Economics earning money (want to learn economics)

As a master of an economics (industrial economic direction), the author has worked in financial investment related work. I often have heard that the author is a professional related major, and I will ask, \”Do you know how to make money.\” Or ask, \”Our village has graduated for a certain study. Now it is a big boss. Do you think you have a good economics?\” Wait. But unfortunately, economics is not a discipline that learns how to make money, but an interpretation of the discipline of behavior.

First make a simple summary of economics’s basic disciplines, and economics can be divided into Western economics and political economics. The core difference is that the value of how value created is different. Western economics believe that value is generated from land, labor, and capital, and political economics believe that value is generated by labor. Now we talk about economics, mostly Western economics. Western economics can be divided into microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microscopic economics, research is an individual’s behavior choice, this behavior is not limited to \”doing business\”, including all basic choices, and can even be used to study why \”old people\” is more and more. Macroeconomics, research is a country’s economy and inter-inter-economic economy, and it is a national account, and it is \”national planning people\”.

If there is a relationship between economics and doing business, it is probably a business of business, and economists can sum up the success of this business success, or fail experience. The role of economics is never prophet, but explained. The reference significance of economics may be, it is expected to make a choice as much as possible when a large number of behavioral analysis is performed. Of course, there is no evidence that the probability of making correct choices after learning economics. So, in such a discipline that is useful, it seems to be useless, and we tend to be \”art\”. Therefore, economics is a \”art\” classology, rather than a science. Economics may have a blurry, but must have an accurate error.

What is the relationship between economics and investment? Let’s talk about it next time.

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