Dubai China Entrepreneurs: Selling small jewelry earned 1.7 million yuan

The Impression of the outside world has been a typical \”tall\” Lao Hao Emirates. People who come to life here either the waist 10,000, or the superior white collar, but when you embark on this piece The land will find that this is a vibrant, full-time atypical \”emerging market\”, which is suitable for life, entrepreneurship here.

The so-called \”non-typical\” means that Dubai has a variety of global top infrastructure that has other emerging market countries and regions, such as the world’s highest Harryfa, full of luxury Dubai shopping malls, and each Late Sundant Sailing Hotel, Armani Hotel, Palm Island Atlantis Hotel. The highway quality and car brands on the road may be rare in developed countries; but the reason why Dubai is still positioned as a \”emerging market\” because the business opportunities here are basically similar to the 1990s of the 1990s. Qi Bai is better than \”big construction site\”, a high-rise building is still pulling; in addition, the per capita education level is still relatively low, and university penetration is far from developed.

\”First Financial Daily\” reporter During his portfolio, visit the Chinese people who live here, work, almost everyone can become the protagonist of an inspirational entrepreneurial story.

Bai hand started home

Mr. Wu graduated in 2008, because of the domestic economic deceleration, as a graduate of Japanese language, work is not easy to find. At that time, the Junyue Hotel in Dubai was recruited, and this opportunity took him with Dubai’s destiny.

\”When I just came to Dubai, I was only doing service student at the hotel. At the time, I was responsible for the pool field, the main job is to send water for the tea tackle resting on the pool, 2500 Dirm each month (about Head 4,000 yuan) basic salary, coupled with tip and hotel welfare subsidies, probably monthly revenue is available in 5000 Dirm, the hotel is eating, and here is public medical treatment, there is no extra expenditure, life is very idle Although it is a waiter, it is much more comfortable than the domestic white-collar students. \”Mr. Wu introduced the reporter.

Mr. Wu is not satisfied with such compensation and treatment. After a year and a half, he resigned from the hotel. He did the store manager and manager in the stores opened in the two Chinese. It was also this time he saw the huge opportunity of the Chinese in the Dubai market, rents Dragonmarket after resignation. A 10 square meters of small stores do little business. \”Because there is basically no manufacturing, especially light industries, and here is the largest small commodity distribution market in the Middle East, many of the Middle East, African wholesalers are also here to import some small commodities in China, some of the dollars in China and even a few Maoxian gadgets can only earn a big price, I have now earned more than 50%. \”Mr. Wu told reporters.

\”Dragon City\” is the largest small commodity retail in the Middle EastDispersion, it is the two governments of China and A.

Mr. Wu took a reporter to visit his store in Longcheng. He hired a Indian, a Pakistani and the Philippines made sales and accounting respectively. In this 10 square meter, similar to small shops such as electronic products such as mobile phone shells in Beijing Zhongguancun Electronic City, the small commodities he operates are basically transported from Guangzhou, Zhejiang, etc. It also includes some local companies’ signs, etc. \”The domestic production cost is very low, the basic profit margin is more than 50%, which is this 10 square meters of small shops, net profit of each year is more than 1 million Dram.\” 1 million Dirom in Mr. Wu is more than 1.6 million. ~ 1.7 million yuan, the family of Mr. Wu has already moved to Dubai.

Low-key rich

Walking in the 2.5 km Longcheng market, all kinds of small commodities are dazzling, and small to the toys often seen in the domestic subway station, they should have all.

\”It can be said that in Dubai Dragon City is the most complete, there are many products you can’t buy in Dubai Mall, but here, you can find, and don’t think that it is just a low-end product distribution. Many local middle class will also come here to purchase goods, and some traders in North Africa and the Middle East come to import. \”Mr. Wu said that Dragon City is proud.

As he said, in Longcheng, you can see all skin tones, wear customers with different costumes. There are a lot of Arabs and Western.

This 10 square meters of small shops are not all the industries of Mr. Wu, and his industries focus on a rental line of more than 70 \”luxury cars\”. \”Our main services are Chinese people who come to Dubai or participate in business activities, the business is very good, and the net profit can be generated every month between 2500 ~ 3000 Dilam.\” Mr. Wu said, 70 The monthly net profit of the car is 210 million Dram (about 350,000 yuan).

\”The market is still expanding, we plan to buy 20 cars.\” Mr. Wu is very optimistic about future prospects. A research data of Deloitte shows that the holdings of the 2020 Dubai Expo will create 275,000 jobs for Dubai and bring 2 million tourists, so Mr. Wu is not a nonsense.

Indeed, unless the Middle East has a large turmoil or a larger financial crisis, Dubai’s innovation story will continue. Mr. Wu’s story is staged every day in this 2.5-kilometer Longcheng and Dubai 3890 square kilometers.

\”My story is negligible, in this 2.5-kilometer Longcheng market, the Chinese who have seen you in the eyes of you can allIt is a low-key rich business that assets, they started from hand, and they are still low-key. \”Mr. Wu is full of admiration.

\” There is tens of millions of assets are embarrassed to mix in this circle. Especially those who have arrived here in the late 1990s, in the beginning of the 21st century. It is possible to determine that the people who eat crabs have completed the accumulation of wealth in the first stage. \”As the late generation in the Chinese circle, I said those predecessors, Mr. Wu is both envious and respectful.

Mr. Wu’s friend Wang is a million-level Zhejiang rich business. Mr. Wang’s reporter said that he was an employee of a state-owned trading company. In the 1990s, he was layoffs, but because of its business, there is a certain understanding of Dubai and the North Africa market. \”It is also forced to help A family needs to eat, I have no work, no way is hard and scalp, it is more than 20 years, now the family has moved here, some of the domestic assets, but it is already my second hometown. \”Mr. Wang speaks tone and slows, like the story of others.

From the beginning of the small product sales to the current travel company that is now tens of millions of dollars, Mr. Wang is still engaged in real estate development Work. In his eyes, as long as there is an idea, and willing to do it, Dubai is gold. \”Now Dubai is similar to China in the 1980s, as long as it is willing, it is a chance. \”Just chatting with reporters, a Chinese woman who had just came to Dubai is selling a local and a Beijing subway station often seen the shining purple gyro, and transaction within less than a minute.

\”This lady just came to Dubai, because the rent is more expensive, so she and her husband are basically mobile sales, but don’t be a small amount of income, and two people will earn 600 Dirom. \”Mr. Wu hit her hand with her.

\” We will not discriminate against these new people, who knows that they are the next Mr. Wang. \”Mr. Wu said. It is indeed, such as Mr. Wang’s story.

Go to the position of the dragon, the reporter saw that the second phase of Longcheng has completed, a new round of investment It is about to open, what will I usher in?

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