Does the interpretation make money (how much is interpreting one month

The light is bright, the driving mouth makes money, the salary of others, the income of the interpreter is / or minutes. I am in the translation industry, I often say that customers say, wow, you translate make money too easy, talk about chatting and chatting.


Really? Translation workers really have a loose outside, is it easy to look? Today, I will tell you the \”five flavors\” of interpretation work with a professional translator.

Translation work is divided into interpreting and translation, whether interpretation and translation actually act as a \”language barrier eliminator\” role. The translation work is today, but today, the interpretation, generally speaking, the current interpretation has three forms: simultaneous interpretation, alternating interpretation, and liaison interpretation.

The same voice is within 2-3 seconds of the speaker, and the translator must be synchronous translation. At the same time, he will listen to his sentence, and then Continue translation, so this must be \”one heart\”. Most of the time in the same way in the same way is in the \”same mapping\”, which is the \”small black box\” in many conferences. A simple hike meeting requires at least 2 interpreters, and change every 20-30 minutes. In fact, it is a very hard work that is very hard, because your brain must maintain a high concentration in the work, do not allow a situation to open a small difference, otherwise it is easy to miss the speaker during the translation process. Information. This is also very easy to explain why the interpreter is gently phenomenon. In addition, it is necessary to make a lot of preparation before the same pass. The so-called \”one minute of the stage, the end of the stage\” is used to describe this industry.

口译员真能轻松“日进斗金”?真实的情况是这样的 Alternate interpretation, that is, the \”crossing\” that we often say, this translation form is that when the speaker speaks After a large paragraph, the interpreter began to translate. So, how do I remember how the speaker is in the translation of the translation? 1. Rely on the memory of the brain, we need a lot of \”non-note-free repertoire\” or \”non-note\” training before embossed the interpretation post, which is a boring and high-intensive training, 2. With \”interpretation Notebook, which usually records some special interpreters to help the interpreter memories. In fact, whether it is not a notes, it is not repeatedly practiced with the training of notes, and there is no way to achieve accurate and smooth translation in the translation site.

The third form is to contact the interpretation, commonly known as the translation, this translation form is common in tourism visits or exhibition, ie two people are During the process of dialogue, you have a translation form. Relatively speaking is the simplest type

The above is a common form in interpreting work. These three work forms correspond to different work income, with the highest income is the same as the same sound translation, of course, the most hard-working personnel require the highest complianceSecond, the maximum test of the interpretator is alternating interpretation, the maximum test of the interpreter is higher, because the relationship between time, the translator’s content translation accuracy is 70% ~ 80% is already a highThe standard of the horizontal is, and the requirements of the passing will be more stringent. The simplest is the third form, and of course the income is the lowest in these three types.

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