Doctor earns money (doctoral matters)

International students, especially doctoral students

There are many part-time jobs that can be done in the UK ~


Chinese Restaurant, Super Chao

£ 8 / hour

If you just earn some money, go to the Chinese supermarket, Chinese restaurant work is a major choice for international students.

Most of these places, mostly the Chinese and Chinese students, communication and exchanges are definitely no problem, nor does it need to pay taxes, usually buy things with employees, sometimes packaged Things go home, but maybe salary is lower than the general part-time.

Looking for this type of work, you can ask the advertisement in our school, or ask a shop in a store, the manager will let you leave the contact information, then notify you what Time to work.

I suggest that everyone will go to the store to ask, maybe I can ask for a salary on the spot, what is the tipping? More secure relative to the information in the WeChat group.

If you want to come into contact with local people’s life circle, integrate into true British life, you can find a part-time job for the staff of the British shop and restaurant.

You can post the information of the store door, the posts of the school website, or other job hunting sites, such as Indeed websites. The school will also give some part-time suggestions, but looking for a job mainly relying on yourself.

Bank, financial institution

If it is a marketing class, fashion class, etc. You can also find the relevant part-time jobs through these websites, or you can come to the official website of your favorite brand, will also have an enlightenment.

The classmates of financial class don’t need to worry, and the general cities such as London, Manchester, Newcastle will have banks or financial institutions with internship opportunities for students. The only thing that needs to coordinate may be the distance and time cost.

If you are in small cities, you may need to consider whether you need to rent a house for this internship.

However, this kind of work is more than the restaurant when the waiter brushs the disk, and it is generally no energy to do in the semester. Our classmates usually start writing the paper. Will find this kind of internship.

123] 4

I have done the monitoring work

£ 1 / hour

[ 123] If you are worried about the part-time job you find, and you want to integrate into the British campus life, the school will also provide many student work work.

But relative requirements will be more stringent, and China’s opportunities for students are relatively small. The school may give priority to students and native language is English.

However, the part-time job between the Ph.D. is actually more than the Shuo.

Some work that does not require professional skills, such as invigilation, salary will be higher than part-time, but very guilty. The school will be unified to these part-time staff and unified arrangements. When you are invoified, you can’t watch your mobile phone, read your book, do your own business, you have to serve and students. In foreign countries, the school is very concerned about students’ psychology and health. For students with special requirements, you may need a one-on-one service, accompany him, and pay attention to can’t hurt students.

If there is no restrictions on the working hours of international students, this type of work is a nice choice for short-term earnings.


I have done the assistant work

£ 15 / hour

There is also a class of part-time jobs, which is to help the teacher to help the teaching.

The work content of the assistant may include teaching SEMINAR, score, Q \u0026 A and preparation of teaching materials. Teachers will have a request for assistants, and apply for an interview, and to ensure active communication during work.

In most cases, the three-year-old student is not teaching because there is no knowledge accumulation and teaching experience. For example, our school will train students’ teaching capabilities in the first year, plus the final simulation lecture assessment. When you have passed the first year, you will have your own information to HR, if you have a need for help, you will notify you to apply.

Some teachers will send internal advertisements in the college. You can also consult your mentor, whether their teaching work needs assistance.

I have done research assistant work

£ 15 / Hr

another schoolPart-time is a research assistant.

Work content includes finishing literature, doing research, finding data, and data pretreatment.

If you feel that you are studying, it is a good opportunity to exercise research capabilities. Because there are objectives and stress, you will quickly master some research skills in the short term.

There are many opportunities for research assistants, but the specific nature and work content have a big difference, some people may work one-stop, work in one-time, even only repeated mechanical work. Some people may have been working for this study in the next two or three years.

So, it is recommended that it is the best research assistant for this major or related research, it will be very beneficial to yourself.

Certain research assistants will be more robbing, the earlibition, the sooner, the sooner, the soony, and will increase your might hiring.

International students do part-time precautions

International students do part-time work in the UK, Pay attention to some details.

Special pay special attention to the working time requirements on the visa.

If it is not working in the Chinese restaurant and superior work, it is a need for assistant or research assistant, you need to be reported to your mentor.

These work also require you to apply for the National Insurance Number for the United Kingdom. Your employer will determine if you need to pay according to your salary. However, the part-time remuneration of the general students is not reached. So, when you apply for a job, you can start to apply for National Insurance Number at the same time, without waiting for this account to find a job. The content of the specific application can be found and appointing on UK. GOV, then take information to Job Plus application. If you encounter a peak period, you may need to wait for a month. After the application, the National Insurance Number is also required to wait for three weeks. Therefore, it is possible still necessary to consider time difference.

Before looking for part-time job, still want to clear, why do you need part time?

Yes, earning some foreign fast subsidies, or accumulating experience, or future official work must require internship experience, part-time is to work for future workBase.

But remember, learning and graduation is the top priority, to consider whether to find a part-time job within the scope of your own force, what kind of part-time job is looking for.

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