Dreaming of others earning money (what is the meaning of someone else earned money?

Many people have done flourishes dream. Recently, Mr. Guiyang, Guizhou dragon experienced a roller coaster of life, this life he never dreamed that he once became a billionaire.

Mr. Long has just become a billionaire, his stock accounts on the phone display, the total assets reached more than 1 billion yuan.

太刺激!男子股票账户突然多了一个亿!然而接下来的一幕…… 太刺激!男子股票账户突然多了一个亿!然而接下来的一幕……

Mr. Long: 2:30 I opened the e Yangtze River No. App, then suddenly found more than a million.

Mr. Long said, he usually stocks, but stock account suddenly a million is certainly not their own, their own cost only 6,000 yuan.

Although stocks have earned a compensation, but the reality with six thousand yuan earned a billion, which is basically unlikely, looking at the accounts of more than one million Mr. Long a little Mongolia.


Mr. Ou friend Mr. Long: We are very excited, we say that we have a one hundred million, and we can also take a photo, and then send a circle of friends. I told him that a few minutes you are a billionaire.

However, surprise, surprise, went to pieces did not last long after Mr. Long has a million, he has not had time to think clearly in the end is how it is, reality gave him a punch.

Mr. Long: I just go in abnormal network, then it is all clear, and now no money.


not only the extra one hundred million gone, even their own account in the original 6,000 yuan gone, which in the end is how it happened? Mr. Long quickly contact their customer service stock.


e Yangtze River No. App Customer Service Manager: He that is testing the system, that is, securities firms and exchanges will be tested from time to time, normal, few people would open accounts weekend, so we will test if on a weekend. His own money on Monday will return to normal.


For Mr. Long suffered

Some netizens said,

I do not want you in a million

you actually covet my 6000?

as well as friends say,

in this life can be considered done a billionaire


There are friends that

himself encountered a similar situation

next time remember to mention now


as well as friends drying out their own accounts abnormal images,

said, \”who did more than the same\” [123 ]

太刺激!男子股票账户突然多了一个亿!然而接下来的一幕…… but then again

suddenly out of 100 million is not a small number [123 on account]

some users believe that the rigorous

swearing points should be considered errors in the work of the

source: CCTV Financial (ID: cCtvyscj), News Morning News, User Recommination 太刺激!男子股票账户突然多了一个亿!然而接下来的一幕……

Column Editor: Qin Hongwang Text Editor: Song Hui Tash Source: Vision China Picture Editor: Zhu Wei

Source: Author: Hangzhou network comprehensive

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