Earn money translation (earning money to translate make money plus WeChat)

Make money part-time website

The upgraded version of the mission class, the earnings are higher, and the difficulty is slightly improved.

1, pig eight _ can try it, the commission is super high, there are some people who are not very reliable)

2, hummingbirds (how much can you do? Website, relying on your money, you can make more natural earnings)

3, code easy bag (assembly place, as long as you have the ability), price Do not fever)

4, 58 is part-time in the same city (this is still needed when you order, but there are also some real reliable)

5, Jingdong public bag (this year’s express Will it be reduced, you can send express to earn commissions)

6, part-time (also part-time taste of mission type, but biased in line)


Q \u0026 A Earn money

1, Zhi

2, Wukong Q \u0026 A

There are a variety of questions, choose the topic you want to answer, answer questions, you can earn income.

3, Baidu knows partner (more than making money through answering questions, the better, the higher the income)

4, Sesame Q \u0026 A (similar)

[123 ] 4

Skills online part-time

Many part-time multi-matters than the task class, this part-time job can not only help you make money, but also improve your hard skill.

1, theme designer station

By design themes, design and upload theme, set the price, when someone downloads you, you have the benefit.

2, bucket is part-time (a lot of work, fast, actuality)

3, a product Witkey (also a website of this matter, making a commission)

4, miniature (mobile phone can also do)

5, handicraft (design some own products make money, price still)

6, WeChat expression platform (production expression package) , Relying on appreciation of the performance)

7, the free people collaborate platform (there are many projects, including a lot of fields, there is always a professional strength, commission is not fever)

8, thousand pictures Network (becoming designer, monthly income is not a dream)

9, Baitu.com

a hard-skilled website, select direction with illustration, background design, Excel design, Taobao design , Video design, etc. As long as you have a little hard skill, you can find part-time jobs in this website, make money.

Game class part-time

1, more attention (others spend moneyYou can play games, you can also experience different game characters)

2, Tiger’s teeth live (others spend money to see you play games, income specific to personal game skills)

3, Fighting live broadcast (Similar to Tiger Teeth, there is not much introduction)

I am a neighbor’s brother, help others practicing games, and earned more than 2,000 yuan in a week. As long as you are willing to do, it will take time, and ordinary people can earn money.

Writing Money Website

The best four platforms on the market:

1, Douban (suitable for writing book review film review) [123 ]

2, know (know if there is reward, this is part of the income)

3, the brief book (a good article will let you get a lot of users) [123

4, public number (advertising, e-commerce, knowledge payment, the strongest platform)


1. Writing Sproduct: Angels Forum

To tell the truth, the writing of the row, usually it is difficult to earn money a few months, but as long as you learn the predecessors’ writing experience, you can save time.

And this forum gathered a lot of written predecessors, it can be said to be a contributor. Here you can find many people in the same channel, and the predecessors will be enthusiastic to share their experience.

Editing reliable, feedback is also timely, if the decept is owed, it will be red. However, the registration is relatively difficult, you can grab the number or invitation code on the weekend. I took a lot of time in order to register this account.

2, China Written House

A most professional editorial writer exchange platform, not only find a large amount of submission resources, but also has a lot of celief information. The draft fee is up to 1,000 yuan, and there is a minimum of 100 yuan.

In addition to: problem.

3, Douban Fees Bank (people like writing, you can find a lot of news here)

4, the starting point Chinese network (is a platform for literature and writing, main It is through writing network to make money)

5, Jinjiang Literature Network (similar to the starting point Chinese network, multiple write network style for you to choose)

8 [123 ]

Program class part-time

1, 猿 急

A programmer’s part-time platform. As long as you pass the task, you can not only improve your own level, but also get a lot of costs. Work time is probably 8-9The hour is relatively high, probably 63 / h.

2, programmer Inn (a programmer’s free work platform)

3, codekey help

4, 猿 猿 (a lot of tasks every day, as long as At the task, you can get the cost of 500 yuan / 8h.)

5 Cloud work platform, there are many task orders inside)

Driving part-time

1, E generation drive (weekend, holidays less than dinner activities, dinner is less Wine, then you can order to make money)

2 I will find a sparring. As long as three hours a day, the driver of the sparring has earned more than 200 yuan, and the light is spending, my friend has spent more than 2,000 yuan. But as a sparring driver, driving skills must be too hard, or it is a very dangerous thing.


Photography part-time

1, PicPas public bag photography (by uploading and selling photos, earning cost)

2, Huijing.com (A workplace trading platform, the work is passed, you can get the cost of thousands of yuan)

3, 图 网 (a platform that can turn photos into money)

4, Rui Jing Creativity (earned by taking a photo)

5, good scene (becoming a signing photographer, giving high cost)

6, China Similar to the beautiful scene, it will not be introduced)


1, translation network

one can be The translation of the website, as long as the language hard skill is passed, this website can help you make money.

2, doing the network (English English classmates, can make money through translation in this website)

3, the translation network (with hard skills, you can sign up for the translator, You can receive a lot of expenses.)

4, Taobao University (through the lecture, teaching knowledge points)

5, Music Institute (similar to Taobao University, you can speak PPT, PS and other knowledge)

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