Does home mother dumplings make money (self-service dumplings make money)

With the rise of the buffet, the buffet has become the first choice for many people’s friends. Many people are going to eat back to the attitude.

The type of buffet is now more and more, including self-control hot pot, buffet barbecue, self-service dumplings, etc. And some stores are very cheap. In the face of more customers who have mastered the \”Eat\” Raiders, these buffet restaurants are not only being eaten, and the more you are.


What do they rely on making money?

Today, I will introduce you to a dumplings near our dumplings. Each one requires only 20 yuan, which is very cheap.

People who often eat buffet know that the general buffet prices are around 40 yuan, and a good seafood buffet is also 100, two hundred yuan. Under normal circumstances, we go to the dumplings, click on a pound of dumplings, and there is a price of about 30 yuan, and some people have a big amount of people.


The price of this restaurant is 20 yuan, so many people are worried, is the store not to be done?

When we went to eat, when we went to eat, drink a few cups together, and the boss is frankly \”with confidence.\” The boss gave us a bill, assume his dumplings. A cost is about two cents, our normal people’s food is about 30 dumplings, even if the amount of food is large, 50 are also full of full.

Calculating a person less than ten dollars, and many people come to eat, and sometimes drink some drinks, the wine drink in the store is another charge. This part of the profits are also very large, so after a year, the boss has already earned a lot of money, we don’t have to worry about the owner.

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