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Living in the countryside should pay attention, some people fight the name of the medical insurance electronic voucher, defraud the personal information of the villagers, and this \”village push\” has been exposed, I don’t know friends. This content is specific to everyone.

The cause of things is the police in Guizhou, Guangxi, which cracked the case of illegal access to villagers’ important personal information, mainly relying on the way \”village push\”, borrowing free activation of medical electronic vouchers, wearing imitation uniforms, I defraud the trust of the local village committee with fake working documents, as well as the fake medical insurance bureau.

Then put the office space in the village committee office, so that the villagers were really difficult to distinguish. Subsequently, these information is sold to others by obtaining the personal information of the villagers. The personal information of the villagers is also used by others to register a new account of various software, and destroy the legitimate rights and interests of the villagers.

According to the data released by the police, these \”Village Push\” gangs have obtained the mobile phone number and personal information of the 14 million people, and registered all kinds of web accounts 10 through these personal information. More than 10,000, illegal profit of more than 10,000 yuan.


After reading the above, it is estimated that many friends will have questions, such as what is illegal \”village push\”? What is a medical insurance electronic voucher? Why didn’t the village cadres found a scam? The following is detailed with you.

What is illegal \”Village\”

According to the actual situation, these illegal \”village push\” teams are generally in the county and cities, and then to promote the promotion of the village, such as a few Individual is responsible for which counties and cities, then planning the route, from which villages start, after this village, which village is going to, to change a shot, change the case.

These illegal \”village push\” teams will generally conduct simple training in advance, but the training process is very simple, and it is simple to learn, which leads to a low threshold, and make simple copy of the crime. The catch has brought certain difficulties.

What is a medical insurance electronic voucher? 新农合缴费的村民注意,医保电子凭证“村推”骗局曝光,别被骗了

The medical insurance electronic voucher is issued by the national unified medical information platform and is the identity of the people and related agencies. In other words, it was previously a small book, and then became a card. After the electronic voucher, the residents were hospitalized, reimbursed, medical insurance settlement, etc., they didn’t have to get cards or books. Credential.

Like the current electronic driver’s license, you need to carry a driver’s license to you before, if you forget the driver’s license, you may face a penalty of fines, now the electronic driver’s license is implemented, only Need to carry your phone, when you encounter a driver’s license, you can directly show the electronic driver’s license, you can exercise the power of the previous paper driver’s license.

The medical security electronic voucher mentioned above is also the case, and there is currently a medical insurance in all regions.Electronic credentials. In order to facilitate the registration, activation of rural residents, and how to use medical insurance electronic vouchers, some relevant departments, will sink some of the rural areas of the remote areas, help everyone activate medical insurance electronic vouchers through the \”village push\”. The \”village push\” mentioned here is a formal team, and the illegal \”village push\” team mentioned above is completely different.

Why didn’t the village cadres found a scam?

新农合缴费的村民注意,医保电子凭证“村推”骗局曝光,别被骗了 There are mainly three reasons. First, the village cadres in remote areas know that there is a \”village push\” team, to help villagers activate medical insurance electronic vouchers, after encounter fake \”village push\”, there is no careful inquiry check, regardless of their own negligence.

Second, these fake \”village push\”, wearing uniform, working documents, have a medical insurance bureau, although it is fake, but if you don’t go close to your superior, it is not easy to distinguish.

These fake \”village push\”, seized the characteristics of rural remote areas, information relatively unusually developed, and the name of \”doing a good job\”, it is easy to avoid the suspicion of the village cadres.

In addition to this \”village push\” scam, in fact, in daily life, some elderly people in rural areas, there are other scams. For example, the code is free to send 10 eggs, or free to register, send the basin, paper towels, scissors, and even fuel, it seems to make a small cheap, in fact, behind it, I have a big loss.

Speaking of final, give the old people a few suggestions, if the elderly can see the best, if the children have seen, it is recommended to transfer to the home. parents.

First, protect your personal information, especially if you need the status of the ID card, and the handheld ID card, you must not provide, there is a grand prize, and you don’t be tempting.

新农合缴费的村民注意,医保电子凭证“村推”骗局曝光,别被骗了 Second, don’t give your mobile phone to a stranger, nominally helping the elderly, in fact, may download some app, register a new account.

Third, don’t scan the unidentified QR code, after some QR code scanning, there will be a winning page, let the personal information, who fills who is deceived.

Four, remember, greed, cheap to eat big losses, do not drop the pie in the sky, even if there is a pie, it will not be able to get itself.

Do a good job in the above points, protect personal privacy information, not greedy, avoiding opportunities for criminals.

Ask everyone, have you seen a similar scam? You can talk in the comments.

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