I can’t make money.

# 做 商 人 人 #

Friends Xiaoli is 30 years old, the original work is to do the apparel industry. Because these years, the industry is not booming, plus the birth of a child, she chose a bare speaker, and intends to engage in micro-commercial.

However, in addition to lover, many relatives around me not suggest that she is working in micro-commerce, and I feel like this work.

Xiaoli is really not understood, \”How do you do it?\”

She knows that I am a professional planning, so I call me, I want to hear this. View of things.

In this, I personally talked about three points for her reference.

First, doing any legitimate occupation

About the work of micro business, although I have not worked, there are several friends who are engaged in this field. In my opinion, such a profession is very normal and is not shameful. 做微商真的很丢人吗?过来人:赚不到钱才丢人

The nature of micro-business, it is to be the mode of online sales, because there is no need to rent a physical store, so the investment requirements of operators are relatively low.

But in the Internet, online sales have a very broad prospect. As long as you do the micro-business business, there is no shame of people.

As for the little friend, some relatives and friends feel shameful, more is also subjective ahead. I feel that this work is not fixed enough, and the source of income is not stable enough, so I will describe it with two words \”shame\”.

Combined with the actual situation of Xiaoli, her past clothing industry is not booming, the children are young, and they are doing well in the home to do well, which can be exposed to society. You can subsidize your home, and you don’t understand why people will block her to engage in micro.

Second, the specific situation of work will inform the body

Some people feel that they are doing micro-business, their roots are caused by their do not understand the work.

For example, some people have this evaluation like this, or other people around you think that it is not good to do with the wind.

做微商真的很丢人吗?过来人:赚不到钱才丢人 Xiaoli wants to resolve the misunderstanding of people around, is the best way to let them understand what is what they are working.

Especially the parents, relatives, these closest people, on the one hand, care about their work, on the other hand, regardless of the unfamiliar things as a flood beast.

I suggest Xiao Li to take advantage of the opportunity of the family, give you the knowledge and business model related to the minor merchants.

Once you know about the micro-business, their views naturally change.

After all, in China, we also see a lot of things in violation.

Third, consider the labor workLong-term development

Xiaoli currently barely speaking at home, and take care of the child, at this time, she is a good choice to engage in micro business.

But whether Xiao Li is ready for a lifetime, from a long-term perspective of professional planning?

By communication with her, I think it has not been thinking very well.

First, if the merchant’s earning efficiency is not good, especially when it is much lower than the previous work income, will she produce a given idea?

Secondly, the domestic competition of micro-commercial is also increasingly fierce, and in the future, it is necessary to develop problems in the future. 做微商真的很丢人吗?过来人:赚不到钱才丢人

I have a friend around me to do micromarkers in the past, and later made a trading company underline. These are all successful cases that can be used.

So Xiaoli should think about the long-term path when carrying out the micro-commerce, not a hard-working tide, and is not good and disappointed. Isn’t that a tongue of others?

Write in the last

I want to have many friends who have heard or get into contact with the micro business, doing micro business is so shameful? In my opinion, you can’t make money is shameless, not to make micro-business!

How do you see this? Welcome to the commentation message discussion.

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