Do you sell the stone in the mountain?


Qilu Net Zazhuang City May 10, Zaozhuang City, China, China, Dongshan Yin Village, Wang Xiuqin, was once a private boss. More than ten years ago, she and her husband contracted the village, opened the mountain, selling stones, and earned hundreds of thousands. However, this money Wang Xiuqin is not comfortable, and every day, in addition to the noise, it is dust, and the original green hills will become a stone wall of the grass.

关停旧矿山开起农家乐,看矿山之城枣庄如何实现绿色转身 In recent years, Zaozhuang City concentrated on the city’s open-air small mine, Wang Xiuxi’s limestone mine was also shut down. No need to endure noise and dust, but Wang Xiuqin has lost its economic source. What I didn’t expect Wang Xiuqin that the Land Bureau made money, sent people on the stone wall of the mine, and the small trees on the terraces and species were filled with a few big pits under the foot of the mountain. The green mountain is Jinshan Yinshan. What happens to Wang Xiuqin that the environment is good, there is a tourist. Now Wang Xiuqin planted a lotus and raised fish in the old mine, ready to start farmhouse, relying on the beautiful environment in the mountains.

Zaozhuang City is a resource-depleted city identified by the State Council. How can I let the exhausted mines become green and green mountains, and become a Jinshan Yinshan? These years have many successful explorations: transform coal gangue into national mine parks, transform iron mine into the Tang Dam in Irrigation. In order to fix the results of these explorations, Zaozhuang City also took the lead in the province to formulate local regulations \”Zaozhuang City Municipal Slam Protection Ordinance\”, which will be announced one by one. 关停旧矿山开起农家乐,看矿山之城枣庄如何实现绿色转身

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