Dong Xin proxy policy analysis!Dong Xinmun natural skin care products are enrolled in the country!

Hello, I am Dong Xin National Acting, Heart: hui1058491494

Many treasure moms, pregnant moms said to me to make milk powder, also want to use safe skin care products It is mainly pregnant, I don’t dare to use any skin care products. Every day, it is more rough than the man. I have encountered it. I have seen it. Now I still have a lot of additives in the market. Now I have food additives. Don’t pay attention, affecting yourself and unborn baby, how much loss! Of course, Mi Xue dare to say to you, come to use Dong Xin, your safety and beauty, I am responsible, I want to make money, I will pull you. Together, my team awareness is very strong, forever and the agent of the customer!

How did Dong Xin agent?

1 ~ 1000 yuan to take the goods goods ➕ 300 yuan margin to successfully upgrade to the agent (the guarantee is not in the price, do not do it at any time)

2 ~ Dong Xin agent can send warm Acting rights, not only skin care, make-up. Health, baby products, daily necessities, collagen, magic box, men’s skin care, whitening tablets, probiotics, bicycles due to time masks, children’s probiotics and other new products are still updated!

3 ~ Pure natural, safe and secure

Doing a proxy side to share me, I want to say that the benefits are the money 2 to make money is so simple! 0 Franchise fee, 0 membership fee, 0 threshold, 0 generation fee, also 0 counter coupons, 0 designated money, 1000 of the agent is the goods, all according to the agent price, is so simple and transparent.

For details, please consult the national agent: hui1058491494

About everyone’s question, let’s unify:

First, everyone can rest assured to make Dong Xin agent, we Without a circuit, it is simple to sell money, the national official unified retail price, there is anti-counterfeiting on the goods, to prevent chartered goods, the latest version of the APP has been launched, saving a lot of steps to agents

Second, Dong Xin agent is divided into three levels, levels, secondary, three, no complex agency system, no too many middlemen earn differences, choose a product, a brand is acting, it is actually important See product quality, company’s prospects, company leaders’ decision. Third, Dong Xin is a group to buy five insurance and one gold to the agent, because we have to do a hundred years of business, not a micro-commercial explosion, so the quality of the product is the first, only 0 addition, you can eat Natural skin care products, after joining Dong Xin agent, 60 products (skin care makeup daily clean) have no agent fees, direct payment, and there is no loss.

For details, please consult the national agent: hui1058491494

The little friends have to ask Dong Xinyi, where is it just want to say , One flower and one treeGrass a wooden, the big charm is simple, protect your skin, doing real improvingAll good in pureness, good in the sustain of the skin, maybe you have used a lot of big cards.It doesn’t have the result you want, and you can’t ordered someone else. I can only say that Dong Xin has other people.Compared with the ingredients, Dong Xin made the flower and herbs around us, 0 preservatives, 0 additives, 0 flavors, 0 alcohol, 0 copper, 0 mercury, 0 lead … If we find usThings such as heavy metals, we will not be a business, and Dong Xin will not go to the skin care industry …

For details, please consult the national agent: hui1058491494


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