Duck goods earn money (how much can you earn a duck in January?

One person a foam box, a tram, pull it back to the vegetables, selling ducks, can you make money, do you dare to do?




He took a rest for five days. This morning, I shouted that the child helped me to pull the duck to sell, he said: \”Don’t go, I will sell\”. I said: \”Do you eat? Do you cook? Do you not do business? Who will be born? Do you know how to know if you would not? It is not called you embroidered or a thousand kilobs. \”He speechless. I said: \”The money that is sold is yours, I only recover the money?\” Just started, he was afraid not selling, I said: \”I entered the Xinghua duck is a poverty alleviation duck, delicious \”, As long as you have no mouth, talk, mouth dessert, mild gentle point, sure to sell. He thinks: \”I will go to try to go to the vegetable city to sell …\”

He just came back, smiling and smiling: \”30 ducks have been sold. I am half-joke and praise him said:\” Sales master, talent , I am not as good as you. \”He said:\” Is there a duck? \”I smiled and said,\” Actively, it is worth having to praise it. Unfortunately, there is no duck selling today, tomorrow. Let’s continue tomorrow.

One person, a tram, a bubble box, stops selling ducks next to the door or the market door, do not have to rent a lot of money, you can earn some money!

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