Do your hand to make money at home (you can make money at home)

This is a fan of fans. The current market is handless, it can be said that there is a mixed bead, which has a lot of defrauding money, so that the participants are deeply harmed. Then, what is the reliable handmade can be done in the current market? I recommend some here, only for the investigation.


Vine table and chair

This hand-lived is more reliable, and the general hairbook is a finished shelf, finished Teng line. This is based on the part, and the general skilled worker can earn a hundred dollars a day. At present, this kind of artificial rattan chair is light and simple. Close to nature. The rattan chair breathable, elastic, and the characteristics of winter warm summer, and the appearance is beautiful, very numerous, especially the summer is very popular. Therefore, now the market, this part of the outsourced processing is much more, and it is also very reliable.

目前市场上,有哪些靠谱的手工活可以做?推荐一下 Handmade shoes

This generally some of the post-processes of some treasures, as long as it does not charge any margin in advance, it is generally more reliable. Handmade underwear is currently favored by consumers in the market. In a mature manual hand, a pair of cloth insoles can only be created, which requires the patience and carefulness of manual, and also Have mature skills. If this hand work is made, it is not a problem, and it is not a problem for one or two or three hundred yuan.


目前市场上,有哪些靠谱的手工活可以做?推荐一下 This is also a handmade product that is currently working frequently from a treasure shop. It is also more reliable. As the Macrame rope in recent years, the shape is more variable and practical. The rope can be handicapped and easy to pick up, as long as the foundation rope is mastered. The basic junctions of the rope are divided into flat, oblique rolls, etc.

LED light assembly

Nowadays, in this area, there are many scammers, which is generally playing \”United Office, package technology, package equipment, Advertising, including the words, including the package, package sales, etc., all this type, basically 100% is a liar. In fact, there are now many regular brand manufacturers, still doing LED outsourcing processing business, such companies focus on the Pearl River Delta area, is not a liar, to be subject to their own field investigation. 目前市场上,有哪些靠谱的手工活可以做?推荐一下


This is in the market for many years, and it is also a mixed bead, pay attention to discern. The main product of the general beaded strings is a car pendant, what is the decoration of the home, this processing fee is generally calculated, how much is the series? This is very slow, but it takes time, a series of handful of hand-held costs, it is very suitable for some treasures to send time at home, I hope to make big money, almost impossible.Emphasize, pay attention to distinguish fraud, it is generally lie.


In summary, the above market is handless, as long as you don’t encounter a liar, it is generally more reliable.The method of identifying the liar is actually very simple, that is, do not pay the margin or deposit.I will share this with you today, thank you for reading.

I am an entity economic watchman, pay attention to me, and more entrepreneurial knowledge is shared with you.

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